Harrisburg Mayor's Letter

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[City Seal] [reads: The City of Harrisburg - Pennsylvania - Incorporated March 19, 1860]

Office of The Mayor

The City of Harrisburg

Stephen R. Reed

25 January, 1995

The "Global Peace Walk Project"
1827 Haight Street, Suite 85
San Francisco, California 94117

Dear Peace Activists,

On behalf of the citizens throughout the Capitol Region we take special pride in welcoming the members of the 1995 Global Peace Walk Project to the City of Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania.

While the end of the Cold War has significantly reduced global tensions, regional, ethnic and political differences continue to threaten the lives and welfare of millions throughout the world. From Bosnia to Chechnya, Rwanda to the mountains of Mexico, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are in serious danger.

It is vitally important that citizens throughout the world remain vigilant to these dynamics of destruction and act to prevent needless loss of life and despair.

We salute the members of the Global Peace Walk Project for their dedication, vision, and commitment to preserving world peace and a better world for all. I am

Yours sincerely,


Stephen R. Reed

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