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My 3.4 build up, goal of 250hp for less than $3000 (the price of a complete V8 kit). Realistically  I expect 225 hp or higher. If I had held out for the later model FWD block with a roller cam I think I'd have had a chance of hitting 250hp, but the price was right on the core so... If you decide to use any of these PN know that its not all together yet & there might be some more surprises like the piston being called flat top w/ valve relief & it comes in DOME w/ valve relief, the numbers still work, but now requires a clay mock-up to check clearences.  Also note acording to the books I have the right PN for the Total Seal rings, but in reality I had to use the total seal 2nd ring & order custom compression & oil rings.Thats when it's nice to be woorking with a good machine shop like Fast .

Keep your eye out, page will be updated with links as the work progresses.

SHORTBLOCK                                            Machine work / notes

Block - 93 3.4 Camaro                            Relocate Starter & as needed

Crank- stock 3.4                                    as needed, stock main bolts (ARP not avail.)

Pistons- Federal-Mogul Sterling              around 9.7 cr, hypereutectic teflon coated skirts

Rings- Total Seal Gapless                       PN 9464-000-0106 (see note above)

Rods- Stock 3.4                                      Magnaflux, shotpeen, Balance ARP bolts PN 1336002

Oil pump- Melling                                   High Vol. pn M-134, Screen pn 244S

Bearings- Cam- Clevite 77                     pn  CH 18

Rod- Clevite 77                                       pn CB 1238 P

Mains- Clevite 77                                    pn MS 2037 P

Timing chain- Cloyes                             adj. dbl. roller pn 9-3137

Cam & Lifters- Crane Cams                  See the specs > PN 253902 (HMV260-2)

Pushrods- Pionier                                   pn PR- 342- 4


Heads- Fiero cast iron                                      Bowl blend, port, port match

Springs- Pioneer S-1052                                   110lb seat, 296 open

Rockers- Crane Cams                                      Gold Race pn ?

Valves- Stock (1.72 int/ 1.42 ex)                       comp. 3 angle


Intakes- Fiero- lower                                      Port match (major 1/4" @ mid intake),

mid                                                                 port

upper                                                              perfect stock (but looking for larger TB)

Exhaust                                                           FOCOA headers (coated)


regulator                                                                     Accell pn 74750

injectors- stock 3.4                                         Flow Matched    

PROM- custom                                                         ADS- Super Chips