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Rhydin RolePlaying Profile

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Basic/Personal Info

Name: Ğaalarus Redvern

Age: 177years

Sex: Male

Marital Status: currently single....But not necessarily free

Race: Claims and appears to be Elven, but, carries some attributes of the noble Flame Elemental.


first glance: Barely standing at four and one-half feet, he weighs in at 156 pounds. A thin, but not puny body is what he has. Not one of a filthy rich slob, nor one of a boy suffering from poverty. His strength came to him from only his every-day activities, it was not a birth right to him, but a property that came as quick as the next day.

Hair: A calm mix of silver and brown hairs looks like it was freshly cut. The way he caries it makes it seem that at one time it was much longer.

Eyes: Depending on his mood, his eyes vary. Usually when he is angered, his eyes flare with a curious flame, certainly unnatural. At other times, it most often appears that there are two eyes, both of a plain brown complexion. At times, when he needs to concentrate deeply, the illusion of his left eye disappears, leaving visible just a hole.

Other Information

Brief History: Though he cannot remember much of his childhood, he does remember growing up with both of his parents. Then as time flowed like the rivers, he gained the knowledge and the strength need to advance into the dangers, pleasures, and curiosities of the unknown reality of the world. Only taking enough supplies for three or four days time, a single blade from his father, and a small blanket, he embarked on his first journey of exploration. Many times had he been about the surrounding woods with his father, but this time, alone, he went further. Further into the dangers and strange characteristics of Rhydin. The days had posed as but a few quick hours, but the food went just as fast. Hungry, lost, and frightened, the elf boy grew weak with exhaustion. He grew desperate and broke his habits of not causing harm to the earth. He killed, he destroyed. Animals and plants alike fell quick to him, to feed his hunger. Not finding his way home until recent days, he had laid claim to the unfamiliar forest as his home.

In recent years, much action has taken place. For the first time in his life, he confronted the evils of the undead, almost at any corner he chose. Falling in love once, twice and a third time, he has been heart-broken each time. Each day, he grows less of love and more of hate. Married once, his wife killed by members of a Light aligned guild, he fears close relationships. When he at last recalled the correct path home, he only found the remains of his parents house in a forest crawling with wicked vampires and demons of hate. He now instinctively makes assumptions on who is a vampire and who is not.

Guild Info: He is currently in three guilds, and that he plans to stay.


Guild Name






Royal Court of Fortis





Shadows in the Nights



DC of Enforcers


DCU Dark Creatures Unite HORDE Dark

1st Foot Soldier

Personal Items:

Sword--Just a small blade for a man, but a rather good fit for him. He uses it mainly in battle and while hunting large animals. Uses no enhancers on it.

Bow and Arrows--A hand crafted set of arrows match his bow made by the same man, Him. He has added his custom mark of a red streak that runs along the length of the arrow. He uses his bow and arrow more in hunting than in battle, usually hiding in the tree tops of the forests. Uses no enhancers on it.

Blue Rose-- A gift, long ago presented from a friend of his. Careful care has been brought to this rose, as it has been dried and unharmed since he first got it. Though he has lost contact with her due to problems unbeknownst to him, he still keeps this momento of her love.

Red Rose--A new gift, from a new love.  Now is completely dried, just as   his blue rose, but much more beatiful, jsut as she is. Though he feels that his gift to her was inappropriate, he will keep this rose and always think of her, no matter what happens.

Large Stick--Lightly green with youth, scratched and knicked from experience.   It almost could be mistaken for  a walking stick, but, it holds much importance to him.  One end is stained with blood, the other, ornate with the two roses draped from it with strong peices of a thin rope.

2 Small Daggers--A small dagger duo also aids him in many task. From annihilating his foes to scaling walls, these daggers were acquired from a pair of fallen enemies.


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Dark Creatures Unite  Application-----Please, AOL ONLY

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