The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage

The Rainbow Peace Walk Movie

Creation Documents (#1) 11May06

Former Working Title: The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage

Announcing Creation of a New “Reality TV Series”

Brief Treatment: (“The Most Popular Television Show Ever!”)

“A True Life Adventure, based on the format of a moving staging encampment that accompanies a long distance peace walk from place to place around the world, with special wardrobe and kits and tenting systems that the walkers use and demonstrate as new peace industry product lines that sponsor the show, with popular public personalities making cameo appearances along the route at the nightly stage presentations to lend their celebrity draw to the show, with international peace walkers representing various cultures and languages showing by example how they get along in peace and harmony, with kitchens featuring the cuisines of the various international cultures represented by the walkers, as a moving demonstration of a culture of peace per mandate of the United Nations 2001-2010 International Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World.”

Call for Cast and Crew to Assemble for Training 15May-13June06

David Crockett Williams, Director, Executive Producer
Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

Projected Shooting Start Dates: Flag Day June 14, 2006
Sacramento, California, Walk Cesar Chavez Park to Capitol Lawn
June 15, Scots Bluff Nebraska City Hall, Walk to Governor’s Office
June 16, Denver Colorado City Hall, Walk to State Capitol
June 21, Colorado Rocky Mountains, Walk to World Peace Prayer Day Ceremony
July 4, Colorado, Walk to World Family ReUnion Noon Hour of Silence Circle
July 17, Second Mesa, Arizona, Walk to Oraibi Wash Hopi Prophecy Ceremony

If you are willing and able to learn and to take and give directions, if you have time to devote in a volunteer apprenticeship program to put this movie company together for production with financing obtained to execute this production, many people with various skills are needed as soon as possible to collaborate by email and telephone and mail, and many people are needed to come right away to the home base production site here in the southern California Sierra foothills for training as cast and crew for this production which has been in pre-production and training and testing phases since 1977, with the initial leg of this walk done under auspices of The Great American Peace Pilgrimage from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica California to meet the Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya in January of 1978.

The producer/director of this “Rainbow Peace Walk Movie” has four years training at Walt Disney Studio in Walt Disney’s motion picture industry apprenticeship program under auspices of the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post 25, from 1959 to 1963, and was during the last year at his age 17 President of the Post/Company. The Rainbow Peace Walk Movie is inspired by Walt Disney’s vision of a theme park featuring villages patterned after various cultures around the world where a walk through the park was like a trip around the world fostering intercultural understanding and friendship.

We need:

Camera Operators, Sound Technicians, Script/Production Supervisors, Grips (set up crew), Lighting Technicians, Property Masters, Directors and Assistant Directors, Producers and Assistant Producers, Kitchen Crew, Drivers, Vehicles, Fabricators (drums, tents, wardrobe, kits), Purchasing Agents, Press Agents, Script Writers capable of studying complex issues and information and rendering simple scripts, and Rainbow Peace Walkers able to learn well and to memorize scripts for presentation to the camera and news media, individuals willing and able to do double-duty as cast and crew, as needed, while learning as many of the above jobs as possible in order to be able to train others to do the same.

Gadgets, Implements, Attractions, New Peace Industry Products:

Human Hive Tetramentation Tenting System, a portable modular thinking tent system for easy living light on the land;

Rainbow Peace Walkers’ wardrobe and kits, for simple easy living lifestyle with “peace livery” items organized for efficient day to day use in peace walk camp environments;

The Rainbow Peace Braids, a special meditation braiding these symbols of the message of peace: “you make it with love and it stands for the message of peace and when everyone in the world has one we will have world peace;”

The Trumpeting Water Pipe Crowd Control Baton, simple ¾” white PVC thick walled water pipe tubing of various lengths, rainbow colored, used as trumpets and mobile crowd control barriers by how they are handled by the Rainbow Peace Walkers;

The Red Cloth Dying Ceremony, white cloth dyed red in special community ceremonies and then used to spread the teaching about The True Ones in Red;

The Rainbow Peace Walk Celestial Drums, hand drums used to accompany peace chants, mantras, and slogans voiced by the peace walkers while walking and conducting ceremonies en route.

“If you have the mind and the time,” let us work together to manifest this Rainbow Peace Walk Movie 2006 for “Global Peace Now!”.

Come on down to Paradise Valley Movie Ranch and be welcomed home for a new lifestyle as a teacher and movie star of the Rainbow Peace Walk Movie.

Everyone Welcome,
Everything Free,
All Donations Accepted,
For the cause of true peace
with harmony among all life
and free natural abundance as
Paradise on Earth!

David Crockett Williams
5/11/2006 6:20 AM PDT

Dennis Banks explains where and how he first heard the drumming and chanting of Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo by Nipponzan Myohoji monks 60 years ago while in the military. Here is a video posted recently about the Sacred Run 2006 interviewing Dennis Banks who was, like Gandhi from India, the first person from this continent to appreciate Fujii Guruji. –
Video online to view at above url
Dennis Banks: Sacred Run - A Film by Rebecca MacNeice
Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement, organized the first Sacred Run across the country 28 years ago. The run is a staggered event that covers the country by foot between February 11th and April 22nd, ending in Washington, DC, on Earth Day. Along the way, the core group of runners is joined intermittently by other walkers and runners. This year's closing ceremony was held at the Lincoln Memorial. Banks has always been accompanied by Buddhist monks from the Nipponzan Myohoji sect.

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