Ethics & DOE Strategic Plan2000

From: "David Crockett Williams"
Subject: Ethics & DOE Strategic Plan2000, a White House Paper, public input
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 3:20 AM
This is a Global Emergency Alert Response:

Ethics & DOE Strategic Plan2000, a White House Paper, public input by

David Crockett Williams -- April 10, 2000
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (CSUN 1969)
Chartered Life Underwriter (ACLU 1971)
Coordinator, UN 50&55th anniversary Global Peace Walk '95 & 2000
Independent Candidate for United States President 1996 & 2000

Strategic Plan2000 addresses issues of energy production, global climate change, U.S. National Security, advances in science, and interagency global problem solving coordination, but it is severely hampered in its present form by its failure to properly integrate available insights into ethics errors whose correction is essential for the future of The Nation and The Globe.

Over the past two years significant under-reported advances have been made in fundamental science and new Clean-Energy applications availing previously esoteric knowledge of the nature of consciousness along with technologies to replace contemporary energy systems and to neutralize radioactive wastes while invigorating a more robust sustainable global economy.

A wise teacher once said, "At the deepest level of Mind, everyone knows The Truth but to survive and prosper in the material world we have all been conditioned since birth to pretend that we can invent it."

Errors in perception of the very nature of truth itself are the basis for ethics errors which may only be corrected by higher levels of understanding.

This paper also mentions solutions to fundamental misunderstandings rooted in the historical progression of human thought from the "reasonable", to the "objective", to the present "relative" view of the nature of truth itself which is the basis of modern societies and which is at the root of the US DOE as the contemporary incarnation of the Manhattan Project of 1942 that used the "equations of relativity" to produce the atomic bomb that is still foolishly considered the cornerstone of "US National Security".

Sections of this paper include: (1) Background; (2) Immediate Focus; (3) Delineation of Manifestations of Ethics Errors; (4) Page-by-Page Specific Comments on DOE Strategic Plan2000 Draft; (5) Conclusion and Action Plan; (6) Author references.

1) Background

This position paper is offered for widespread evaluation as a public comment to the people and governments of America and the world in response to input request on DOE's Strategic Plan 2000 draft per advice to of Friday, April 07, 2000 1:56 PM, Subject: "GP: Your turn to comment on DOE Energy Strategic Plan", which indicated that the draft copy of "Strength Through Science: Powering The 21st Century", the Energy Department's strategic plan, is available on the world wide web for public comment through today Monday, April 10, at which indicates public comments are requested by 31March2000. This position paper is supplemental to my initial response of April 7th before review of Strategic Plan Draft sent to which references my public comments of two years ago on DOE's Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES) , and which includes the appeal for extension of this public comments deadline until 30Apr2000 to allow time for more adequate public input in light of the global Earth Day 2000 theme of "Clean Energy Now!". Additional documentation to support opinions in this paper, and additional attachments submitted with my CNES comments, will be posted after today at

To avoid undue repetition here see my initial response and CNES comments above for details on this summary, and additional websites below.

2) Immediate Focus

Today we face a national and global social and environmental emergency as evidenced by increasing intensity of domestic violence, global climate change, international terrorism, inter-religious hostilities and misunderstandings, addictions, wars, and the misdirection of human and finanical resources to the preparations for war instead of towards solving critical social and environmental problems before it is too late in this age of proliferating weapons of mass destruction.

In large part, the daily struggle and methods for acquisition of energy resources, individually, nationally, and globally, that are required for ever-more-consumptive lifestyles are linked to the causes of this emergency because of how energy, food, housing, money, and personal perceptions of power and self-worth are perceived to be tied to successful vigorous competition over these presently limited resources. The forefront new science mentioned above and discussed below offers harmonization of conflicting ideologies, and the promise of virtually unlimited low cost energy resources, which can minimize or eliminate this struggle and resolve this global emergency with our proper cooperative responses.

In today's edition of my local newspaper, the Bakersfield Californian, wire service reports are condensed in a brief report of yesterday's conclusion of talks in Japan by G-8 environmental ministers from the world's industrialized nations expressing hope for ratification as soon as possible of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on global warming, despite U.S. and Canadian opposition to its fixed deadline for reducing greenhouse gases to 7 percent below 1990 levels by 2008-2012, largely because of U.S. auto and oil companies' opposition and the hotly debated emission-trade plan. The meeting was a prelude to the sixth conference on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP6), scheduled for November in The Hague, Netherlands, which is considered crucial in promoting the early ratification and enforcement of the Kyoto Protocol.

