Torahk: The One Plan for global peace and prosperity

Torahk: The One Plan (an introduction) 12JUN99, slightly updated 05NOV14
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David Crockett Williams, Jr.(III)
(d.o.b. 17May45)
General Agent
Chartered Life Underwriter
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (with honors), CSUN '69
Proponent, Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel (since 17MAY78)
Independent 1996 Candidate for United States Presidency

Torahk is the word representing the sound of the name of a cybernetics program to guide and maintain humanity on the path towards true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

This program is empowered by a mathematical description of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, a function defined as the correction factor applied to C^2 in E=mC^2 to further explain the true meaning of the nature of light.

This paradise systems psibernetics program, called Torahk, is already operational throughout the future of our planet Earth and it will soon become initialized "online" over the internet, in present time, as we begin the new millennium with a deeper understanding, of the nature of time itself and of the nature of faith and belief, available consequent to this corrected understanding of the nature of light with its consciousness orientation function of light hypothesized as the relationship of mind between observer and observed. This is one of the projects supported by the proposal for a Santa Barbara Science Center.

I first heard the sound of Torahk, at about 9AM on June 24,1973, as a clairaudient perception. I have come since then to better understand it as a "guidebeam signal" broadcast back through time from the future when this program is fully operational, a signal accessible to any human mind.

Between July 1974 and April 28, 1977, I developed four equations which define and describe this human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, called Tetron, as the mathematical relationship between the observer and the observed that is extant consequent to the definitional character of the human mind which delineates observer and observed from the "absolute identity" (oneness) of all reality.

In one moment of inspiration at the end of these 33 months, I gained an insight about the nature of this mathematically describable concept of "absolute identity" (analogous to the mathematical concepts of zero, infinity, "limit" in calculus, etc.) and was able to complete the fourth equation ("conclusion") of this Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, after many years of reflection since childhood on the nature and power of the human mind, and after these 33 months of focused study, spiritual practice, and participating witness of the still unfolding mutual fulfillment of various independent ancient religious prophecies including those of the Hopi and other indigenous cultures, Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc.

Based on these experiences, it is my belief that this Tetron Thesis also fulfills Einstein's prediction of the development of a "unified field theory" as a simple set of equations which describes the operation of the Natural Law, the True One Law by which even God operates in the world and cannot contradict, i.e., describes "all of physical reality, all events in nature, no matter where and no matter when, with 100% certainty, i.e., a probability of one".

An introductory discussion of the Tetron Thesis is posted at
(The Tetron symbol itself is related to the mathematical interdimensional topology code found by experts in many ancient Earth monuments as well as encoded in authentic crop circles)

Consequent to my understanding of this human mind's consciousness orientation function of light (Tetron) and these equations (Tetron Thesis), I have been predicting publicly (without knowing of any precedents) since July 4, 1976, that their widespread acceptance, understanding, and application would mean the advent of entirely new kinds of advanced human capabilities as well as technologies including: Fuel-less (free-energy, or new-energy) power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, hydroelectric, etc. (all fuel and electrical induction based power technologies); Electrogravimagnetic levitation transportation technologies; Devices to neutralize (transmute) pollutions and radioactive materials (onsite and, after further development, remotely); "Miraculous" biomedical remediation devices; and a water transmission technology to "broadcast" pure water, e.g., from the oceans to anywhere on Earth analogously to radio broadcast.

Since the Fall of 1978 I have been studying, and then collaborating with some of the, various scientists whose research seems to support many of these predictions yet which has not come into widespread acceptance or application due to problems perhaps solvable by a deeper understanding of the "consciousness factor" as applied to faith and belief. During this same time I have become increasingly convinced that many of the so-called new discoveries on the "cutting edge" of new scientific research are as much unknowingly created by the nearly inifinite power of the human mind as they are "discovered" by it, due to lack of understanding of this "consciousness factor" which is now acknowledged in advanced theoretical physics as the key to any truly "grand unified theory" of physical reality. Some links to research in this area are posted at

The understanding of this new science will change the mind of the dominant mentality responsible for the problems in the world by correcting the mind of science into harmony with the natural order. When these new scientific perspectives are more widely understood as validating ancient traditional knowledge, as well as the common spiritual truths described and encoded in all religions, this will have the fundamental effect of correcting human thinking in general, into harmony with nature, bringing all of humanity together in lasting peace and prosperity.

