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Welcome to Devlyn's Homepage.                             Latest News: I've started with the new site! This stuff will all be recreated soon!                             Note that the SHF1 character list and the AD&D character classes section are still under construction!                             Question of the month: What is your all-time favorite "non-shining" game?                            

This page is about The Shining Series, The Shiny Sword and my AD&D campaign. The AD&D section is not totally done yet, and I've also got plans with the SHF section...

News and Updates:

3 Years Later...
No real update here, but since this site is still up, I'd quietly would like to redirect you to my most recent site, which can be found at

14 January:
The new site is well on its way now. You can find it on There is still a lot to be done, but at least the first review is up now(guess which game that is...).

1 January:
Progress of the new site: Meagre
Progress of the Shiny Sword: Very good!
Version 0.2000 of The Shiny Sword is out! Download it here!

21 December:
Six down, one exam to go! We've started on the new site, and if things keep up this way, expect an opening within a month or two. This site is one hell of a big mess and I'm going to rebuild everything! It's a lot of time, but I already look forward to it...

13 December:
My exams are coming, so don't expect wonders here. I haven't updated anything this time, yet I have something worth to mention. I have been discussing with my friend to merge my site with his. This would have a lot of advantages, but also a few disadvantages. We're currently thinking about it. His site is at webjump. Perhaps you can give your opinion about it. It may be decisive...

Still under construction:
-The Shining Force 1 Character List (62% done and uploaded)
-The AD&D Custom Classes (35% done and uploaded)
-The Graveyard (1% done)
-The Play by Mail section (7%, postponed...)
-The New Site(25%)


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