The Simpson's Wav's

Ok guys. He are some of my favorite Simpson's clips!! Enjoy!


Willy- Dancing Maniac
Homer- Go to hell
Krusty's laugh
Willy- Save me from the wee turtles!!!
Willy & Prinipal Skinner- Coloured Chalk
Willy- Mayor
Homer- Woohoo
Apu- I'll see you in hell
Apu- Sorry I speak no english
Barney- Yoo hoo!! *burp*
Bart- Who'd wanna touch a girls butt!?
Burns- Yes, you're in DEEP d'oh now
Homer- Sweet merciful crap!
Moe- That was funny, taking away my dignity like that
Moe- Well I'm better then dirt!
Homer- D'oh!!
Abe- I had seeex
Homer- Oh look at me! I'm making people happy!
Apu & Bart- Hey Apu! This bag of ice has a head in it!
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