Rev. Jesse Jackson's UN 50th Peacewalk Message

"...bring down any wall..."

"Multicultural understanding and tolerance are the
keys which will unlock any door or bring down any wall."

--- Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson

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National Rainbow Coalition

January 15, 1995

A Message from the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson to the Participants in Global Peace Walk '95.

We all do not share the same time zone nor do we all share a common spoken language. We do not all maintain a similar belief in a higher power, but we are identical. Our blood is red, and our breath is warm. Our tears taste of salt and our eyes reflect our spirit. Mirrored in our eyes is our soul -- our mutual soul. A soul which may be clean and filled with the sheer joy of existence -- or spotted by the misery of constant battle.

As you gather today to kick-off the Global Peace Walk '95, I offer my wholehearted support for your effort to bring tolerance and understanding of humankind's sameness across the world. Multicultural understanding and tolerance are the keys which will unlock any door or bring down any wall. Divisiveness and hatred of people and places and things is bred by ignorance. Ignorance which sadly permeates the hearts and minds of both the young and old, the North and the South, the Christian, the Jew, the Muslim, the Hindu and the atheist.

Dr. King believed that hate destroys a person's sense of value and objectivity. He said that hate causes a person to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true. His message was to stick with love, because hate is too great a burden to bear. Never lose sight of Dr. King's genius as you go forth to educate, and as you gather and congregate. Dr. King's vision and yes, his dream, his glorious and hopeful dream, will live through people who free their minds of stupidity and prejudice and their hearts of paralyzing fear.

I pray that in June, when you end your walk in San Francisco, and as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations, God will have allowed your travels to be in safety and your numbers to have grown.

Hope for us all continues to thrive and to remain vitally alive because of the insight and selfless efforts of dedicated persons like you.

Keep Hope Alive!

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, President and Founder
Dennis Rivera, Chairman, Board of Directors
Francisco L. Borges, Treasurer
The Honorable Salima Siler Marriott, Secretary
PO Box 27385, Washington DC 20005 - (202) 728-1180 fax (202)728-1192