Letter from Islamic Center of Central Missouri

Retyped text of letter from the Islamic Center of Central Missouri, Inc. ----

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

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Islamic Center of Central Missouri, Inc.
201 South Fifth - P.O. Box 1241 - Columbia, Missouri 65205
(314) 875-4633

March 14,1995

Global Peace Walk Project
1827 Haight Street, Suite #85
San Francisco, CA 94117

The Global Peace Walk Project '95:

One thousand four hundred and fifteen (1415) years ago, Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) delivered the message of the Oneness and worship of Allah
(God) and the cardinal principles of Peace, Justice, Unity, and Equality of
humanity. Islam is a religion of and propagates peace. The greeting of Muslims
is "Salaam" (peace)

The Muslims in Columbia are, therefore, happy to know that the United Nations'
50th Anniversary "GLOBAL PEACE WALK '95" strives to foster peaceful co-
existence among the peoples of the world.

As you march towards San Francisco, we want you to remember the Islamic
greetings of "PEACE" and hope that we, all, are successful in attaining peace in
the world.

Good luck.


Omar Al-Swailem
ICCM Cultural Officer

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