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Rally to End Secrecy (Science/UFO/Secrecy Policies Reform),

CSETI site documenting application of advanced science to covert development of advanced electromagnetic weaponry instead of vital peacefule purposes

Books on hemp and free energy

New H.A.A.R.P. Video

Check out details on the April 29 to May 1, 1999 Conference on Future Energy in Washington, DC!!

Bruce DePalma's Research and Evaluations

Institute for New Energy (Many new-science links)

The Hemp Industries Association

National Organization to Reform [Hemp] Marijuana Laws

Proposition One for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace Through Reason

Rally to End Secrecy, October 24, 1999

Adam Trombly: Project Earth, Environmental Crisis Information

March for Peaceful Energy, October 24th, 1999, (and 1998 DCW speaker)

Chris Conrad (B.A.C.H.) Hemp/Cannabis Information & Books

Jack Herer (H.E.M.P.) History of Hemp/Cannabis/Marijuana & Uses

Media Awareness Project, to Stop the Drug War

Internet Science Education Project

Infinite Energy Magazine

Macronet, Progressive Information Clearing House, many links

Dr. Brian O'Leary, New Energy, UFO's, Physics of Consciousness and Healing

Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr., covert electomagnetic weapons and the need to relax government secrecy to prevent a Third World War and make new peaceful energy technologies availabe

Michael C. Ruppert, former Los Angeles Police Department narcotics investigator, research on CIA Inspector General's Report Volume2 and CIA complicity in hard drug smuggling, targeting African American populations, to fund covert wars including connections to Kososvo crisis, see

CIA Drugs Overview, see

Silkworm Peace Foundation, founded by Hiroshima A-Bomb survivor Thomas Takashi Tanemori

Rolling Thunder Annual Memorial Day Gathering of motocycles in Washington, DC, and addressing the Gulf War Veterans mysterious illnesses

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