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(North) American (Midget) Football League

Grey County


WEBMASTER NOTE: The Grey County AFL site is about to go through a complete makeover! There is no telling how long it will take, but I will have a link to the brand new beta page that will soon be the future website near the bottom of the links.

ANOTHER WEBMASTER NOTE: Since the fact that I don't have a working computer right now, I haven't been able to work on this site. However, as soon as I get ahold of a new computer, after I buy a new car I will have time to spend on this site. It needs a real update. I will do a bit now, but I wasn't prepared to work on it.

This is the Official A.F.L. Website. The (N).A.(M).F.L.-Grey-Bruce District was an ironman football league, based in Grey-Bruce Counties but played most of its games in the City of Owen Sound, that lasted 7 seasons before it went defunct in 1994. The Midget/Bantam level is equal to that of Single A (A.) in Baseball or Junior C (Jr. C) in Hockey and is the start of the junior talent process program in Football, with AA/Jr. B being Provincial Varsity and high school leagues and A.A.A./Jr. A being Provincial Junior leagues, which form National Junior leagues.

Though advanced for our age group of 14-18, we also played promoted players from Rookie/Jr. D ranks, Pee-Wee aged players at 12, who were more accustomed to touch and flag football and as well we took demoted players from A.A./Jr. B ranks, Junior aged players at 20, those used to the padded and helmeted game and who had various reasons to why they got here, mainly the love of a ROUGHER and HARDER game - but no matter what this league in this district became a haven for all boys in this 9 year range to come out and be themselves - and most of all, HAVE FUN !!!

We also have other players interested in continuing their dreams of playing professional football, and several of us still get out when we can to get a game going on the ol' sandlot just for the love of the game. This site will include all of the A.F.L. stats we can pump out. It is under construction due to the fact I have just started this site 1/3/99. I have worked on it last on 08/07/02.

This site was created by Dave Breadner, webmaster/publisher, from 1/3/99 to --/--/-- for the purpose of keeping the memory of the A.F.L. alive for the rest of our lives, or until something bad happens to this site, as it might. I would like to thank Steve Quesnel, Mark Watson, Andrew Price and many, many, many others (commissioners, coaches, captains and referees) for keeping all of the stats for all these years. Without them, this site would not be possible.

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"Once they leave this superior quality bantam bush league, these players will be good enough to qualify for and play with the local senior high school football league and its member teams ... then some of them will go on to C.I.A.U., others C.J.F.L., even few N.C.A.A. and then some of those will go on to that indoor (Arena) league, others C.F.L., even few N.F.L. but for the rest and the solid majority of these great players and soon-to-be upright citizens, these years and games within this elite league will last as lifetime memories forever."

- Fourth and Last Commissioner of the (North) American (Midget) Football League - Grey Bruce District Donnel Nixon


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