As I detailed in my CNES comments, this Kyoto Protocol goal represents a decrease from 1998 levels of 13 percent, while the projected change in carbon emissions from increased fossil fuel usage over this time frame is projected by DOE to increase by 20 percent -- adding up to a 33 percent disparity between forecast and goal compared to 1998 levels. Nothing in CNES or the Strategic Plan draft addresses how it is possible to accomplish even this token inadequate commitment which does not reverse the global warming trend factors but only slows down the rate of increase of climate changing greenhouse gases. In order to solve the problem we need to reverse the present trend -- not just slow it down, i.e., not only move away from fossil fuels but save the existing trees and regreen the planet and restore the atmospheric oxygen depletion that is exacerbating the ozone layer depletion that threatens all the oceanic phytoplankton (over half Earth's oxygen supply) with destruction (by 2008 according to Project Earth climate modeling predictions of 1988 deemed by them on target in 1997 and accelerating polar ice melting.

What the DOE in its vernacular calls "Stakeholders" from whom "public comments" are carefully solicited on its various plan documents, while the general public and the scientific community in general is left to fend for coincidental last-minute opportunities like this one for public comment, seem in reality to be special interest groups vested in current high-profit energy systems and nuclear power/weapons related industries. Since these same special interest groups provide the bulk of political fundraising and lobbying efforts, it is no wonder that regarding global climate change the US Bureaucratocracy is "fiddling while Rome burns".

If we want to learn how to put out the fire, instead of just having a "good old time" until we all burn up, it may require a hard cold look at a broader global view to contrast the myths and legends that Americans have swallowed hook, line and sinker as US history.

(3) Delineation of Manifestations of Ethics Errors

Machiavellianism is said to be the quiet behind-the-scenes "realism" of modern politics where even rules and agreements of law can be intentionally broken at will, and brutal violence used indiscriminately, for the purposes of expediently propagating the myth of the sovereign power of the state.

The United States and its Constitution were created on the premise that individual human beings are the sovereign entities by divine right, and that they cede a limited authority to the government for the management of the common good. In these times the governments of the world, especially including the United States, have completely taken over by the threat of violence and imprisonment the sovereignty of the individual and cede back to him/her limited "rights" "guaranteed by law". Yet when the public continually witnesses such rights and laws being deliberately ignored and disregarded at will by the government, who can have faith in its ethics and integrity, and in their own divine legacy as sovereign and sacred human beings?

Is it any wonder that over the last century of witnessing these injustices that people have become more rebellious of governments around the world and nonviolence is all but a forgotten teaching? Is it really any wonder that crime is such big business in the United States, with such swelling prison populations of virtually slave laborers, that private prisons sell stock on Wall Street?! Is this really a democracy (self-government) in the United States when such a tiny percentage of the people actually vote into power, over all of us, the representatives of Our Republic?

It might be more accurately called an unethical Bureaucratocracy.

Hitler is rightfully criticized for the deaths of millions of people in the "concentration camps" of WWII, but who in America pays attention to his claim of inspiration for this kind of atrocity from the United States' treatment of the American Indian peoples, tens of millions of whom have been sacrificed over our country's history, a sacrifice which intensified with the discovery of energy resources on the indigenous people's "reservations" and which continues today in places like the "National Sacrifice Area" of northeastern Arizona where the people are still being destroyed by US energy acquisition policies. It would be virtually impossible to find one single nation-to-nation Treaty that the United States has made with the native American peoples that has not been broken and abrogated by the US government. Is it really any wonder that so many people around the world are furious with the United States and are even threatening the use of weapons of mass destruction?

The underhanded mechanations behind the 1970's push for uranium mining in the Black Hills of South Dakota fomented such a high level of violence against those indigenous peoples who resisted this move that hundreds of members of the Tribal Nations in that area were murdered over a few years time which led to such intensity of hostilities that even when two FBI agents were murdered at Jumping Bull Ranch all of the defendents were acquitted on the grounds of self defense except American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier who is still imprisoned after 26years, "railroaded" on ballistics and extradition evidence that the prosecution later admitted was falsified. Amnesty International recognizes Peltier as a political prisoner of the United States Government and mostly our citizens are largely apathetic to his plight while millions around the world support his release under executive clemency or parole, including Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu, et. al.

