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MISSION STATEMENT: The New York City Long-Term Care Ethics Network brings ethical discussion to bear on the specific practices and organizational structures of nursing homes, home care agencies, and other forms of community-based care.

The New York City Long-Term Care Ethics Network (NYCLTCEN) was created in 1994 to provide education, training, consultation, and support concerning ethics and ethical decision making to long-term care facilities and home health agencies in the five boroughs of New York City. Funding for the Network is provided by matching grants from the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation & Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation. The NYCLTCEN sponsored several major conferences throughout the year and published a newsletter called the ETHICS NETWORK NEWS:

In 2001, the NYCLTCEN approached the NYAHSA Board of Directors to continue the work of the network under NYAHSA and expand the network's mission statewide. Last fall, NYAHSA's Board of Directors unanimouly voted to absorb the NYCLTCEN into NYAHSA's structure, as a significant match exists between both organizations regarding long-term care, interests in the elderly, ethical leadership, and education and research. The mission of the NEW YORK ETHICS NETWORK continues to be to provide a forum, along with educational resources, for exploring ethical issues in long-term care. The official "kick-off" for the newly formed statewide ethics network, which is chaired by Pat Krasnausky, President/CEO of Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, NYC and Saint Cabrini Nursing Home, Dobbs Ferry, will take place at the 2002 SPRING TRAINING INSTITUTE AND EXHIBITION in Saratoga Springs, NY on June 3, 2002. One and a one-half days of educational programming have been designed to provide NYAHSA members with a strong foundation in ethical principles and application SEPT. 12th Conference on Ethics and Long-Term Care. In addition, there will be a forum designed to assess members' needs in the areas of ethical leadership and clinical practice.

NYCLTCEN co-directors, Drs. Jeffrey Nichols and Paulette Sansone, along with Board Members, Ellen Bartoldus, Mary Devlin, Gretchen Flint, Pat Krasnausky, and Rabbi Harold Stern will serve on the new ethics network--New York state's first ethics network.

Contact Kathy Gormley for more information about the NEW YORK ETHICS NETWORK

The NYCLTCEN is located at:

Schervier Nursing Care Center
2975 Independence Ave.
Riverdale, NY 10463

The NYCLTCEN can be reached by:

Phone: (718) 796-2444
Fax: (718) 796-2572


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