November 18, 2013, Email Letter of Introduction to Potential Applications of the Tetron Thesis Including Possible Fukushima Nuclear Remediation

From: David C Williams
To: Richard C Hoagland
Cc: Office of His Holiness Dalai Lama - Dharamsala India;
Reverend Yusen Yamato;
Traditional Hopi Nation Elders - Shungopavi Village;
Office of Tibet;
Dalai Lama Foundation;
Nipponzan Myohoji - Atlanta Dojo;
New Energy Movement;
Foster Gamble - Thrive Movement;
Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM);
Mark Ward - Webmaster;
Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse - attn: Paulah Horn
Date: November 18, 2013
Subject: towards Thriving, Fukushima solutions, "observership" spiritual vs physics views FW: Advaita meets Physics ◦ Complete Interview with Mooji ◦ January 2013

Dear Richard, and All My Relations,

In June 1997, I organized an event at UCSB as a briefing for the first science adviser to His Holiness Dalai Lama, Dr. Robert Livingstone, on the theme of comparing ancient knowledge from indigenous cultures with that of Buddhism and with the forefront new science represented by the new clean “free energy” technologies such as per the experiments and discoveries of Bruce DePalma. I got a faxed letter then from HH Dalai Lama’s secretary indicating His Holiness’ keen interest in this topic of the nearly limitless “energy field of space itself” –- which these technologies apparently tap into to produce electricity and/or heat as “free energy” –- this “field” that may be what in Buddhism is called “the void”, or “the emptiness”, the Mu in the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo “medicine word” mantra/prayer.

These new clean “free energy technologies” were discussed in depth at an international “Breakthrough Energy” conference in Colorado last month and are featured in the 2011 movie called Thrive which may be watched free online and includes comments on this topic by Adam Trombly of Project Earth which he founded with Buckminster Fuller. , ,

I recently signed onto the Thrive Movement website as a coordinator in Santa Barbara California and would like to suggest, since you are the science adviser to the globally popular Coast to Coast Radio Network (the most listened to overnight radio program in North America, that some in your network might want to also use this tool which I see as a step towards fulfilling my own “purpose in life” of unifying disparate religious belifs in The One Truth and seeing the various religious prophecies fulfilled about the coming of paradise on Earth, by promoting a “psibernetics program” called Torahk which I have believed since June 24, 1973, exists online in future and is broadcasting a “cybernetic guidebeam signal” back in time to help us get to this future condition for our planet Earth as certain others “tune in” to its “frequency/channel” mentally. --

I already wrote you about a week of similar events that I organized in January 1990 in Santa Barbara -- with our mutual friend traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, events that included participation by Bruce DePalma and Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist monks, including my close friend since 1978 the Reverend Yusen Yamato from Japan’s oldest zen temple (now living in Taos NM to build a stupa there) who was the liaison on several occasions bringing Banyacya together with HH Dalai Lama including the Kalachakra Ceremony in New York City in October 1991 after which Banycaya finally “knocked the 4th time” at the door of the “House of Mica” and it opened -- events which were recorded where a 2hr edit of the 20 hours of videos is on youtube at this link including a narrative at the end of it by actor Jon Voigt explaining that Hopi Prophecy about the House of Mica which you and I saw fulfilled on December 12, 1992, at the United Nations, the Rainbow Uprising Campaign initiation video at

My remembrance of Banyacya with the text of the Hopi Declaration of Peace is at .

In one of your previous emails you asked me to send you any equations I can offer in a workup regarding possible explanation of the results of DePalma's experiments, since they are not yet generally accepted as real by the contemporary “scientific establishment” because they so radically contradict generally accepted theories in physics, still today, , , and yet you understand and write about how DePalma’s results may be explainable via “hyperdimensional physics theory” and “torsion field physics theory” which help you explain even anomalies observed during astronomical events such as a solar eclipse:

The reason DePalma’s experimental results “rang the bell of truth” in my intuitive mind, when I first encountered them and him in May 1979, is because any rotating object would similarly have a vector “orientated relative to the observer” per its axis of rotation and the corresponding torque vector direction along that axis of rotation, just as does the C (the vector velocity of light at the root of my Tetron equations) in E=mC^2, which, by definition as a vector, must have an “orientation relative to the observer” and not just an orientation relative to an “objective reality reference frame”. So C, I believe, is key to understanding what many recognize as the “relative nature of reality” extant due the consciousness relationship of mind between the observer’s relative identity and the system of reality observed.

