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Hey Ya's! Up above are the links to download my songs. Below are the lyrics to some select songs as well. Enjoy and let me know what ya'll think!!

Spanish Name
Verse 1
I wish I would have know you
When you were still a kid
Before the world got to you
And messed with your head
Your heart still is the same
Beautiful as before
But now you’ve been scarred
By the boys who didn’t care

Juanita, that Spanish name rings in my ears
I want to hold you close, so you will always be near
Your pure beauty, makes me want to stay all night
So that everything, can turn out alright

Verse 2
I wish I would have known you
Before you fell in love
You look like an angel
Who’s fallen from above
Your beautiful eyes make me
Weak in the knees
I know you are perfect
So be with me please

If I came into your life
Would you let me stay?
If I asked for your love
Would you turn me away
If I opened up my arms
And asked you to come in
Would you come to me sweetly?
Or with all of your burdens

Cuz you?re an angel
And I?m a ghost
I am still alive
Where the spirits roam

If I was still alive
Would you love me for me
If I had half a soul
Would you try to set me free
If I wandered this Earth
For all eternity
Never to see you again
Would you still remember me

Juanita I love you
There is no other girl like you
I know that I can't have you
But I will never lose my hope
I know that you are in love
God knows how much I would love you
I just hope that you're happy
With whoever you are with

Because I know now, just how special
A girl like you really is
And I hope that some day I find
A girl like you to hold and adore and to love

You been through some real tough times
Had friends mess with you
You've had many differant feelings
But now you are truely grown up
Your beautiful brown eyes entice men
You long flowing hair does the same
And whether or not you believe it
You're worth more than anyone else