Remy Chevalier, Editor, Electifying Times Magazine

Dear Global Peace Walk 2000,

A few months ago Monsignor Corrado Balducci confirmed the third secret of Fatima. A third world war before the end of the millennium. I guess the Vatican felt it was safe to assume that such a calamity would not be happening within the next few weeks of this writing, November 13th 1999. The events would have happened only if humanity didn't mend and change their violent ways. Are we to think that we've been good and the final curtain has been postponed? I'm not a Christian. I don't buy into the globalization of the earth under the dominion of a Christian God, or the United Nations. But I can see how that mind set would affect the belief system of millions of Catholics, patriots and fundamentalists. They tend to take the Bible verbatim and instigate self-fulfilling prophecies. To the risk of offending, perhaps we can put away these childish things and graduate to the next realm without being branded Hell spawn.

That's what peace means to me. A planet where different race, creed, color and religion can cohabitate enough among themselves to let in the alien factor. It might happen, it might not. We may finally set aside aggression for an understanding that without cooperation our planet will no longer be able to support life as we know it. A hard sell considering those doing the most harm generate the most animosity for their actions, and the demand for restraint is on those most victimized by them. But chopping heads went out with the French Revolution. So does this mean crimes against humanity will go unpunished? What's the solution? How far are we willing to go in the pursuit of compromise? Will this make the world a bland corporate entity? I think not.

For every door leads to another. As nation states make amends and negotiate trade agreements, as less and less a global conflict is likely, and how less and less terrorists are willing to go down in flames with the ship, the earth is becoming one, not so much by force of political will or governmental decree, but because mass communications, accelerated a thousand fold by the Internet quantum leap in information sharing, makes our children long for their MTV more than any other fanatical idealism. More than anything, the desire to buy heavy metal music brought down the Berlin Wall. But the Cold War isn't over...

This last remnant of the insane culmination of an industrial revolution without conscience still lingers. Clinton just signed into law an exemption for Area 51 from toxic waste litigation. What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? What is so earth shattering that it must be guarded at all cost, including the health and welfare of Nevada residents? That question haunts me, and many others in the UFO community. Could it be that the rumors are true? Or is our government using Hollywood UFO lore as a cover for a world supremacy America can no longer afford to uphold without losing grasp on the American dream?

A recent pole claims 70% of Americans now believe in UFOs. That means they believe there is a phenomena. Millions of Americans discuss hundreds of theories making the rounds. What is certain is that thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects come into the Mutual UFO Network, and dozens more organization like it, daily. Our skies, all over the world, are visited by objects we know nothing more about than mere speculation. What are they, what enables them to fly the way they do, why are they so furtive and evasive? How can we possibly answer these questions without governmental disclosure? We cannot. And this question is the primordial question of all time. Who are we? What is our existence? These are life burning and soul searching questions no power can hold from light.

It is for this reason that I support Global Peace Walk 2000. Technologies and ideas are being suppressed that could help clean up our planet because some self-appointed panel feels it would be more damaging to national security to release the information than the ravages caused by antiquated fuel consumption. Hemp is a good example. It was prohibited in 1937 as a pretext to make way for synthetics. Then come World War Two, hemp had to be re-introduced again into the US farming economy as an emergency measure to keep our troops supplied with necessary raw materials. Then come War's end, hemp was prohibited again. Why? What deep dark secret looms under these mysterious decisions? GPW2000 could force the issue, more so than any singular pro-hemp rally.

After Truman exploded the bomb he himself as senator fought to disclose, he signed into law the National Secrecy Act of 1947 making all nuclear energy technologies "born" classified, which led the way to the peaceful atom, and the worse blunder in human history, potentially poisoning the entire planet. All the while, other energy discoveries were being either classified, ignored or ridiculed. Had it not been for the environmental movement and a need for clean fuels, there would have been no incentive on the part of the DoE and the DoD to instigate technology transfer into the commercial sector. But how much more lies in wake behind the golden gates of OZ on secret bases all over the globe?

Are we jeopardizing the biosphere to perpetuate a Cold War paradigm that may doom us to extinction? If you think not, think again. Over 100 Billion goes unaccounted for every year in this country spent as black budgets, enough for a dozen Dr. No to rule the world from their lair. But where is James Bond when you need him? We are ALL James Bond, that's why the character endures after all these years. We are all, in our daily lives, fighting Big Brother and the evil empire, wherever, and whatever it may be. The weirdest part of all, is that today, we've lost touch with who the enemy really is. It's a shadow... It's a faceless blob. It works for the paycheck, never questioning the consequence of its actions.

We demonstrated against the war in Vietnam, against nukes, against pollution, against things we could see and feel. This time humanity is asked to mobilize against a foe it cannot even identify. How bizarre is this? How strange indeed that the UFO community in America today is as numerous and as well organized as the anti-war movement used to be in the sixties. How convenient that suppressed energy issues fall right into the possibility that a good portion of UFOs are in fact secret military aircraft using such advanced propulsion, its exclusion from commercial applications is paramount to crimes against the environment.

Remy Chevalier

Editor; Electrifying Times;
Organizer; Rally To End Secrecy;
Founder; Eco-Saloon;