Letter from the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri

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Office of the Mayor

Emanuel Cleaver II, Mayor

29th Floor, City Hall
414 E. 12th St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64106-2778

(816) 274-2595
Fax: (816) 274-1991

March 24, 1995

Global Peace Walk Project '95

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, it is my honor and privilege as Mayor to offer an official welcome and my whole hearted support to the organizers and participants of the

Global Peace Walk Project

which is passing through Kansas City, Missouri, on March 24, 1995.

This project, taking place in conjunction with the United Nations 50th Anniversary and the U.N.'s declaration of the Decade of Indigenous people is an important national and international event. Kansas City, home of President Harry S. Truman under whose leadership the United Nations was founded at the conclusion of World War II, is proud that the organizers of the Global Peace Walk Project chose to visit our community. The citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, are dedicated to the spirit of peace, tolerance and understanding.

It is my sincere hope that as the Global Peace Walk Project continues across our nation, you will feel a ground swell of support and dedication from the American people to the principles of peace and non-violence. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your journey,



Emanuel Cleaver II


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