Independent Presidential Candidacy of 1996 (DCW)

1996 (PRESIDENTIAL) CAMPAIGN, TO ENSURE popular acceptance and government implementation of Free Energy Science and Hemp for Victory, the commercial exploitation of new technologies to replace nuclear & fossil fuel power, and a crash program for widespread cultivation of traditional American Hemp to replace oil, trees, & marginal crops with hemp for the overall majority of earth's paper, fiber, food, fuel, chemical feedstocks, medicines, construction materials, and to heal the ozone layer "skin" of mother earth by replenishing imminantly lethal atmospheric oxygen losses due to deforestation combined with massive fossil fuel combustion, i.e., TO ENABLE a smooth transition for the complete restructuring of the global economy resulting in global prosperity: In September of 1995, after coordinating the United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk (from New York 15 Jan to San Francisco 20 Jun), I registered with the United States Federal Election Commission as an independent candidate for United States President, even though I have still not raised or spent the minimum required to mandate such filing, actually conducted such campaign without raising any money for it, and did not pursue or secure any State ballot listings. The last month of my '96 campaign I went to India and received a spiritual blessing that has improved my life.

According to Anatoly Dobrynin, Soviet Ambassador to the United States for twenty-four Cold War years, "Politics is the Art of The Possible". According to the Council of Elders of the (indigenous American) Indians' Longest Walk of 1978, "Spirituality is The Highest Form of Politics".

My qualifications, for U.S. President, Global Peace Movement Organizer, and General Agent, are rooted in my understanding of The Natural Law as represented by the four equations of my Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory completed from 1974-77 in conjunction with participation and observance of mutual prophecy fulfillment & corresponding manifestations of The One Truth embodied in all religions and interdimensional physics as well: ALL IS ONE. As a result of this scientific understanding of the mind/reality connection (Tetron), humanity is on the verge of the greatest change in thinking since Galileo. Practical applications of this new knowledge include proven over-unity clean energy (homopolar, space-power) technologies to replace nuclear & fossil fuel power, electrogravitic technologies for transportation without roads or collisions or fuel, techniques for neutralizing radioactive material, water transmission, and natural healing devices. Theoretical applications include better understanding of higher dimensions of space and (non-linear) time, as well as a better appreciation of The One Human Race, of its interdimensional ("Divine") nature, of the Oneness of All Life and a broader scope of Human capabilities as relationship overtakes ownership.

My primary motivation for taking this drastic action, as a political and economic nobody subjecting himself to ridicule for even daring and trying to make a difference, is my belief these past eight years that we only have a couple of years or so left to reverse our planet's ozone layer deterioration (which is due primarily to the reduction in ozone attributed to the reduction of molecular oxygen in our atmosphere - ozone is created by sunlight acting on oxygen - from the combined effects of deforestation of the trees which produce oxygen, combined with the combustion of gigantic amounts of oxygen by fossil fuels). The convening scientist at the 1987 IEEE Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO, professed authoritatively that unless this trend was reversed in a major way by 1997, then inevitably this Oxygen Crisis would threaten all life on earth in the next generation because in that time ozone levels would unavoidably decrease to the point where additional unfiltered radiation from the sun would kill all of the one-celled plants (phytoplankton) in the ocean, which are the beginning of the oceanic food-chain and source of over half of earth's oxygen.

How to resolve this Oxygen Crisis? Re-green the planet and move quickly away from fossil fuel power technologies. Since the early 1970's my free lance research as a chemical physicist has enabled me to develop a network with forefront scientists who have discovered and proven around the world in the past 16 years starting in Santa Barbara, California, a new kind of fuel-less over-unity "homopolar" free energy space power interdimensional hyperspace Electric Power Technology to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power as well as all other currently known "alternate" energy technologies. Evidence indicates that this technology has been secretly co-opted by the US military while the information is being suppressed under the guise that "it isn't true because it violates the laws of physics". The laws of physics are being re-written and, as was reported to the United Nations in February of 1992 by eminent planetary scientist Richard Hoagland, experiments also show the way for development of Electro-Gravitic Technologies - which will make even roads and attendant property values obsolete. In short, the choice is between the status quo which leads to Global Ecocide within the next generation, or immediate acceptance of new knowledge of The One Truth which leads to Global Peace Now and prosperity for all life within the next generation.

In addition to stopping the slaughter of the trees, the fastest way to re-green the planet and increase oxygen production to repair the ozone layer is through the widespread cultivation of hemp (the most bio-efficient photosynthesizing plant) which must be re-legalized and re-commercialized for the overall majority of earth's paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicines, chemical feedstocks, building materials, oil, paints, etc. The economics are such that taxes on hemp could retire the national debt and end the need for income taxes.


My primary purpose for this Presidential Campaign (in addition to bringing out to the general public the vital new knowledge is to formally organize an effective Global Peace Movement to further global peace and prosperity while at the same time furthering a network of personal and financial agency services to help create financial independence with a computer assisted information and resource coordination General Agency Service using a Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program called Torak.

