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RP-32 "Pacifist" Semiautomatic Assault Rifle

The standard infantry weapon for all WEC military forces, the RP-32 can be fitted with optical or electronic sights, which increases its effective range to about 200 meters. It's constructed entirely of ballistic-grade plastics, and fires a frictionless, caseless .30 round. It normally mounts a 60-round magazine, and is preset to fire in 3-round bursts. Standard options include shoulder sling and bipod- mount.

SG-A1 "Conformer" Shotgun

This deadly anti-personnel weapon is standard issue for riot control and urban security units. It fires a 13-gram fragmenting shell, and carries a 12-round magazine.

AC-88 "Reaper" Riot Gun

One of the most devastating anti-personnel weapons in the WEC arsenal, the AC-88 is a variation on the SG-A1, with an improved semi-automatic action that allows it to be fired at more than twice the rate of the SG-A1.

AR-7 "Spitfire" Rocket Launcher

The unique round fired by the AR-7 is a low-power canister shell that, immediately after discharge, ablates to release three self-propelled micro-missile rounds which take off from their point of origin in a "fan" formation encompassing an arc of roughly 45 degrees. The Rico canister round is 9 cm long and 6.3 cm in diameter, and the individual micro-missiles are 5 cm long with a diameter of 3 cm. The magazine can hold up to 8 rounds. This experimental weapon, not yet in general use, is designed for anti-sniper, anti-siege and recon-by-fire applications.

GL-303 Grenade Launcher

A GL-303 is carried by at least one member of every WEC fire team, and is also used extensively by police and anti-terrorist units. The normal Consortium anti-personnel load for this weapon is a grenade that combines concussion damage with limited incendiary capabilities. Standard grenade rounds are streamlined, 9.2 centimeter plastic projectiles weighing 102 to 144 grams. The GL-303 mounts an internal, 10-grenade magazine.

BK-16 "Crystallizer" Molecular Inhibitor

One of the most technologically advanced projectile weapons ever created, the BK-16 fires a low-velocity 12 cm cartridge which, upon impact, creates a field that inhibits all molecular motion within a area that conforms tightly to the target's shape. This creates a "freezing" effect comparable to several minutes' exposure to absolute zero. This instantly immobilizes the target. Humans in the inhibition field are killed instantly and their flesh becomes extremely brittle. Servomechs usually suffer massive and irreparable damage to circuitry and hydraulic systems. This weapon mounts a 10-round magazine.

LNR-81 "Liquefier" Catalytic Cartridge

This weapon fires cartridges that carry a highly classified, wide- spectrum chemical catalytic agent, designed to break down complex organic molecular bonds. The agent is dispersed through a powerful, localized concussion charge which ignites upon impact. Against flesh its effect is catastrophic, capable of reducing a human body to a small accumulation of semi-solid matter in a fraction of a second. The cartridge is also effective against mechanical targets, since it triggers rapid transmutation in alloys and synthetic materials which make it impossible for most electromechanical devices to continue to function.


PA-31 "Adjudicator" Laser Rifle

At least one trooper in every WEC infantry squad is designated the "lightning rod", and carries this weapon. In addition, the WEC maintains special-forces "lightning teams" where all the troops carry PA-31s as their standard arm. These "lightning teams" are used for anti-armor, attacks on armored emplacements, and special missions. This weapon is particularly effective against robots and ambulatory weapons platforms. It fires a single pulsed varicolor laser beam.

PL-1 "Unifier" Plasma Rifle

The PL-1 is the WEC's only plasma-based rifle. It fires a pulse of superheated plasma along a condensed magnetic field. A direct hit from a PL-1 is capable of literally disintegrating a non-shielded human target, leaving behind only a small scattering of carbonized residue. Its incendiary capabilities also make it extremely effective against vehicles and servomechs. This fully-automatic weapon is capable of firing up to six bursts per second. It is normally used for military commando operations and police SWAT teams.

EM-4 "Vortex" Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle

Originally designed as an anti-servomech weapon, the EM-4 is also highly effective against human targets. It fires a concentrated electromagnetic pulse, which interferes with the guidance mechanisms of all standard servomechs, temporarily nullifying their offensive capability. Against humans, the electromagnetic charge is capable of instantly incinerating an unprotected target to the point of vaporization.

UV-9 "Pulsar" Ultraviolet Rifle

Still in development, the UV-9 generates and fires a pulse of highly concentrated ultraviolet energy. This charge has an extreme incendiary effect on any substance it impacts, and is capable of literally burning all the flesh and organs from an unarmored human target. At present, field trials are being conducted by experimental heavy-weapons units.

XP-5 "Broiler" Microwave Projector

This experimental weapon fires an intense and tightly focused microwave pulse. This charge is powerful enough to liquefy the flesh of an unprotected human target. Against mechanical targets it is also extremely effective, producing damage effects comparable to extreme heat as well as disrupting and destroying most electromagnetic processes.