"The Civilization of Science"
Message from Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985)

"The Civilization of Science"

Message of The Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii

May 8, 1975

Humanity is compelled to live in the "Western civilization."

The civilization of the West is that of science, machines, murder, and a civilization of war. Wherever the Europeans who developed the civilization of science went, there were always invasions, always war, always conquest and always dominance.

How many of the over one hundred nations large and small that exist in the world today were not subjected to the invasion and dominance of Europeans?

The civilization of science has driven the Europeans not only frantically to invasion and conquest, but has also caused them to maneuver irrevocable destruction on the natural environment based on their belief in economic development as the supreme priority. Everything from air to water was contaminated, which rendered the environment harmful and unfit for the survival of living things and underground natural resources were depleted through unsparing exploitation. Science is after all a civilization of violence. Regardless of the progress it sees, it not only does not contribute a single step toward humanity's advancement in spirituality such as in morality and religion, but to the contrary causes turmoil.

The civilization of science is a cursed civilization.

(Translated by Yumiko Miyazaki 9/30/03)

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