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A.F.L. Western Division Titles

Here are the A.F.L. Western Division Titles. It will take some work - Dave A.F.L. WESTERN DIVISION TITLES (1988-1994) (STRAIGHT CLINCH) DATE-CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM (WILDCARD)DATE-GAME-VISITOR TEAM-SCORE-HOME TEAM-SCORE 1988-South Derby Rockets ?-?-?-1989-1st Western Division Wild Card Title Game-Owen Sound 79ers-L at Canadian Cougars-W ?-?-?-1990-2nd Western Division Wild Card Title Game- Owen Sound 79ers-L at Tasmanian Devils-W 1991-E.C. Lions 1992-E.C. Lions 1993-F.E.S.S.Ville Mavericks 1994-F.E.S.S.Ville Mavericks

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