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"Nuclear Physics and The Consciousness Revolution"

Nuclear Physics and The Consciousness Revolution
The Uplightenment Scientific Revolution (USR)
The Spiritual Practice for a Globally Sustainable Culture of Peace
Through Fostering Local Community

[What's Up]? v. [What's (Up)^2]?

The "Uplightenment" Scientific Revolution

As The Spiritual Practice for a Globally Sustainable Culture of Peace

Through Personally and Responsibly Fostering Human Community

Laughing Horse Campaigns for a Wonderful Future

A Musing by:

- David Crockett Williams, Jr. (age 58), October 12, 2003, Tehachapi, California, U.S.A.
- Bachelor of Science Chemistry, with honors, California State University Northridge 1969
- Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU certificate, The American College, Bryn Mawr PA 1971
- Author, Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory Equations (1974-77)
"Four equations defining: absolute identity, cosmic law, human relative identity,
and the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, "Tetron,"
as simply mathematically extant consequent to the true nature of light, i.e.,
the corrected value of the C in (E=mC^2)"
- Chemical Physics Theoretician "by default"
- New "Space Energy" Scientist and Technologies Inventor "by intent"
- Tehachapi California Local Co-Coordinator, and Initiator,
The Red Silk Road Global Peace March Project

Explaining the human spiritual re-awakening as awareness of the absolute nature of truth as it impacts the physical operations of the human mind, and of the inviolable sovereignty of natural "cosmic" law, The True One Law, "The Law by which God and Nature both operate in the physical world" in all ways in all moments of time; the same "True One Law" depicted as "Natural Law," as/by the Dharma of Buddhism and Hinduism, as/by the Torah of Judaism, as/by "The Will of The One God" in Islam, and as "The Law of Love" in Christianity ("Love thy brother, neighbor, self, and enemy with equanimity"), and as/by "Agape" from ancient Greek philosophy;

Explaining today's pending "consciousness revolution" in the simplest available terms of nuclear physics:

The world is in a mess and peoples' lives are in a mess because we act as if we know "what's up" when in reality for over a hundred years science has ignored "what's (up squared)" - (up)^2 - the importance of the non-additivity of C, the "velocity of light oriented relative to the identity of the observer," as defining the relationship between the observer and all observable reality (and mass-energy "equivalence") as extant "relative to the identity of the observer" -- and NOT as extant relative to "objective reality" reference frames as science still believes contrary to over one hundred years evidence to the contrary, and therefore which notion of "made-up truth as real" modern governments enforce through "political science," implemented by increasing violence and intentionally provoked fear of the threat of violence to enforce "made-up truth" and "made-up law."

We have not yet reawakened to recognize that just like the Earth has a magnetic north pole, the human mind also has a referencing or centering "direction" or "pole", "A Mind Pole," which might well be called "The Light Pole," emblematically symbolizing this understanding of the importance of "the square of the direction of the velocity of light oriented relative to the identity of the observer," ie, "(what's up squared)"? -- the "direction" of the absolute nature of truth operational as "inviolably sovereign natural cosmic law," instead of ignorantly "making up laws and truths" and enforcing resultant inconsistent rules as "law" by unholy violence.

The influence of peoples' beliefs overpowers in all cases the influence of rules and regulations created by organizations, especially such rules enforced as "law" by violence and the threat of violence which always exacerbates the discord between individuals with their own beliefs and mental powers/capabilities directed towards personal desires which are outside of the scope of fulfillment by following such rules and regulations enforced as law, hence increasing "lawlessness" grows among the nations and the populations in proportion to the increasing scope of unfulfilled personal desires "as advertised" and promoted irresponsibly by the entertainment and news media as best achievable by "wealth," duplicity, violence and agressive "competitive" behavior, instead of reponsibly "advertising" and promoting cooperation and the universal human needs and rights such as peace, nonviolence, harmony, health, intelligence advancement, and prosperity in everyone's life and human community relationships.

The presently confused and misdirected state of affairs in the world and in the evolution of the human being -- the evolutionary advancement of true "human beingness" as intelligence, understanding, and continually advancing mental capabilities -- can be likened to the time in history when someone discovered the principle of the magnetic compass and then tried to explain it to a world which did not yet understand either magnetism, the magnetic north pole, or how the compass could influence human travel and hence communications and commerce by always "pointing to a referencing direction."

That direction (north) was always there. The principle of "north" was already known and simple. Sailors navigated "by the stars" after learning about "the north star," but in continuing cloudy weather they got lost.

Today all of humanity is "lost in the fog of confusion" and suffering from "clouded science" which has been institutionalized into organizations and governments based on its applications like "political science" -- organizations and governments which are thereby also "lost in the fog" of ignore-ance of the referencing "direction" of "the absolute nature of truth itself" and thus are also victims of the "confusion of uncertainty" in all areas of human thought due to "compromises" in daily life in disregard of this "direction" which innately exists in everyone's own mind as "conscience".