In February of 1945 there was a meeting of the Allied Powers in Europe on the eve of the expected defeat of Hitler which came in April. At that meeting, then-secret agreements were made for dividing up the conquered countries of the Axis powers among Allied jurisdictions including the Soviet Union which reportedly agreed would invade Japan to finish the war and extend its territory. After the defeat of Nazi Germany the US became increasingly wary of Stalin and the Soviet postwar communist intentions and potential threat to western societies. In this context in June of 1945 in San Francisco was convened the convention to create the charter for the United Nations Organization, a charter signed by the founding nations in agreement to its basic principles to end the scourge of war for the future generations, to foster respect for human rights, and to enable the people of the nations to live in peace. Among those principles was the renunciation of weapons and practices of mass destruction as were exemplified in the gruesome freshness of the Nazi gas chambers applied to noncombatant civilian populations. The US Manhattan Project had already been underway since 1942 for the express purpose of creating the greatest weapon of indiscriminate mass destruction that the world had ever known, the atomic bomb, which was not abandoned in spite of the US signing the UN Charter agreement.

While American history records that the atomic bombs were used against the civilian noncombatant populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (almost entirely women, children and elderly with most men away at war) to save the lives of American soldiers, at that time the Soviet Union was reportedly massing troops on its border preparing according to agreement to invade Japan. In addition to saving American soldiers' lives the atomic bombings were executed in violation of the signed UN charter and were also the first human test of the uranium and plutonium versions of the atomic bomb, implicitly conducted to threaten the Soviet Union with a similar fate if it did not demur to American global dominance and occupation of Japan which has in effect become a colony of the United States since then, abandoning its non-rearmament peace constitution under US pressure to create a "self-defense force" that today has a military capability greater than WWII.

Ten weeks after the atomic bombings, in the context of the dominant American nuclear threat against any enemies, the UN charter was ratified in New York on October 24, 1945, by the founding nations including the US which has continued to violate this charter by the ongoing first-strike threat of the use of nuclear weapons. Is it any wonder that the Soviet Union, which lost so many millions of citizens in the war with Germany, responded in kind to this threat and built up its own nuclear arsenal?

Today the Soviet Union exists no longer and its threat of communist domination has ended. The Japanese-Americans who were interned during WWII have received apologies and reparations. But not one American President has ever apologized or repented the atomic bombings of the civilian populations of Japan or renounced the threat of their use to further American global dominance, i.e., "National Security". Not one American President has yet recognized as the first step towards true national security the repudiation of the use of nuclear weapons.

Ample evidence exists that in 1895 Nikola Tesla built an electric power plant on Long Island in New York, based on his advanced knowledge of electromagnetism and new energy technology he tested in Colorado, that was to power all of America with fuel-less electric power wirelessly transmitted but his backer, J.P. Morgan, decided to scuttle the project in favor of the more profitable induction-based systems that we still have today with their expensive but profitable copper mining, electric meters, etc.

From time immemorial until the early part of the 20th Century one of the most useful plants in human history for food, oil, fiber, medicines, paper, cloth, canvas, etc., was the hemp plant which has superior qualities in many of these uses, which grows prolifically without fertilizers or pesticides on even marginal farmland, and which was made into cheap early automobile fuels before the fossil fuel industry took over the American economy. Hemp was the mainstay of early America yet after it was outlawed as marijuana in 1937 by a campaign of yellow journalism and an historic fraud on the US Congress perpetrated by industrial monopolists to protect threatened profits in the timber-paper, petrochemical, and fossil fuel industries, et. al., the suppression of the truth about this plant has been so thorough that it has been essentially erased from our collective memory and expunged from history. Yet this plant, now still demonized as a "drug", is perhaps the single most important plant for the future of humanity because of its superior applicability for biofuels and the carbon sequestration needed to ameliorate global climate change while replacing the need to cut down trees for most of their current uses.

Oil and drugs are the two most powerful addictions of modern societies which are manipulating people for profit.

