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Recipe Books

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Martha Stewart's Hors D'Oeuvres Handbook

Every so often, a truly groundbreaking cookbook comes along -- trust the innovative Martha Stewart to have contributed the latest. MARTHA STEWART'S HORS D'OEUVRES HANDBOOK is a two-part cookbook -- pictures of every recipe in the first section, recipes and instructions in the second, with two ribbons for keeping your place -- with more than 300 elegant and delicious hors d'oeuvres, presented with incomparable style.
Recipes, photos, and more about the book.

LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to sing about

Cooking with Patti LaBelle

Diva Patti LaBelle never takes off on tour without her electric frying pans and collection of hot sauces -- this is a woman whose home cooking is nearly as famous as her singing! Patti has collected her favorite down-home recipes in LABELLE CUISINE -- and spiced them up with reminiscences and anecdotes from her remarkable life. Contributing editor Judith Choate spoke to LaBelle about her career, her fans, and her food.
Read the interview and see recipes.

Chianti Family Cooking

Tuscan Home Cooking

From the Tuscan farmhouse kitchen of Giovanna Folonari Ruffino, a member of the famous Chianti region wine-making family, comes this collection of 100 home-style Tuscan recipes. The simple dishes in CHIANTI FAMILY COOKING depend, as does all the best Italian cooking, on a few pristine ingredients combined without fuss. For lovers of authentic regional Italian cooking, this appealing book holds unfamiliar treasures along with traditional versions of old favorites.
Recipes and more about the book.

The Dreaded Broccoli

Dreaded Broccoli Cookbook: A Good-Natured Guide to Healthful Eating, With 100 Recipes

Eating Well and Enjoying It

Mother-daughter team Barbara and Tamar Haspel want to take the dreadedness out of healthy cooking and keep you from spending endless hours in front of the stove. Their new THE DREADED BROCCOLI COOKBOOK offers easy, innovative strategies for achieving what the Haspels call "pantry momentum" -- stellar speed in the kitchen using a combination of leftovers and staple ingredients. Read the essay and see a sample recipe.

Newman's Own Cookbook

Step into the kitchen with Paul Newman in this exuberant new book of recipes from the actor turned food tycoon and his Newman's Own partner and friend, writer A. E. Hotchner. With easy and appealing recipes from family, celebrity friends, and winners of Newman's Own recipe contests, plus anecdotes, pictures, and entertaining culinary tips, NEWMAN'S OWN COOKBOOK would be a great buy even if the proceeds weren't going to charity. Recipes and more about the book.

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