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Favorite Links

One sifts through so much garbage when surfing the web that it's very rewarding to, every once in a while, come across a web site that stands out for one reason or another. Here are some of my favorite sites, please be sure to stop by and visit them, and remember to sign their guestbooks as feedback is always appreciated.

Alan's Photography Pages: Alan has some wonderful photographs on display here, both "straight" photography, and enhanced images. Not only does he show his own work on his site, but also that of other amateur photographers. It's a wonderful way for everyone to share their photographs and perhaps pick up a tip or two. So, if you've taken some good pictures yourself and would like to share them, please contact Alan.

Anyone Can Draw: As seen on T.V......congratulations Sempy! T.J. Johnson is one of those rare, multi-talented artists. Watch his television show on PBS and see how "Anyone Can Draw".

Critical Mass: Critical Mass is an Information Resource Guide for the Internet Traveller. Here, you can find links to government, education, health, travel, business and news sites to name only a few. I've never seen such a wealth of information that was so well organized and easy to navigate. You'll definitely want to bookmark this truly excellent website.

CSW Online Art Show: If you are an artist or poet, please consider submitting your work to this exceptional on-line show.

Dragonfly Landing: Be sure to stop by and read Jackie's delightful poetry and see her wonderful pictures. Thank you, Jackie, for my first ever web site award.

Ellen's Website: A lovely site with very pretty graphics and a range of subjects from Country Music to Star Trek to Poetry.

Greywolf's Den: Greywolf has put together an excellent website which includes information on the wolf as well as poetry and many other things.

Joke A Day: This is not your normal "joke" site. You can sign up to get Joke A Day delivered by email for free. I guarantee that you won't stay on the "free" list for long but will want to upgrade your subscription and access all the great features of this truly excellent website. The forum members are like a huge family, each extending support to the others, and are all overseen by the one and only Ray Owens. What other webmaster do you know who actually throws a party each year for his subscribers? Head on over there and sign up now.

JP's Place: Take a walk with JP through one of the most beautiful areas in the world, The Yorkshire Dales. JP has done a wonderful job in his tribute to the Dales and has some stunning photographs to show you as well as very good hiking and walking tips.

Nightowl's Place: A truly excellent site! There is so much to see and read here that I totally lost track of the time. Be sure not to miss Jack's beautiful backgrounds and borders.

Play It Safe In Cyberspace: John's website should be required reading for everyone who ventures onto the internet. Taking a few minutes to read through these pages could save you a lot of grief.

Photography By Gary Feaman: This is another very good photography site with some wonderful images. Be sure not to miss the black and white gallery!

Sally Platte's Colored Pencil Art: Sally draws the most beautiful images with her colored pencils. She's a very talented young lady who makes me realize what a long way I still have to go.

Tahoe's Spirits: Please visit this wonderful site and see the work that Toni is doing with wolves. I laughed at the antics of Satuka whom she calls "The Teenager". A very worthwhile website indeed!

Wallace World: This is definitely a site to bookmark. Sharon has some beautiful Lake Applets, poetry and wonderful artwork by her niece, Kim.