Stanley Dragon Boat Association's  Gift
to Perth City
Council, Australia and , Hongkong's famous drum circle





Edwin Hou, vice-chairman of SDBA, presented a souvenir paddle and some postcard to Councilor Mrs Janet Davidson JP, at the Council House of Perth City, during a study tour (30/7/2004 Friday)


在帕斯,侯拜訪東弗列曼托遊艇會,並把柱龍舟協會的紀念槳和比賽CD 贈予西澳洲龍舟界負責人。

At East Frementle Yacht Club, Perth, on behalf of Stanley Dragon Boat Assn of Hong Kong, Edwin presented souvenirs from SDBA to the West Australia dragon boat community (on the left is Victor Fazakerley, Committee member of Cockburn Dragon Boat Club (Inc), and Vice President of Dragon Boating of WA , on the right Mr Raymon Woodcock,  a member of CDBC and Chairman of Dragon Boats Australia (Inc), also a a member of the Competition & Technical Commission of  International Dragon Boat Federation) (1 August 2004)







2004年末赤柱龍舟協會向著名旅居香港日籍專業擊樂導師 增永紅實小姐( Masunaga Kumi ) 贈送了兩隻龍舟大鼓,讓她有更多器材每月一次為大眾提免費公開集體擊樂活動以作回饋社會。。


In late 2004, two full size dragon boat drums from SDBA were donated to Kumi Masunaga of  Rthythm of Life  , one of the most famous African drum instructors in HK,  for her use in the monthly  open and free "drum circles" (drum jams) - This donation is a support to the community by the SDBA .

On 29 March, 2005, to show our further support, we brought two more smaller size Stanley drums  to take part in Kumi's monthly Drum Jam at Fringe Club.


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