Summary Introduction to David Crockett Williams

David Crockett Williams, Jr (III) B.S., C.L.U.
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1969 CSUN (with honors)
Chartered Life Underwriter
Practicing Graphoanalyst
Developing a Global Emergency Alert Response for the 21st Century, since 1998
Santa Barbara California Thrive Movement Local Coordinator

If you want to support me in my work, please consider accepting and sharing the following recommendations for your benefit:

My Open Source Learning Management Consultant services to help you create and deliver your online courses, recommending the free and open source Moodle Learning Management System based on seven years experience with one of the largest Moodle commercial partners providing globally authorized support services. I represented over 200 clients including Google's Legal Department, Santa Barbara City College, Bank of America, Subaru USA, UCLA, UCSF, University of Florida, Texas State Technical Colleges, Laerdal Pharmaceuticals, as well as some of the largest school districts nationally like Houston ISD and Dallas ISD, providing hosting, training, and support services for Moodle as manager of their accounts.

Click here for an introduction to my mission since 1974 to correct the mind of science into harmony with natural law, the inviolable True One Law by which all of reality operates, with applications for proven but suppressed technologies to access space power for energy and transportation as well as for nuclear remediation and primordial water remote access.

The technologies I have been predicting per my Tetron theory since 1976 are largely now available but not yet utilized due to suppression by competing monopolies including the war industry, and due lack of understanding of the "mind-matter factor" that my "theory" explains.

Here are some ideas and products and services that I use and recommend that can help you and your friends and family, as well as help finance me in my scientific activism for global peace, health, and prosperity.

Do you worry about the quality of your drinking water at home?
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Recommending becoming a student of Freedom Law School
Freedom Education – Preparation – Assistance – Representation
IRS – State Tax Agencies – Traffic Tickets – Police & Bureaucratic Abuse
“Freedom is not free; the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”
Knowledge is Power
See Aaron Russo's last movie for why we need this kind of legal education and help movement today.
A few more examples of "what freedom seems to be up against" may be found here.

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Doc Wallach’s six decades of expertise on health and longevity, as the discoverer of the 90 essential nutrients - which include 60 essential minerals - that the body cannot make and are needed for a healthy long human life, research conducted under a $25 million grant over 12 years research (1960's-70's) at the US National Institutes for Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention at Emory University in Atlanta, as a veterinarian and pathologist (and natureopathic physician since 1978), has resulted in the elimination of over 900 diseases in animals over the past 50 years by using nutritional supplements alone! This knowledge resulted from his doing over 20,000 autopsies and lab pathologies on over 450 species of animals who died of "natural causes", including human beings. He found they all died from one nutritional deficiency disease or another, including humans who lived to over age 100 which anyone can by using proper supplements daily, since all 90 essential nutrients cannot be obtained from diet alone.

Isn't it past time to overcome the ineffective Medical Doctor and AMA monopoly and take control of our own health?

Isn't getting and staying healthy better than insurance to pay MD's to treat but not cure diseases?

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My article on the related American Medical Revolution

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What You Should Be Doing Now to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Radiation
(Saturate Your Body With Protective Vitamins and Minerals)
The above Global Research article of November 10, 2013, explains how nutritional supplements help prevent absorption of their
radioactive counterparts, a topic covered more authoritatively in depth in Dr. Wallach's book Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures

I have been using these supplements daily since 2012 and it feels like I have gotten ten years younger than my 69 years as a result!

Because of my chemistry background, after a few months experience taking these supplements, after recognizing that I did not even know that I could feel so good, that is when I "got the message". As a result I got so excited to share the information about these health benefits that I took my accumulated vacation and sick leave from my employer and planned a cross country walk to promote Doc Wallach's 90forLife message and the Youngevity supplements and related part-time home-based business opportunity. But that plan had to be aborted after three months work due to running out of money and factors beyond my control, resulting in my retirement from that good paying job to the chagrin of my family from which I am only now recovering, as explained here.

Thanks for supporting my science outreach to address remedies for the Fukushima nuclear dangers, wars over oil and uranium, and more.

Your support of my independent scientific activism will help the needed fruition of this work for the direct cause of true peace, health, harmony and prosperity for all.

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Many Thanks and Much Love!