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Lux_ury's Backgrounds, Buttons, Bars, Banners,Bordered Background and Sets~!

Don't have time to make your own web page graphics?.  Well actually, neither do I, but I'm totally addicted, what can I say?.  LOL.  So I decided to try my hand at making backgrounds, buttons, bars, banners and bordered background sets.  I love Paint Shop Pro and started using it alot when I started making my main page (Lux_ury's Loft).  (I also use 'Microsoft Picture It', 'Adobe Photoshop' etc ... I love graphics programs ... *smile*).   After I ran out of ideas for that page,  (it's never done but this is my new toy)  I started making these backgrounds and things for fun.  Then I decided that this might be a good idea for another page and then *Bingo* ... 'Lux_ury's Backgrounds, Buttons, Bars, Banners, Bordered Backgrounds and Sets'.  Hense - Lux_ury's B's.   Quite the original name, huh?.  Everything here is free.  I would appreciate a link back to this page though, that's fair, isn't it?.  :-)  You can use the logo at the bottom of this page.  All images have been compressed for faster loading.


The one thing I have noticed on the web, is some people when using bordered backgrounds don't have it set up properly to view in all resolutions.  You've probably noticed some people have writing overlapping the border.  It probably looks fine with the resolution they are using but it doesn't work with all setups.  So, for those of you who don't know how to get around this, I've put all the information on one page.  It's easy, it's fast and it works.  :-)
This has been updated with CORRECT information.   (yep, it even works in Netscape now~!)


Bordered Backgrounds

Bordered Background Sets

How To Use Bordered Backgrounds

Mirrored Bordered Backgrounds

Tiling Backgrounds

Bars And Lines

Blank Buttons

Banners (Templates)


If you decide to use anything here, please use this graphic to link back to my page.   Thanks   :-)   Use the url:

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