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A collection of short fiction


Suite 2025

An unexpected gift leads a street person into an confrontation with his even more unsavory past

Madeline Deerstalker

A classic locked room puzzle. Can you solve the mystery before Madeline does?

The Weight of Time

An elderly woman re visits her childhood home and confronts a life changing choice she made as a young teen.

Hitting The Wall

A lawyer, his life in ruins, plans a deadly revenge. (a novella in 9 parts)

Jacob's Harmonica

A children's story. Based on a true incident.

Coming Soon

The Dead Man's Shoes


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"Fraser's Notes ... Avid readers know what I mean when I describe something as a "page-turner". It's that sort of a book that you really don't want to put down, and even as you are racing toward it's denouement, you dread the ending of the story, for that will mean the ending of your great pleasure in a fantastic read. B.E. Fraser constructs rich fictions in which the reader is caught up in the experience and feelings of the protagonist, while spinning what seem at first to be simple tales that become rich tapestries. I urge you to visit this site. I predict that B.E. Fraser is a name you will hear in the future. "

Nita Rosland, Ring of Words Digest, December 1998



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