May I introduce myself?

May I introduce myself by sharing one of my favorite projects for the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth? I take my responsibility as executive producer of paradise psibernetics productions to be the success of "The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage" as a popular worldwide television show about a true life adventure - long distance peace walks with accompanying staging encampments that feature appearances by popular and newly emerging public personalities. This major project has been in preparation for five years and will start with a route from Santa Barbara to a certain spot on the Black Mesa of northeastern Arizona. As a true life adventure, these peace walks will promote an interest in the one law by which nature and science operate in the world.

My own interest in understanding this true one law has taken me through religious experiences which established my role in a rainbow peace movement to bring respect for true one law to the mind of the people as the basis for the relationship of our family of life.

My primary responsibility is to correct the mind of science from the respect of chance and probability to the respect of the certainty of true one law. This I do by the teaching of tetron natural unified field theory to describe the operation of the true one law in this mathematical model of the chemical physics of human consciousness itself.

Each human being observes reality from the position, or point of view, of the relative identity of that observer. The quality of understandings, agreements, relationships, and especially communications between human beings is improved greatly by correct perception of conditioned differences in observer relative identity.

To measure the biological variables of relative identity, specific measurement parameters may be employed such as in biofeedback test monitoring of brain rhythms, galvanic skin resistance, and electro-photography of body energy emissions. Family history, education, training, and experience variables of relative identity are correlated in history comparisons. The mentation mode variable of relative identity is evaluated quantitatively from statistical analysis of variations in several dozen parameters of the graphics of personal holography (experimentally controlled handwriting).

To increase human understanding, relative identity readings and personal holograph analyses are conducted on a pre-arranged basis either for fee, free, or donation. General Agency Services is a general financial agency service available through individual contracts. Please telephone for discussion, appointment, class, or speaking engagement.

--------end retyped document dated circa Spring 1982

For more information on the process and method of holographic personal relative identity qualification, quantification and analysis from handwriting, the empirical scientific system of Graphoanalysis, see: