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22Nov03 Summary Status Report Pending American Scientific Revolution
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22Nov03 Open Letter: Sen. Kennedy, Gov. Schwarzenegger, New Energy Sci-Tech

24Nov03 The ConScience Solution Global Peace Plan
Science is a "Con" -- Conscience is "against Science with knowledge"

Paramahamsa Tewari on correcting pathological science and the Tetron Theory

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[Note of 19Nov03:] The below writeup was first posted March 19, 1999, shortly after I "connected" with Dr. Sarfatti on the Internet after seeing his email address in a cc from one of my correspondants and remembering his name from the U.C. Berkeley Ph.D. thesis in Parapsychology by Jeffrey Mishlove published as a book in 1975 titled "The Roots of Consciousness."

The below was basically edited from Jack's website, and some articles found on the web about him, and sent to him as an introduction of my understanding of his overall work from those sources. He responded with an unsolicited offer to send me fifty dollars for writing it, as an gesture of his appreciation of my understanding.

For the next two years I mainly "listened" on his Internet list and asked clarification questions, to which he generally responded collegially to me and copying to his list with answers to my questions, as per his usual "Internet Science Education Project" style, which seemed to help all of us better understand what he had in mind.

When I later started asking questions relating to the understanding of consciousness per my long years study and spritual practices, he became very critical and has repeatedly labeled my views as "new age psychobabble" and "pseudoscience" since then.

When I saw the above cartoon in the paper I immediately thought of him and other scientists who quote, but don't apparently agree with, Einstein's criticism of the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle, ie, that "God does not play dice with The Universe," indicating Einstein's firm belief in the existence of an operating principle or "natural law" by which "all physical systems dynamics operate with 100% certaintly," what Einstein believed to be understandable and describable by the language of math used in science as a "unified field theory to describe all of physical reality with a simple set of equations which apply in all cases in all times and all places with a probability of one".

Those who subscribe to Heisenburg's view instead (that there is no absolute nature of truth itself, only higher and higher probabilities that a given prediction will match what actually happens) will be uncertain if the above cartoon is true or funny.

[end note of 19Nov03]

See DCW 16Nov03 University of Maryland College Park overture mentioning Dr. Sarfatti at:

And see 10Sep01 DCW first formal lecture on his Tetron Thesis, at his alma mater CSUN, also mentioning Dr. Sarfatti, at:

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Please see as a starting point for information on today's most important story about the future of science and human consciouness in the 21st century. Links there will introduce you to the cutting edge scientific research, taking the fiction out of science fiction, represented by Dr. Jack Sarfatti, physicist and President of the Internet Science Education Project, in collaboration with leading scientists on the verge of implementing real-life "Star Trek" technologies, some of whose implications offer the way to clean up our minds, societies and planet for a future of global peace and prosperity.

Studying credible scientific and technological concepts that will lead to propulsion breakthroughs and paradigm changes in physics needed for practical interstellar travel, IESP research includes the fundamental physics of space-time, motion, forces, and energy exchange; possible coupling between electromagnetism, inertia, gravitation and consciousness; creation or modification of general relativistic spacetime toplogies; Zero Point Energy properties of the quantum vacuum that may prove to be useful for propulsion, energy generation and neutralizing radioactive wastes. (ZPE was just last year publicly acknowledged by the DOE in its Comprehensive National Energy Strategy {CNES} introduced to Congress by President Clinton).

ISEP is applying this new knowledge to understanding the fundamental nature of space-time and beyond, the fundamental physical nature of consciousness, elimination of disease and extension of human life, development of practical interstellar travel, elimination of human related environmental damage, development of non-polluting, inexhaustible energy sources, and the development of practical nanotechnology leading to the evolution of conscious post-quantum computers.

Website excerpts:

The great synthesis, already intuited by Roger Penrose is the precise connection between consciousness and the gravitational field. The clue is in the anomalous acceleration of our apparently ever-expanding universe, and [Sarfatti's] discovery of how this expansion of 3D space at the cosmological scale generates our conscious experiences at the mesoscopic and nanoscale via the post-quantum back-reaction equation

T(Orch) = 1/HN
H = Hubble's constant

N = the entanglement complexity number of the sentient post-quantum computing network

The practical deployment of post-quantum physics into nano-engineering will literally "make Star Trek real" with "practical propellantless propulsion" ( of our vehicles "Ad Astra" and beyond. "Make it so."
[link to this amazing site from above url after review]

Sarfatti's Cave is the name I'll give to the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, where Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. in physics, writes his poetry, evokes his mystical, miracle-working ancestors, and has conducted a several-decade-long seminar on the nature of reality... to a rapt succession of espresso scholars. He sings Gilbert and Sullivan songs. With ample charm and boyish smiles he issues nonnegotiable demands ... It's Jack Sarfatti against the world, and he is indomitable.

One of his soaring theories is that things which have not happened yet can cause events in the present .... Obviously this has consequences for prediction, the nature of causality, our conceptions of logic. ...

He has published papers in respectable physics journals. His poetry is widely photocopied. His correspondence with the great in several fields is voluminous, recorded on computer disks. Cornell University BA., University of California Ph.D., his credentials are impeccable.

Following is a quotation from a lecture given to a San Francisco State University physics seminar:

by Dr. Jack Sarfatti

... the universe is created by intelligent design but the Designer lives in our far future and has evolved from us ...

Perhaps all of the works of cultural genius, from the music of Mozart to the
physics of Einstein, have their real origin in the future. The genius may be a real psychic channeler whose mind is open to telepathic messages from the future. The genius must be well trained in his or her craft and intellectually disciplined with the integrity of the warrior in order to properly decode the quantum signals from the future. The purpose of our existence would then be to ensure, not only the creation of life on earth, but the creation of the big bang itself! We obviously cannot fail since the universe cannot have come into existence without us in this extreme example of Borgesian quantum solipsism. Existentialism is wrong because it is an incorrect extrapolation of the old physics. Breton's surrealism, with its Jungian idea of meaningful coincidence, is closer to the truth. This would then be the final secret of the Illuminati - that charismatic chain of adepts in quixotic quest of their "Impossible Dream" of the Grail. Enough of my subjective vision. Now on to the objective physics....

[end excerpts]

Thank you for considering these few ramifications of this Story of The Century,

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