Stop Nuclear Testing, Abolish Nuclear Weapons and Power

Reform the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951: Thousands of "dual use" inventions and hundreds of free energy technologies per year are being ordered secret by the US Government under this law and keeping secret the antidote to pollution and global ecocide.
H E M P F O R V I C T O R Y: Re-Legalize & Re-Commercialize Hemp

Spirituality is The Highest Form of Politics

Re-Legalize and then Tax Drugs such as Coca, Opium, Psychedelics, etc.


Know The Truth, Tell The Truth

Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never; Unity in Diversity, All is One

"If I am elected, my first official act will be to pardon Leonard Peltier and invite him to my inauguration following Teddy Roosevelt's precedent in pardoning Geronimo who attended his inauguration"

My second act would be to order an immediate unilateral and permanent end to nuclear testing and nuclear weapons development.

My third act would be to invite religious and spiritual leaders from any and all traditions to come to The White House to offer their prayers and ceremonies for peace and prosperity and a spiritually united nations, especially the native American people whose cultural revival and rights I would champion as President.

I feel that one of the primary responsibilities of the President of the United States is to effectively promote peace, justice, and prosperity among all peoples and nations around the world as well as in America. Clearer understandings can bring harmony among misguided religious practitioners around the world who are presently at severe odds with one another, e.g., Christians, Hindus, Jews, & Moslems.

As an independent candidate seeking no public funds, I am not limited in amounts of my personal money I can spend on this campaign and I can and will commit income I receive personally, including agency or promotional fees from companies or individuals whose interests are in harmony with my goals. One possibility is income available from the tobacco industry which may profit greatly from the re-legalization and commercialization of hemp, earth's premier resource for the overall majority of paper, fiber, food, fuel, chemical feedstocks, medicines, atmospheric oxygen replenishment (and thereby ozone layer repair), etc. Also, medical applications of new human mind understandings, and its relationship to diseases, indicate that tobacco itself is overplayed in terms of disease causation compared to the actual major role of the mind. Another potential major source of such revenue is the production of The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage as the most popular television show ever, based on the format of a moving staging encampment accompanying a long distance peace walk featuring international volunteers with popular public personalities appearing at points en route to lend their draw to the show which will demonstrate and promote a whole new Peace Livery Industry to create jobs from new products embodying The Message & Teachings of Peace.

I need your support and the support of your friends, in my Independent 1996 Candidacy for Election as United States President.

As a chemical-physicist, I believe that biomedical applications of new hyper-dimensional technologies show promise of eliminating most diseases by the year 2000 AD. This belief is from my perspective as author of the four mind/reality equations of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, by which I understand the new clean energy technologies, (tested & proven over the past fifteen years worldwide) Interdimensional Electro-Gravitics to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and help resolve Earth's Oxygen Crisis (de-forestation & combustion have produced critical reductions of atmospheric molecular oxygen levels, causing our protective ozone layer to deteriorate closer to the edge of its capability to survive and to prevent a Global Ecocide starting with the oceans' phytoplankton [half our oxygen source]).

To Resolve The Oxygen Crisis and save all life on earth, we must also re-green the planet quickly. The best plant for this is hemp. Hemp grows biggest and fastest, per drop of water and ray of sunlight, than any other biomass. Since antiquity until a few decades ago, hemp was (and again must become) the superior choice for the overall majority of earth's paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicines, building materials, chemical feedstocks, oil, paint, heat, light, etc. We can eliminate the national debt by taxing hemp instead of people.

The total economy of The Globe will be re-structured in the months to come. You can be a key partner on the ground floor of a New Economic Order imminent consequent to the biggest change in human thinking since Galileo: The Tetronic Age Begins.


****ABORTION morally wrong but have compassion, perpetrators are victims too Replace government funding with alternate sources development

****TAXES tax hemp, energy, drugs

****DRUGS re-legalize and tax all drugs, fund drug education & therapy

****CRIME greatly increase the power of pardon, executive clemency, to aid in correcting people's thinking, especially those previously and presently involved in illegal activities that are maintaining our exploitive society based on rule of law enforced by violence and the threat of violence.

****ECONOMY recommercialize hemp, free energy technologies

****HOMELESSNESS homing teams and devices

****FEDERAL BUDGET & DEFICIT We can dissolve the IRS entirely and go to a flat income tax of 0% by recommercializing and taxing hemp and reforming drug laws to legalize and tax many drugs that are now illegal. The free energy economy coming means the complete restructuring of the global economy. I believe that I am the most qualified candidate to oversee this transition.

STARTLING DISCOVERIES & REVELATIONS hemp, invention secrecy act of 1951, IRS New Understandings of Dimensions of Science: Hyperspace, Hypertime

Special Projects and Programs: