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Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros

Rock Art And The X-Ray Style

        Joe Strummer's current project is his band called Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros. After the end of The Clash, Joe Strummer had released only one solo album (in 1989), which was Earthquake Weather.
       Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros have already released two albums: "Rock Art and The X-Ray Style" and "Global A Go-Go".
       Visit (official site).


        Big Audio Dynamite (B.A.D.) is Mick Jones' band after leaving The Clash. It was founded by him and their first album came on 1985 (This is Big Audio Dynamite).
        After the release of the last Clash Album - titled Cut The Crap - and The Clash was over, Joe Strummer participated directly in the Big Audio Dynamite project composing with Mick Jones (some B.A.D. songs - a few of them - were composed by both) and playing in their album as an additional musician.
        B.A.D. also received the name Big Audio Dynamite II, and after yet, Big Audio, with a different formation but always with Mick Jones on vocals and guitar.
        B.A.D.'s official website is at

Related Bands

        Although all punk rock bands might be related to each other, some are directly related to The Clash. The most well known bands are: Ramones, Sex Pistols and Rancid. Ramones and Sex Pistols were not influenced by The Clash's sound, since The Clash appeared later in the music scene, but they make part of the roots of punk rock. The first punk rock band is told to be the Ramones. There were other bands that appeared first, but only the Ramones had the punk qualities altogether to become the first one. As Joe Strummer said once, Ramones' first album (released in 1976) was the only punk rock album they had by that time until The Clash and Sex Pistols came. Now, talking about Rancid, they received influences of the Ramones and other bands too, but The Clash is the one which really weighted in their musical influences. A Rancid song called Radio has written in its lyrics: "Radio Clash, Magnificent Seven" which is, of course, an allusion to The Clash. Other allusions where made as in Lady Liberty, when it's sung "shouted Sandinista" several times. No doubt The Clash influenced lots of other bands and will be forever remembered in music history.

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