Easter Eggs

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards:

If you press the bottun next to Eve at the end, then the bubbles turn off and you can see more of her chest (in the old version, type "Push Button")

Leisure Suit Larry Goes looking for love (In Serval wrong places!)

Walk behind the dumpster next to the KWIK-E.MART for some relief.

When the maid comes in the hotel room type FUCK girl then walk to the bed.


Leisure Suit Larry3: Passionate Patti in Persuit of the Pulsating Pectorals

To enter CHIP AND DALES as Patti with out paying typ "SUCK COCK" to doorman.

If you leave and re-enter the screen with the changing stalls over and over, you win eventually see programmer Bil Skirvin standing by a stall, while Designer Al Lowe is taking a dump. If you then walk into the stall to the right of Al, a women will come up to you and change right in front off you.

Leisure Suit Larry5: Passionate Patti does a little undercover work

While you have a close up of Chi Chi in the dental office, click on her top button serval times.

Leisure Suit Larry6: Shape up or Slip out

Get 1000 points. watch thats happens to the Score-O-Meter!

Click zipper icon on Gary.

After you get Cav`s badge, Kepp klick on her shirt with the hand icon

Click on hand icon on the off color tilte in the Men´s shower.

Get the hand lotion and brochure and use them on the toilet for some Monkey Spankin.

Leisure Suit Larry:Love for Sail!

Before you give Annette the insurance policy, click on the crotch of the third statue on the left side of the hallway outside the Boning cabin. Select other, and type "unzip" then ring Annette´s doorbell.

When you talking to Drew clock on the pesky branch, select other, and type "push""

Try to use the orgasmic powder on drew´s gigantic erection. Then click on the Gigantic Erection and try to drink it. When Drew stands up she wont block your view.

After the Juggs concert, return to the lounge. Climb up on stage, then walk to the next screen west. Click on the mixer, select other, and type "feel". You will receive a set of earplugs. Then next time you walk to Drew, you will continue to look downwards.

As soon you enter the ballroom, select other and type "dream".

In the library, there´s a stuffed beaver, select other and type milk on the beaver, then go to the Juggs dressing room.

Right after you have change Vicrorian to Vicki, her monitor will have the shower scene from Leisure Suit Larry6. Hold control and click to the left man. Vicki´s chest will be revealed when Larry get lucky with her.

Get all 1000 points and all 32 dildos and all other 7 eggs. Then when you give captain Thygh the stock certificate at the end of the game, you will see the secred ending.Pay attention though, becuse it´s about 2 seconds long.

Leisure Suit Larry´s Casino

When you are in any type of gameroom(online or off), type in "alshead"(whithout quotes) and push enter.

After typing "alshead", if you double click his nose, he´ll drop chips on your tray.


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