This relative nature of reality, the relationship of one to all, is also depicted in the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota indigenous peoples’ prayer, “Mitakuye Oayasin”, generally transliterated as “All My Relations”.

The only equations I have written to explain my Tetron thesis idea are depicted in my wife’s portrait of me, below which is posted a description of what they are trying to represent, at this link: --- keeping in mind that I only have a BS degree (albeit with honors) in Chemistry, so my mathematics knowledge is limited by that, meaning others in collaboration in future may be much better able to refine that crude attempt at a mathematical representation of The One Law.

At the following link there is a video of a physics PhD discussing what is to me “the key issue” of “observer relationship to observed” (what famous theoretical physicist John Wheeler in 1980 called “observership”) with a Yogi named Mooji at his ashram in Portugal. It appears this was an interview with a group of serious science graduate students from a university in Portugal, based on their accents and comments, is my guess.

That young physicist very well explains in technical terms the principle unsolved problem at the forefront of modern physics, this “observership” concept which I believe my Tetron thesis addresses: How to quantify the consciousness factor dynamics of the relationship of mind between observer and observed in order to “control” experiments for this “mind over matter” property of “observership”, as evidenced for example by the more scientifically accepted paranormal abilities of Uri Geller and the Geller effect which have been evaluated by theoretical physicists like Jack Sarfatti since the 1970’s in cooperation with US intelligence agencies. Sarfatti had a childhood experience convincing him of “a future to present causation principle”, which is incorporated into his physics, analogous to my unexpected clairaudient experience of the sound of Torahk in 1973. .

My Tetron thesis, which I have also called the Tetron natural unified field theory (where the “unified field” might be understandable as a field of consciousness) is really a trivial concept that would be classified by most “experts” like Sarfatti as deep pseudoscience, but in my view it is an important concept that means, to understand the real picture, anywhere that C (velocity of light) appears in any current equations describing physical reality, those equations need to be modified to include the C subscript “psi” that represents the “relative identity of the observer” which I believe can be objectively quantified by methods and tools such as Graphoanalysis ( ) and modern instrumentation properly interpreted.

Setting aside for the moment what the Hopi Elders say, supported by what your team have discovered, about lost ancient knowledge and our independent “rediscovery” of some of it, what this Tetron thesis, in my view, uniquely represents is an attempted mathematical depiction of the “egocentric nature of reality”, where, by that I mean the next stage in a (re)evolution of western science from the “reasonable nature of reality” that started with Galileo after a period of Church-enforced belief-based understanding of the nature of reality, the geocentric nature of the universe for example, to Einstein whose work on “relativity theory” has been extrapolated to try and explain the “relative nature of reality”, vs Heisenberg and extrapolations of his “uncertainty principle” that have imbued a sense of an “uncertain nature of reality”.

This contrasts with the observation that all spiritual teachings of every culture commonly attempt to explain the duality between the “oneness of all” and how this “oneness” is “split” into the realities that each individual observes, arguably through the lens of each person’s “mind” where “mind” in Buddhism is considered a block or filter that inhibits innate universal intelligence from being freely perceived by the observer. All humans intuitively know from childhood that “reality is egocentric”, that they are the center of their own universe, yet the rest of their life is spent under the ignoring influence of societal conditioning denying this fact, thusly creating numerous psychological problems relating to denial of truth that society faces today.

From another angle, again referring to “western civilization” (which Gandhi said “would be a wonderful idea”) this represents a transition in the human understanding of the nature of truth itself, from the Church-enforced “belief-based” definition of truth prior to Galileo, to the reasonable nature of truth, to the relative nature of truth, to the uncertain nature of truth, to an attempt to depict mathematically in the Tetron equations the “absolute nature of truth”.

