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Rules and Regulations For Entry

1. To have your site entered into the "Bob Dylan: Inner Vision" webring, your site must contain some Bob Dylan content.

2. Your site should be well maintained and have a presentable appearance.

3. No sexual content may appear on your site, or it will be denied entry.

4. Nor may links to sexual content appear on your site.

5. Finally, you must place the "Bob Dylan: Inner Vision" HTML fragement somewhere on your site.

Now, to enter the webring, just simply fill out the form on the previous page and you will be e-mailed the HTML fragement within 24 hours. I ask, that you do your best to get it on your site, when you recieve it. This way, you can get entered faster and easier. Thank You. If you have problems or questions about entry to the webring, just e-mail me.