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Welcome to my Profiler page! The reason these two stories are on a seperate page and not with the rest of my gen stories, is because I consider these to be slash stories. What is slash, you ask? Well, slash stories posit a romantic/sexual relationship between two characters of the same sex -- in this case, two women, Sam and Angel. However, neither of these stories contains anything really offensive: one story has a kiss, and the other story need not even be read as slash! "Breakdown" could be considered gen, if you want to read it that way. If, in the future, I write anything sexually explicit, I will of course move this page from my Angelfire account to my Internettrash account.

Moving: Angel tells Sam that she's moving out. Sam/Angel, G.

Snippet: an untitled story snippet I've been working on. Read it and let me know what you think! Sam/Angel, PG.

Breakdown: Sam has a nightmare. Set immediately after the episode "Breaking Point." Sam/Angel, G.