This is why I believe that all interpretations based on extrapolations of the uncertainty principle are inadequate models, that quantum physics interpretations of real systems based on the uncertainty principle (and the conceptions from it describing this energy field of space as “zero point energy” due to fluctuations in the quantum vacuum flux) are misleading, where my Zen teacher Yamato and I agree -- that the mind is so powerful that even things like “new subatomic particles” that scientists think they are “discovering” and only “observing” –- in actuality they are unknowingly creating these physical things, by the renegade applied power of their minds. Unaware of what this Tetron principle of the human mind’s consciousness orientation function of light is trying to describe, they are unable to control their experiments for this “consciousness factor”. You yourself have observed and documented this principle in your measurements using the Accutron tuning fork showing frequency variations created “at will”, ie, via human consciousness orientation and the power of the mind.

This power of the mind to directly influence physical reality is perhaps nowhere better documented, yet not understood, than in the direct materialization of matter from nothing, from the void, as performed routinely by Sri Sathya Sai Baba during his lifetime, which I witnessed in person in 1996 as described in my story at this link including the photograph of Jesus Christ at age 29 that the Baba produced on several occasions “paranormally”.

Unless and until we can firmly establish experimental protocols that control experiments for this “observership” effect, how can we rely on their results, or know the truth of conflicting results such as whether C is really a constant value?

My view is that after what this Tetron principle is trying to describe is widely understood and accepted, then automatically the mind of humankind will be harmonized with the natural order with the result of the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth, in direct fulfillment of the related Hopi Prophecy and also the Buddhist prophecy about manifesting “Pure Land” on Earth in these times, what Foster Gamble in his movie calls the goal of an Earth where all life “thrives”.

Understanding “what I am getting at here” may take a person becoming aware of the significance of acausal “coincidences/synchronicities” that I have experienced along the way, during and since the key period of August 1974 to April 28, 1977, when the four equations of my Tetron “theory” were developed while my understanding evolved about the fulfillment of the Hopi Prophecy about the “true white brother” (bringing many new inventions) with two helpers who use specific symbols like the Tibetan and Japanese Buddhists do, as explained in my crudely written 15 year old summary posted at

The intent of these equations is to mathematically depict The One Law, the “Inviolably Sovereign Universal Law” that is also depicted in religion: [1] as the Torah of Judaism about which the book by that name is written, the inviolable law of the universe that even God must follow in his operation in the world and cannot contradict (by which all things happen in accord, by definition); [2] as the Myo-Ho (inscrutable cosmic law) Dharma/Karma (by which all things happen in accord, by definition) depicted by the Lotus Sutra of Buddhism and central to the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo medicine word mantra; and [3] as the “Will of God” in Islam (by which all things happen in accord, by definition) via the Arabic language and culture, as language and culture structure each human’s mind.

“Coincidentally”, the main admonitional prayer of Islam has 7 syllables with the second one a half beat in its pronunciation and chanting, leh ihl leh heh ihl Al lah (transliterated as “there is no god but The One God”), which has the same cadence and number of syllables as the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo (analogously interpretable as “there is no law but The One Law”).

It is my conviction that even those in power in the world who are “creating all the problems”, the super rich and powerful banksters and conscienceless industrialists, will also come to peace and harmony with all life and help correct the problems after their change of mind (awakening to the nature of The One Truth and The One Law) because of the more exciting and rewarding Power of love and creativity that they can effect with their resources using this corrected understanding of how the human mind works. The life and works of the Sai Baba are a classic example of how much more Powerful is love than fear.

