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A Fresh Step Fan Site
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Fresh Step has made it big. First, The Late Show with David Letterman

and then MTV. Their popularity is such that David Letterman will bring

Fresh Step back for a same year repeat appearance on March 3rd... Update

The best part my friends and I have been sending pictures back and

forth that we have found of Fresh Step. They are included on this page

as well. Please be patient as they load. Full credit is given to the source

of these really neat sneak peeks.


This picture comes from my friend in Chicago, Starr Jackson, who just knows that she saw Jamie in this production, she is so excited to have the photo. She says his dancing is so special because of the hard work he put in learning his craft. "I can tell it is him just by the way he tilted his head." She is so very excited that he can sing also.

Our very fortunate friend, Samatha Fox, is headed to the Ed Sullivan Theater to see if she can get an autograph when they appear again on The Late Show with David Letterman.UPDATE! She also knows she captured a picture of Jeremy in this off-Broadway production she got to see. He is soooo talented.  Jeremy
 Corey  Corey is so very talented. He has tried many different looks on his way to being the star he is with Fresh Step. This picture was sent by a friend, of a cousin, of our friend Susy Falister. She said if you look really close you can see those dreamy eyes of his.
 Look at Brad-- Isn't he so very cute. Our Florida Friend, Amy Wright, started looking through her pictures and found this one her mom took several years ago. The little boys name is Brad and even her mom agrees even back then he had those cute bangs,(UPDATE!) and that clean cut look. The boy shortly after the picture was taken did some of the same exact dance steps they did on the Late Show on the pile of sand.  Brad
 D.J.  This early picture of D.J. was taken while he was still dressed in his Tae Kwan Do outfit. Karen Hardy sent it to us because she just knows that it was D.J. who climbed the tree and saved Kitty. She was a lot younger, and her mom took a picture of her hero. She is so very excited that now he is a big star, and can be a hero to others. Kitty me-owed during the entire Fresh Step song on Letterman. Her cat knows it is him too.
Group   Photos 
 Group Photo  Group Photo
 Our Oklahoma Friend, Natasha Windwalker, sent this picture of a group of young men who did not want to draw attention to themselves as they learned some very special steps. She is so glad she got this picture because she saw Fresh Step doing some of the very same moves on TV. This photo is a true keep-sake.  The entire Fresh Step group sometimes has to appear in public in disguise to keep all the fans away. Here Sandy Newman of Colorado, snapped this photo of the group waiting for Brad to come back with some drinks. This picture is one that will become a collectors item. It was when they were all a little bit heavier.
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A special thanks to my mom who helped us put this page together.

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 Official Web Page Photo used This is a personal web page and has nothing to do with the official pages except we copied a couple of photos, some quotes, and their logo. If anyone objects please email us and we will take them off the page. Please don't-- they are all too cute to not allow us to use their pictures.

Fresh Step
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Brad has got a new hair style. It looks real fresh to all of us, but we will always remember the bangs. He showed us his new look on the March 3rd Late Show with David Letterman appearance.

Samatha Fox thinks that she got a picture of them through the large crowd outside the Ed Sullivan Theater. Her mom is getting her pictures developed today.
(UPDATE-3/6/99: Sam is just sick, she when to pick up her pictures and they are gone.
The photo place said that they can't find them anywhere. Her mom thinks she got some really good pictures and some bad person has sold them to one of the rag magazines you see at grocery stores.
Next time she is going to use her mom's digital camera.
"I am just thrilled to have been able to stand on the same sidewalk they walked across to enter the Theater". she said in her email.


The Official Fresh Step Home Page has given us some inside information
about the new song,"Talk to the Hand", they did on Dave's show.
It is the title sound track for a new movie with HUGH stars.
Mom said she would take some of us IF it has a rating so we can get in to the Movie!!!
Keep your fingers crossed.

Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 22:36:15-0500
 From: Gavin Gibson
 Organization: Western Michigan University
 Subject: Fresh Step ad

I got a hold of an ad for "Talk To The Hand," would you like to use it?
From one Fresh Step fan to another,

 Gavin Gibson
Thank you sooooo much Gavin for
sending us this picture.
It is a poster for the movie.

It looks like the movie may be a
"Students becoming Doctors" movie--
"It's the true story of a cocky, popular, high school senior
(Van Der Beek) who falls for an unpopular classmate (Gellar)
who happens to be hearing impaired."
(source:Fresh Step Official Page)

Wahoo--We may get to see it!!!
(Keep your fingers crossed for a good rating)

Talk to the Hand Poster from Gavin Gibson