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The Superior Cup

The A.F.L. championship was for the Superior Cup. Each year. The winners would drink that swamp water crap that they made for it. In the A.F.L.'s final year, the cup broke,kinda ironic-dont ya think. Here are the A.F.L. Superior Cups. It will take some work.- Dave A.F.L. SUPERIOR CUPS (1988-1994) DATE-GAME-VISITOR TEAM-SCORE-HOME TEAM-SCORE ?-?-?-1988-Superior Cup I-South Derby Rockets-L at F.E.S.S. Wildcats-W ?-?-?-1989-Superior Cup II-Canadian Cougars-L at F.E.S.S. Wildcats-W ?-?-?-1990-Superior Cup III-Tasmanian Devils-L at F.E.S.S. Wildcats-W ?-?-?-1991-Superior Cup IV-E.C. Lions-L at F.E.S.S. Wildcats-W ?-?-?-1992-Superior Cup V-E.C. Lions-L at F.E.S.S. Wildcats-W ?-?-?-1993-Superior Cup VI-F.E.S.S. Wildcats-L at F.E.S.S.Ville Mavericks-W ?-?-?-1994-Superior Cup VII-F.E.S.S.Ville Mavericks-L at Georgian Bay Giants-W

Superior Cups I-VII and Cup records

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