Today most people are "educated" as to the nature of a compass and of the North Pole. For the "Uplightenment Revolution" of human consciousness and intelligence, the consciousness revolution as a sudden surge in the evolution of human beingness by accepting a "new idea," (recognizing the importance of a long overlooked fact of nature) we must now understand and integrate into modern science the whole truth about the nature of light, the C in E=mC^2, in order to understand and implement into global society and its "rules as law" this corrected view as to how it is (mathematically as simple as 2+2=4) that all human beings are simply mathematically related to the true nature of light (C), and hence "related" to all physical reality mass and energy dynamics, in a way not too much harder to grasp than the concept of squares and square roots, or grasping the idea of magnetic north.

Governments, religions, and other organizations whose rules are ignorantly attempting to direct human behavior in ways contrary to this innate inter-relationship between the powerful human mind and all of physical reality, these organizations may as well be making up and trying to enforce rules ignorant of the law of gravity. No matter what such rules require of human behavior, a person will still innately understand the law of gravity and avoid behavior contrary to this innate understanding. We know which way is up and which way is down and that we will always fall in a downward direction no matter what any ignorant organizational rule may dictate to the contrary. And so we will always behave accordingly, even "breaking such ignorant rules enforced as law" for our very survival in the face of the dangers posed by ignoring the law of gravity.

When this Tetron understanding, ie, the simple mathematical nature of the "human mind's consciousness orientation function of light" - Tetron - as per definitions of these four equations, is integrated into modern science and its influence on modern society, automatically then previously seemingly conflicting ideological, doctrinal, and religious differences of perception by individuals and nations will be reconciled as each's rules and regulations are naturally modified in reasonable and intelligent ways in consideration of the new information regarding the dynamics of the operation through the human mind of the "inviolable sovereignty" of this "true one law" which has been depicted since time immemorial by many if not all spiritual traditions and religious cultures, and now depicted "by science" in its "mathematical language" in the form of these four simple equations.

It is "the definitional character of the human mind," with its penchant and power to discriminate and delineate (define) boundaries of all kinds, whose operational characteristics we must consider very carefully from the perspective that we all, all human beings, are in fact exactly equivalently related to light, matter, and energy -- "themselves" -- "related to the truth itself" -- in an analogous way that a compass needle is related to the magnetic north pole of the Earth. If the needle is restrained by influence of proximity of other magnets (i.e., "personal desires"), then the needle is not free to align with magnetic north (the direction of the absolute nature of truth) and show this reference direction to guide one's life.

The extrapolation of this misunderstanding in modern science has also been taken into the doctrines and "theories of nuclear physics" which have been confused by "extrapolations of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle" (mistakenly fostering "uncertainty about uncertainty instead of certainty about truth") and thereby science is weakened and "uncertain" through ignoring the obviousness and certainty of the facts above stated. By this ignorance "science applies uncertainty," especially in this realm of "nuclear physics influenced by quantum physics," through the "focusing power" of the human mind and in many cases thusly "creates that which seems to be observed," by lacking the benefit of the guidance of this "light mind-pole compass" pointing towards the direction of the "absolute nature of truth," an error correctable by the above described "uplightenment understanding" undertaken as a Spiritual Practice, i.e., by the application of "religious faith in the absolute nature of truth itself."

Such understanding and application of this innate, ancient, inviolable, and eternal principle of "the absolute nature of truth itself" into nuclear physics and quantum physics will also come via this "correction of the mind of science" that will initiate a truly unique and historic "revolution" in scientific and human thought that will consequently enable wonderful developments in chemical physics applications to new technologies.

The above is dedicated to S. Brian Willson who recently lamented, when I spoke to him in the San Fernando Valley before his talk there, that he wished he could explain the "consciousness revolution," needed now to bring about a sustainable global peace, "in terms of nuclear physics." One of the main themes of his message, and matter of personal ephipany for him going back many years in his wide travels over decades of visiting simple, usually poor, peoples of indigenous and traditional cultures around the world, usually living in "pre-industrial conditions" and with "pre-industrial thinking," is that he has been continually amazed at how much more compassionate and innately aware and intelligent people they are -- these simply "normal" human beings whose minds are not "polluted" by the "mind-set" of ambitions for the "personal comfort priority Western Civilization" materialistic lifestyle -- than most everyone that he encounters in America and in other "industrialized civilized societies", i.e., another reliable personal witness and testimony to the innate "human nature of common sense intelligence" possessed by all human beings before it is "educated," "intellectualized," i.e., "brainwashed" out of us by the "advertising" of industrial consumer materialism where "possessions" become more important than "relationships." http://www.brianwillson.com

-- As human beings we are NOT our possessions, we "ARE" our relationships! --

The Tree of Peace - The Great Law of Peace:

Every "Thing" is Related! -- Fundamental Global Indigenous Peoples' Spiritual Message

"Mitakuye Oayasin" -- "All My Relations" (Lakota language)
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Torahkoom, The Law Stands Up -- (phonetically, from the Hebrew language)

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It is time to silence the drums of war and sound The Drums of Peace!"

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David Crockett Williams - 661-822-3309 - Tehachapi, California
Chartered Life Underwriter
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
Red Silk Road Global Peace March Initiator

"For the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life
and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth"

The Red Silk Road Global Peace March Project
August 24, 2003 - October 31, 2004
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