With the US now beginning to commit itself to another "Vietnam War", in Columbia striving for oil resources access and protection while deploying purportedly ongoing Iran/Contra-style CIA drugwar strategies/skullduggery in this year of high level oil prices & drug war electioneering, all these issues need to be reexamined carefully in light of hidden history coming to light. In Columbia the indigenous U'Wa people are being destroyed by Occidental Petroleum's planned exploitation of major oil reserves. Not many people know that the offshore oil leases around north and south Vietnam were assigned to the like of Texaco, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Amoco, etc., and that the Mekong Delta had more expected potential for oil than the Mississippi Delta. Both Vietnam and Columbia wars involve covert use of drug smuggling revenues Iran/Contra-style as in the CIA/KLA collaboration in the Kosovo war to secure the oil pipeline route through the Balkans from the Middle East to Europe. These wars are somewhat less obviously related to oil than the Gulf War which is a classic example of how our National Security and oil energy supplies are so violently linked.

(4) Page-by-Page Specific Comments on DOE Strategic Plan2000 Draft

Due to time constraints on such short notice to read and evaluate the lengthy Strategic Plan Draft, some comments on various pages of the draft may be out of page [#] order.

The most important thing to begin with is evaluation of the degree of precision and accuracy in the language used which is entirely conditioned on mutually understandable definitions of terms and which determines the "truth coefficient" of the document.

The best example to illustrate this point keys in on the various inconsistencies throughout the document regarding the confusing and imprecise use of words such as "emissions", "pollutions", "carbon emissions", "particulate matter", "greenhouse gases", and even "clean". As someone who earned a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Chemistry, I am dismayed at the lack of overall clarity of information presentation due to switched and confusing terminology definitions used in the various parts of the Strategic Plan document. Since I understand the chemistry of what is being discussed it is easy to see how this language/definition problem, even at the internal level of the DOE, prevents clear communication and understanding of the nature and scope of the problems and solutions faced by today's energy industry.

The primary energy industry "greenhouse gas" is carbon dioxide, which is "emitted" by fuel carbon or hydrocarbon combustion that commensurately consumes oxygen from which Earth's protective ozone layer is phototropically produced. Although incomplete combustion also produces an array of other "emissions" including particulate carbon, carbon monoxide, various unburned hydrocarbons, combusted fuel impurities like oxides of sulphur, etc., i.e., air "pollutions", the lazy shorthand term of "carbon emissions" seems, at least for purposes of energy industry greenhouse gases quantification, to primarily describe carbon dioxide expressed as for example "tons of carbon emissions".

Yet on page [5] of the Strategic Plan under the Energy Challenges subsection of the DOE's Challenges section, it says "The Department's Energy Resources R&D Portfolio is addressing the carbon emissions challenge by proposing investments in a variety of clean fuel options, such as natural gas...", in the same first partial paragraph which concludes with "The Energy Resources R&D Portfolio also recognizes the continuing importance of nuclear power in generating clean, emission-free electricity".

From this it seems that DOE's greatest challenge is one of truthfully and accurately representing the facts. For an agency whose rhetoric prides itself on its "world class science" it is hard to see these two statements as mistakes instead of obfuscation.

Sure natural gas burns "cleaner" in terms of more complete combustion with perhaps less impurities than, say, the high sulphur uranium contaminated coal that is stripmined from the the "National Sacrifice Area" of the Black Mesa in Arizona and burned in power plants with unfiltered smokestacks producing reportedly more acid rain pollutions than the top five US cities combined while showering thousands of square miles with radioactive ash and the coal transport slurry line drains underground water drying up the Tribal Nations lands in the whole area, BUT, in absolutely no way is natural gas combustion "cleaner" in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions because it still yields carbon dioxide upon combustion in the same proportions as coal or oil. By no stretch of the imagination does investment in natural gas combustion ameliorate carbon dioxide greenhouse gas energy industry emissions.

As to nuclear power producing "clean emission-free electricity", sure there are no carbon emissions but it does produce the most toxic "emissions" imaginable that are subject to catastrophic releases, meltdowns, etc., as evidenced by Three Mile Island and recent accidents in Japan, etc. Even more routinely tragic and dangerous are the effects of uranium mining and wind-blown tailings piles continually causing cancers and deaths to the local people in mining areas most of whom are members of Tribal Nations who are "sacrificed" like the Big Mountain Dineh (Navajo) people forcibly relocated from the Black Mesa to "new lands" in the area of the Rio Puerco uranium tailings pond dam burst and flood that makes these lands dangerously radioactive.

