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        Here's how this section works: you submit your vote and the results are displayed instantly! Right now you can vote for one of the six Clash albums listed.
        A previous poll with Clash songs from each album was taken here, and the results are listed below.

The Clash (1st LP)

        Best song (1st): White Man In Hammersmith Palais
        2nd: London's Burning
        3rd: Career Opportunities

Give 'em Enough Rope

        Best song (1st): Safe European Home
        2nd: Stay Free
        3rd: Tommy Gun

London Calling

        Best song (1st): Clampdown
        2nd: London Calling
        3rd: The Guns Of Brixton


        Best song (1st): Somebody Got Murdered
        2nd: Magnificent Seven
        3rd: Police On My Back

Combat Rock

        Best song (1st): Straight To Hell
        2nd: Rock The Casbah
        3rd: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Cut The Crap

        Best song (1st): We Are The Clash
        2nd: This Is England
        3rd: Life Is Wild

From Here To Eternity Live

        Best song (1st): (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
        2nd: Train In Vain
        3rd: Straight To Hell

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