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Welcome to Angeltales

This is an unofficial Touched By an Angel fan fiction website. It's so refreshing to see an uplifting and encouraging program on television, especially when the message every week is about the love of our awesome, big, wonderful Creator, God.

This show touches many hearts. I'm not the only one. So, here is a place where you can express yourself creatively through short stories, short story serials, poetry, vignettes, essays, personal testimonies of encounters with God or angels and any other forms of writing that you may come up with, but are not listed. So, email your webangel, Hazel, at with your creations. This is a family oriented website. So, please, no profanity, sexually explicit content or gratuitous violence. If the subject matter is an "adult" issue, that is acceptable as long as the author remains sensitive to the audience and includes only what is essential to the story. Hazel reserves the right to censor any material that is innappropriate for this site.
This site is under construction. Appropriate links to stories, poems, etc. will be here as soon as the creative material comes in and I am working on some material of my own which I will make available here as well. Thank you for visiting Angeltales. Please sign the scroll...a.k.a. The Guestbook before you leave. God loves you. God bless you. Hazel hopes to hear from you soon.

Disclaimer: This site is not intentionally infringing on any copyrights. Touched By An Angel and the characters therein are the sole property of CBS and Moon Water Productions. This site is not for profit. It is intended to give fans of the show an opportunity to write and express their creativity and to read what others have written as well. I hope this will be an encouraging website. If the creators of Touched By An Angel see this site, I hope they are not offended or suspicious of my intent.

NEW!! A new story has just been added to our site. Please check it out and let us know if you enjoyed it. God bless and happy reading!

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