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A Tribute to Michael Jordan,
one of today's best NBA Players!

Michael Jordan brings home what would be the first of six NBA trophies in 1991.
(Tribune photo by EdWagner)

All seemed right in Chicago when the Bulls clinched the NBA Finals at home in 1992.
(Tribune file)
Michael Jordan has made a habit of posing with the NBA championship trophy.
(Tribune photo by Jim Prisching)
Michael Jordan gives the NBA trophy a big kiss after the Bulls won their fourth title in 1996.
(Tribune photo by Jim Prisching)
Michael Jordan boosts up one of five NBA Finals trophies while celebrating the Bulls' fifth NBA title June 16, 1997.
(Tribune photo by Jose Diorio)
Michael Jordan addresses a crowd estimated at 300,000 at the Bulls championship rally in Grant Park.
(Tribune photo by Chuck Berman)

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