For "world class science" to tout nuclear power as "clean emission-free electricity" is unconscionable when the main "emission" is the nuclear waste that is piling up at every nuclear power plant with no place to go, except sneaking it across country into Yucca Mountain without required permits targeted for FY 2010 per Strategic Plan [64] and in violation of US Treaty with the Western Shoshone Tribal Nation, while DOE ignores the LENT Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation data submitted two years ago about this demonstrated new technology to neutralize radioactive wastes.

A recent summary of this research courtesy of Emerging Energy Mutual Fund:

"The Transmutation of Nuclear Wastes

"Currently over 55 million gallons of high-level radioactive waste is stored in leaking underground tanks at Hanford, Washington. These and other storage facilities in the US and Russia are already leaking into ground water supplies. We (humans) discovered how to make these materials; we must also discover how to safely undo this radioactive legacy.

"This urgent scientific problem can be solved. Unknown to most people outside the scientific community, the transmutation of elements (changing one element into another) has been demonstrated using several pioneering processes. Some of these processes have shown it may be possible to stabilize radioactive material.

"Transmutation of elements has been demonstrated using:

(1) Electron charge clusters by Kenneth Shoulders
(2) Cold fusion technology by J. Dash and T. Mizuno
(3) Gaseous cold fusion technology by Karbut
(4) Electrolytic cells by H. Fox
(5) Accelerated gamma-rays by P. Brown

"We believe the most promising physical process is based on the use of high-density electron charge clusters.

"The US Department of Energy, so far, has ignored promising solutions despite these scientists' progress toward solving this most dangerous of scientific problems. The US Department of Energy has not shown sufficient interest in developing or implementing new technologies. The DOE has instead committed to a questionable and incredibly costly plan of vitrifying a mere portion of the nation's nuclear waste and storing it "temporarily" in Yucca Mountain. These deadly wastes remain hazardous for more than 10,000 years.

"We propose a one-year effort to prove the physics of high-density electron charge cluster transmutation for the purpose of the amelioration of radioactive materials. Our plan is to research the technology and perform one or more demonstrations of the different techniques. The purpose of the demonstration will be to take what others have shown to be possible, validate this technology and take it to the next step by improving the transmutation efficiency. This effort will lead to the elimination of nuclear waste permanently, rather than storing it for millennia.

"The proposed study should involve the leading scientists in the field, including Ken Shoulders, Hal Fox, John Dash, Paul Brown, and others. It is time to explore fully whether or not one or more of the proposed transmutation techniques really work and can be engineered to demonstrate conclusively their usefulness in eliminating the nuclear waste problem.

"For more information, contact Stephen Kaplan, 503-297-7348, "

It is patently evident that this is a superior alternative to "geologic disposal [as] the [present] national strategy".

Kaplan is also co-author of a recent detailed referenced article (with Dr. Brian O'Leary, at ) featuring an overview of the many new Clean-Energy technologies mentioned above to replace nuclear, fossil fuel, hydroelectric, and other inefficient induction-based electricity generating power systems. Dr. O'Leary was the science and energy policy advisor and speechwriter for four US Presidential candidates, wrote the foreword for journalist Jeane Manning's book about this genre called The Coming Energy Revolution and his book on the topic called Miracle in the Void, and was passed over for appointment to a top DOE science post in 1998. More on his work may be found at .

Contrary to DOE Strategic Plan speculations, this new genre of power technology does promise to be a "silver bullet" to address the energy demands for the 21st Century in all three end-use sectors: Buildings, transportation, and industry. [4]

One possible explanation for overall DOE intransigence towards serious investigation and implementation of these new ideas may be found in Strategic Plan references beginning on [7] "nearly half of the current R&D technical managers will be able to retire in five years; serious skills gaps have developed due to significant downsizing; [and] there exists virtually no pipeline to develop future managers..." With the senior R&D staff too old to embrace cutting edge developments from the private sector, technical skills gaps and no hope for replacing the aging DOE Bureaucratocracy, perhaps it is time to either embrace Dr. Eugene Mallove's contention that the DOE itself should be dissolved or seriously restructured, and/or Dr. O'Leary's appeal for a New Manhattan Project analog as a global public "crash program" to rapidly complete R&D and implementation of these new Clean-Energy technologies.

