DCW Video Lecture Outline
The Scientific Spiritual Revolution

"...to become a knowledgeable speaker and a
Warrior of The Rainbow for the Scientific Spiritual Revolution..."

This is the retyped text of a double-sided letter-sized page which is a handout and was the outline used for a 2-hour lecture by David Crockett Williams that was done in a studio and videotaped in Studio City, California, with the video on file to be copied and offered as needed.

\VIDEO#01\ February 7, 1996 Videotape 2 hrs:


How to Save the World: Healing & The Mind, Free Energy Science, UFO's, and Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment.

By David Crockett Williams, Jr., author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, Chemist, Personal and Financial Agent.

An overview of the human mind dynamics that are interactive in mutual prophecy fulfillment, science, mysticism, religion, and spirituality. A personal chronology of the last twenty years in the experimental and theoretical development of Free Energy Science, what it is, why it is being suppressed, what is needed for its fruition, how it can help save the earth from total destruction, and how you can use free energy to help create Global Peace Now!

Both science and prophecy say that we may have less than a year from now to change the course of human history off of the path towards total destruction and onto the path towards true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on earth. Public awareness of this information is the way to affect this change. This is the purpose of this video series and its supporting documentation programs. Use them to become a knowledgeable speaker and a Warrior of The Rainbow for the Scientific Spiritual Revolution in response to the Republican Revolution. Today is February 7, 1996, five days after the completion ceremony of the Sunbow5 Walk for the Earth which was conducted across America to reveal the teaching of the Seven Fires Wampum Belt Prophecy. The Time Has Come. We must unite as one human family for life to survive into the next generation.

Today all life on earth is threatened by many problems associated with the materialistic and shortsighted human activities out of harmony with nature that have led to an oxygen crisis from massive deforestation and fossil fuel combustion which has created global warming responsible for increased weather extremes, flooding, droughts, disease vectors, etc., and an ozone layer depletion that threatens all life on earth by the imminent destruction of the ocean's phytoplankton which produce over half of earth's oxygen and form the beginning of the oceanic food chain. Nuclear testing has caused lasting increases in seismic and volcanic activity, explainable by free energy science, which threatens cataclysmic earth changes. The danger of nuclear conflagration still exists. All these conditions have been predicted independently by many different religious prophecies since many hundreds of years ago. How can this be understood and resolved?

Concurrent with these problems over the past decades has developed the one solution, to unify human thinking into harmony with nature and one another. The equations of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory developed from 1974-77 explain a common denominator to unify our understanding of The One Truth in the human mind's mathematically definable consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron. Its acceptance and use will bring harmony between religions and science, advance human capabilities, offer command of our natural healing power and of free energy technologies for electric and electrogravitic propulsion as well as the water transmitter and the radioactivity decay rate accelerator to neutralize radioactive materials. What this means is the restructuring of the entire global economy and the elimination of money and government as we know them now.

I am fifty-one years old this year and since childhood my family has been devoted to understanding the mysteries of life such as the pyramids, lost civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria, crop circles, and Psi Phenomena such as faith healing, firewalking, yogic siddhis, telepathy, psychokinesis, psychic ability, astral projection, death survival phenomena, clairvoyance, dowsing, UFO's, etc.

Since the age of nine years old I have pursued the quest for truth about these matters with deep devotion, from the perspective of a chemist, in which field I received my Bachelor of Science degree with honors in 1969 after discovering the limiting compromise of modern science about the nature of truth and the nature of light. My business experience has been in sales and sales management of life insurance, real estate, investments, training programs, and business opportunity products and services and today I practice as a Global Peace Movement Organizer, as a personal and financial agent, as a theoretical research chemical physicist, and as a spiritual practitioner of the global religious leaders headed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India.

The topics and people mentioned in this video include:

O. Carl Simonton, Wilhelm Reich, Raymond Rife

Synchronistic Coincidence, The Warriors of The Rainbow, Hopi, Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist prophecies

Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Bruce DePalma, (DePalma's experiments: Spinning ball drop, boxed gyro drop, force machine, inertial field influences tuning fork, rotating pendulum, collisions of rotating objects, space drive, weight loss from rotation/precession, effect on radio frequency, the n-Machine), Norman Paulsen and a UFO connection, John Wheeler, Adam Trombly, Paramahamsa Tewari, Robert Kincheloe, Shiuji Inomata, Richard Hoagland, Brian O'Leary.

Daniel Sheehan, Yusen Yamato, Jack Herer

Torahk, Torahkum, Tetramentation -- The Human Hive, The Rainbow Peace Braids, Peace Drum, Red Cloth Ceremony, The Peace March, The Peace Pole, American Flag Retirement Ceremony, Rainbow Family Gatherings, The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage, Hemp for Victory, The Teaching of Offering/Respect, The Message of Peace.


David Williams, PO Box 688, Tehachapi, CA 93581, 805-822-3309

[shows the four equations of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory]

[definition of terms, symbols not shown here, (named/described as)]:

(Tetra) observed
(Psi) observer
( = two short horizontal lines) equality function
(three short horizontal lines) definitional identity function
(four short horizontal lines) Absolute Identity Function

Tetron, the Mind's Consciousness Orientation function of light

The Tetron Thesis

Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory


David Crockett Williams jr.

February 8, 1996



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