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A friend and I were discussing how we arrive at the names for our pictures. Sometimes, the name is born at almost the same time as the idea for the picture, but other times, the picture is completed before a name is decided upon.

He showed me the latest oil painting that he'd just finished and when I asked him what it was called, he said that it didn't have a name yet. Well, one thing led to another and we decided that it might be fun to let YOU name the painting.

Simply send your suggestions by email with the subject "Name The Painting", and I shall post them all here. In the New Year, this painting's name will be chosen by the artist from all those submitted. The person who suggested the winning title will receive a set of notecards featuring this work of art. The title will appear on the notecards and, with your permission, credit for it will be given to you.

Entries will be accepted up to and including Wednesday December 29th, 1999, and the winner will be announced here during the first week of January 2000.

Please note that this painting is copyrighted by the artist and, as such, may not be downloaded or used in any manner without the the prior, written permission of said artist. It is shown here with his very kind permission.

This original oil painting measures 18"x24" and is for sale.

For a larger, more detailed image, click here then hit your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Name The Painting
(suggestions so far)
Mountain Lake
Lovers' Tarn
Still Waters Run Deep
Tranquil Abyss
Lake Solitude
Magnificence On High
Spirit Mountain Spirit Lake
Once Upon Beauty
Peace Among The Pines
Purple Mountains Majesty
...and God Saw That It Was Good
Mountain Mirror
Reflections Of His Majestic Love
Summer Peace
Perfect Daydream
Beloved Season(s)
Winds Of The Wilderness
Majestic Still
Paradise Eden
Mount Exodus
Mount Olympus
Heaven's Gift Of Tranquility
The Silent Sound Of Beauty
Heaven On Earth
Dreamscape Of Tranquility
Peaceful Splendor
Waterfall's Majestic Coat
Mother Nature's Graceful Stroke
Facing The Challange
Earth's Little Heaven
Planet Earth, Welcome
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Majestic View
Majestic Heights
The Pool Of Harmony
Peaceful Serenity
Pine Valley
Pine Tree Valley
Peaceful Hideaway
My Piece Of Heaven
Mountain Valley of Tranquility
Majestic Solitude
Peace On Earth
God's Serenity
Mountain's Oasis
Mountain Paradise
The Sentinel
"Creation of Life in all its
Wonderous Splendor"
God's Majestic Whisper
Coming Home
Paradise Found
Serenity Is Amongst Us
Splendor In Blue
Duplicity In Blue
Unto Thee Oh Lord

January 9th, 2000: We have a winner!!!

Congratulations go to Ellen Van Horn whose suggestion "Peaceful Splendor" was chosen as the name for this beautiful painting. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to enter this contest and make it such a success.

Note: The following is an excerpt from an entry that the artist left in my guestbook. I thought I would share it with you here:

"........ thank you to all who have already submitted names in the contest. it's rewarding to see that it evokes an emotion, no matter what it may be, in so many people. i'd like to recognize Kathy, and Janine for their kind words and the encouragement they provide. i can safely say that the final decision will be a tough one to make, at least as hard as naming a work on my own. in closing, if the administrator doesn't mind, i'd be interested in knowing if anyone would like to view other works that have been or will be completed. thanks for your input and time. and again, for you ann, thank you so very much, and merry, merry christmas."

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