I hope this email gives you and those cc above a useful introduction to my thinking on this issue of the physics of consciousness, which I believe also addresses your important point in some of your recent lectures explaining how seemingly “irreconcilable differences” in understandings about the nature of God -- between cultures with their own different languages and “definitions” of God in those languages –- appear to be the main obstacle in overcoming NASA secrecy to more publicly release the startling information you are researching and presenting to the public as posted on your website at

To address “The God Issue” head-on here, it is noteworthy to mention a quote from the Bagawan Swami, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whose messages make frequent use of terms for God in his language and by that word in English -- as for example when he actually shouted at me in our group’s September 28, 1996, interview, “You are God!”, to admonish me for saying that I was doing science research (followed sweetly and humorously by “Research?? … God??”) -- but who also is quoted in at least one instance as saying, “without the mind, even God would not exist” (apparently transliterated from his language so care is in order to interpret), meaning to me that even the “function of God” is a property of the mind, where each culture and language that defines/explains a divine or supreme creator-being has created their (meta)physical “God program” by which “their God” works/operates. So the principle of how God works is identical for all, The One God, but the details of how God works for individuals also depends on factors of observer relative identity such as understanding and belief empowering the operation of their respective “God program” in their minds and lives. In my view it is not a question of the undeniable reality that “God Exists”, because so many people believe in God, but how does it work for each person.

Since Buddhism does not explain reality in terms of a creator God, my view above seems to be supported by the increasing number of Buddhist monks from Tibet and other places who visited the Baba (recognizing him as the Sai Buddha while Hindus recognized him as the Sai Avatar incarnation of God, many Jews recognizing him as their Messiah, Moslems their Mehdi, Christians their returned Christ) to conduct ceremony and prayer in his last years in that human form, especially on the occasion of the birthday anniversaries of the original human being who first espoused the teachings of/as Buddha 2500 years ago and left his prophecies and teachings for this time for the purification of mind needed to bring Pure Land to the Earth and end the predicted difficulties of this current “Era of the Decay of The Law” called Mappo, to begin a golden age of peace and harmony among all life, very similar to the prediction of the Hopi Prophecy as related over 5 decades by our dear friend Banyacya.

Of course, Buddhism teaches that our physical reality itself is just an illusion that our mind creates, compared to “who we really are” -- infinite consciousness fooled into thinking we are the humans we are named as ;-)

I called the Tetron insight as trivial because without even any “education” many people, including those of indigenous cultures without even a written language such as the Hopi and other tribes/indigenous-nations, already have an innate understanding of the natural world and its life forms, imparted by their traditional cultures, enjoying even communications between species such as exemplified and demonstrated in this touching video about a woman known as the animal communicator:

However, if my predictions about the applications of this Tetron understanding are correct, then there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, regarding solutions to some of our most serious problems today such as the radiation dangers threatening life on Earth from nuclear accidents like the one still ongoing in Fukushima Japan.

My written predictions during my June-August 1976 visit to the Hopi land included these fuel-less energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and their dangers, also what I then called “electro-gravi-magnetic levitation” fuel-less transportation technologies, the water transmitter to transmit water “over the airwaves like radio”, and technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes, first as onsite (inside the black box) type devices and then technologies with the ability to neutralize radioactive materials anywhere remotely. At that time I had not yet even heard about the “free energy” discoveries over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla, or studied the work of Trevor Constable enabling precipitation of rain from this “energy field in space itself” -- the energy field which DePalma mechanically discovered from his experiments on non-magnetized rotating objects which in my view was starting to fulfill my predictions of 3 years before I met him. I had not yet then heard of any of the researchers whose work in this area has been compiled by Gary Vesperman including the so-called anti-gravity technologies and technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes as per index at: .

After opening email communications with you only this past week, after your work was first brought to my attention by Bruce DePalma in early 1992 shortly before he expatriated to Australia in fear for his life over his discovery and proof of concept in Santa Barbara of his n-Machine as a possible technology to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, I would be delighted to collaborate with you and your Enterprise Mission Team to explore these ideas for practical applications, should you find sufficient merit and truth in them.

I will close this letter now with perhaps my most important offering, another “medicine word” to help by its general pronunciation to heal the mind of humankind and bring it into harmony with the natural order….

“Torahkuhm” – The Law Stands Up (in Hebrew language) -- revealed to me on May 5, 1976, as described in my narrative referenced above at

Many Thanks and Much Love!

Sincerely Yours for Empty-Mindedness,

Love All, Serve All

All My Relations


aka David C Williams, Jr (III) (since dob 5-17-45)
Global Emergency Alert Response
aka Karma Tsering Thrchen, since 1977
aka Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah, since 1961


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