Since 1976 I have also been studying and working with various religious and spiritual leaders and practitioners in attempts to unite the followers and believers of science, religion and spirituality into an effective global movement for peace, justice, universal prosperity, and environmental healing, in order to address the increasing level of global social and environmental emergencies, including belligerent confrontations, that are manifesting from historical and current errors in human thinking and that are now threatening the very survival of all life on Earth.

My primary responsibility in this lifetime is to further the acceptance and application of this new science to end the Atomic Age and begin the Tetronic Age of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth, in fulfillment of the Hopi and many other ancient independent spiritual prophecies of this future.

Part of the verifying evidence for the new ideas presented above may be found in evaluating the manner and "timing" of how certain events have unfolded over the past few decades regarding the apparent "intertime" or "transtime" "synchronistic" aspects of this mutual prophecy fulfillment theme.

Several events of 1976-78 exemplify these aspects, starting with the expansion of the sound of Torahk into the additional word of Torahkuhm (later found to be Hebrew language for "The Law stands up") on May 5, 1976 (Israeli Independence Day); The May 28, 1976, experience with the Hopi Prophecy* spokesman Thomas Banyacya leading to the June 14, 1976 (later found to be Flag Day) Fire Sign initiating the *Red Cloth Dying Ceremonies which began before the July 4, 1976 US Bicentennial delivery of the Tetronic Age Technologies predictions and Torahk peace plan message; The July 18, 1976, events confirming details of the nature of the prophecy about the return of Jesus Christ; The appearance of "the *helper with the sign of the Sun" symbolized by Rev. Masao Nippashi on December 8, 1976, with the unifying global prayer for self-purification and the peace monument ceremonies; The appearance of "the *helper with the signs of the swastika and (double dorje)" symbolized by Tibetan "Dharma King" His Holiness Karmapa on March 5, 1977; The completion of the fourth Tetron Thesis equation from "absolute identity" realization/recognition (between key Islamic and Buddhist prayer/admonitions) on April 28, 1977 (later found to be 700+ anniversary of first voicing of this unifying global prayer for self-purification from the "origin of the sun"); Hopi prophecy fulfillment portent and confirmation from Hopi Elder David Monongye on July 4, 1977, at annual Rainbow Family Gathering; The 1978 Rainbow Gathering, Longest Walk, and Chumash Owl Clan connections to Point Conception beginning fulfillment of Lakota prophecy via Lame Deer; etc., etc. A more detailed background narrative on these developments (through 1979) is posted at

I am not a Buddhist or a Christian or a Hindu or a Jew or a Moslem, yet I am all of these things because I am a scientist who understands that there is in fact only One Truth and who determined 22 years ago how it is described by and fundamental to all faiths as consequent to the nature of the human mind and its mathematically definable consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron. I belong only to my very own religion, a Religion of Love, and follow no master except my own conscience.

Additional insights and evidence supporting this thesis/theme are posted at regarding my 30 year study of, and 1996 personal visit to, a key "personality" for still upcoming mutual prophecy fulfillment including those of ancient indigenous cultures (e.g., return of Hopi Sacred Stone Tablet, Lakota "man in red", etc.) as well as Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, and Jewish prophecies about the coming of global peace and prosperity. It is in the deeper study of personally witnessed authentic "paranormal" and "miraculous" events such as those already well documented for over 70 years in the life of this "advanced human being" (or "incarnation of God" as all human beings are said by Him to be) that deeper applications of this new science of the mind can be developed for the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

Love All, Serve All --- This is The Way to Peace!

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Addendum of November 5, 2014: A decade after writing the above latest version of my explanation of what I see as an important overlooked property of the nature of light, the C in E=mC^2, a mathematician convinced me that there are valid and deeper reasons than "mathematical convention" that support the result that the square of the direction component of a vector is equal to one.

Nevertheless this does not negate the reasoning above regarding the observation that C is pegged to the relative identity of the observer and not to the notion of an external reality reference frame.

The question becomes how to quantify and qualify the relative identity of the observer, in order to test for the mind-matter effect.

This I believe has been started by the empirical studies on graphoanalysis of personality traits from variations in handwriting strokes that for example shows certain personality traits in common among those with demonstrated psychic abilities.