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This book is well worth the price! I have been an accident reconstructionist for a police department full time for 5 years now. I ordered this book and have not regretted it. It is arranged logically and the entries are complete and easy to understand. I have referred to it on many an occasion during an investigation, and it has never failed to provide me with the information that I need. Again, a must have for anyone who does collision analysis on any level! - Cpl Frank Carson, Prince George's County Police Dept., Maryland

The "3rd edition of the International Guide Book for Traffic Accident Reconstruction should be on everyone's must have list. I just received my copy and it is outstanding!" - Assistant Chief Ken Watson, Springdale Police Department, Springdale, Arkansas

"I'd have to say that it has probably become the most prized Recon book in my library, already. Well worth it" - Kelly Young, developer of Accident Reconstruction Professional (AR Pro)software, Maine Computer Group, Hallowell, Maine.

"What a great piece of work! No-one should be without this manual. It has the answers/solutions to almost every problem encountered in the traffic accident investigation and reconstruction field. It is extremely well-presented , very methodical, and easy to read." - R.W. (Bob) Rivers, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, internationally renowned author of dozens of traffic accident investigation and reconstruction textbooks.

"To boast a complete library of reference books regarding reconstruction, you need the International Guide Book For Traffic Accident Reconstruction" - Joseph E. Badger, internationally renowned accident reconstructionist and author, in an article for Law and Order magazine.

"This will be my #1 quick-reference manual as it contains practically every equation for every occasion. The layout makes for minimal search time." - Ken Zwicker, retired RCMP corporal.

"Among all the stuff scattered throughout my library I don't think there's a single reference that is as concise and easy to use as this one. It is already proving to be one of the most useful references I have." - Sergeant Earl Faubion, Oklahoma City PD.

"This investment is well worth it. A must have for the Collision Reconstructionist." - Detective Armand Casanova, West Valley Police Dept., Utah.

"[Mitchell's] book came in handy this weekend while preparing for a fatal accident trial. In working up speeds, [another officer] used the Searle formula in the ARW program. He entered what he thought were the drag factors and angle of takeoff that would apply in this accident. When I checked the book, I found that Searle dictates a specific drag factor and suggests takeoff angles. We made some changes real quick." - Detective Mark Davis, Dayton Police Dept., Dayton, Ohio.

"I have made it a habit to carry the guide book in my briefcase when I work the road...." Patrick L. Sharkey, Michigan State Police, Bridgeport Post # 37

Sales to date cover the following countries: Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belguim, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland (Eire), Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, the United States and Canada.