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David J - Apr. 5, 1999

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I had the pleasure of meeting David, finally, in NYC when he DJ'd @ Downtime on a recent Sat. night. It was 2 days after I'd seen the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy play @ Maxwell's in Hoboken (their bassist had a bad nose-bleed mid-concert and I ended up talking to the band)... and when I showed up at the club rather early, there he was sitting with members of Jazz Butcher and chatting... The Butchers remembered me and mentioned that the bassist was doing better and then I politely asked David for autographs since back in Toronto he'd had the flu at the LnR show and had gone straight back to the bus, unable to schmooze with the fans. What a lovely experience!! He graciously signed all the stuff that I'd managed to stuff into my purse (believe me, there was quite a bit). As for his set, it started out a bit mellow for the crowd, coming off of a long set of techno-dance-goth (if such a thing exists, and if you can call it that...) but eventually picked up and it ended up being a great night.