After we received the DOE letter of May 1998 detailed in my initial response above, the DOE point of contact appointed by then Energy Secretary Pena did his best to liaison with our people to input these ideas into the DOE R&D bureaucracy and he was encouraged by the 1997 results cited in that letter proving the existence of the long postulated Zero Point Energy (ZPE) field that some researchers feel is at the root of many of these new energy technologies' operation (what the DOE letter called the "Holy Grail of energy research"), but after a few months in mid-1998 of career threatening internal resistence he backed off and was apparently reassigned to other tasks under the administration of new Energy Secretary Richardson. This is hardly a comforting example in support of purported DOE "Core Values" [3] "4. We value creativity and innovation", "8. We pursue the highest standards of ethical behavior", and from the Strategic Plan inside back cover "3. We value listening as an essential tool in learning from others".

These new technologies specifically fulfill the Strategic Plan Draft [18] prediction that "Advanced technology may ultimately mitigate some of these..." [17] Key External Factors beyond DOE's direct control that are expected to influence DOE's Strategic Planning, i.e., climate change amelioration decisions, aging facilities (by 2015, 60% of coal fired and 40% of nuclear power plants will be 40 years old and it is not clear how much longer they can operate due to regulatory and economic issues), Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Process and NRC, EPA regulations for proposed high level nuclear waste repository, and "public perception directly affects (sic) Congressional and Administration support for DOE programs."

Certainly it would appear that even without additional funding the existing [26] DOE Energy Research and Development Portfolio of April 1999 budget of $7 billion can accomodate all or a good portion of the $108 million annual budget proposed by Dr. O'Leary for the "New Manhattan Project" given its potential value to accomplishing DOE and Strategic Plan goals including amelioration of nuclear wastes. However, if the American public is properly advised of this opportunity there would be no doubt that each American would be thrilled to chip in a dollar a year from their taxes to fund this Project. This would help fulfill the Strategic Plan's commitment to "breakthrough research in science and technology".

Biofuels are mentioned [4] and an extensive Interagency Crosscutting Coordination discussion pervades the Strategic Plan text with other agencies involved listed in Appendix A, including the US Department of Agriculture (which conducted the 1941-45 Hemp for Victory program to help win WWII), but this Crosscutting needs to include the White House Office of Drug Policy Control to reverse Federal resistence to hemp relegalization in favor of a global scale emergency revival of the Hemp for Victory campaign to win the "war" against global climate change, not only for its superior biofuels applications (see my CNES comments discussion) but also for adequate effective [27] "carbon sequestration".

Finally, for the time I can now devote, the organization chart [15] shows a positive change from the 1997 to the 2000 versions where "illustrative measures for strategy", is replaced and realigned to "performance goal for objective", but there needs to be included a box for "error analysis and feedback adjustments" in the system for it to take advantage of the cybernetics of goal accomplishment or the DOE will continue to lack the best helmsmanship techniques available.

(5) Conclusion and Action Plan

With the development of such an organizational plan implemented by modern electronic communications media and embraced by the peple, the agencies and governments of this Globe, and including the corrected ethics reflective of modern advances in the chemical physics of consciousness itself, the present course of human history may be, and must be, quickly changed off of the path towards total destruction and onto the path towards realizing the goal of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

Give O'Leary the $108 million per year under a negotiated performance contract for him to initiate the "New Manhattan Project".

This message and related information will be offered to the Global Peace Walk 2000 for public dissemination and delivery on its arrival in Washington DC, October 6-12, 2000, and to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary October 24th to help inaugurate the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century. This walk is hoping to gather over a million people for a ceremony to rededicate the Washington Monument as a Symbol of the Message of Peace on the October 9th Columbus Day Holiday which is also John Lennon's 60th birthday and, according to the Smithsonian Institute, the observed 1000 year anniversary of the arrival of the Vikings to America.

The above article has been abbreviated due to time constraints for submission so for additional claims documentation, references, and updates see

(6) Author references

David Crockett Williams
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (CA State Univ. Northridge '69)
Chartered Life Underwriter (American College of Life Underwriters PA '71)

Author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations '74-'77
(purports to be a correction and completion of E=mC^2 defining
Tetron as the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light)


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