The Green Energy Revolution

Inviting Green Energy Revolution activists to use The Great Warming movie offering climate change solutions

Dear Friends and fellow peace and environment activists;


Narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves

For those of us interested in supporting our climate stabilization activism with an income, by offering a way for individuals to help address the problem, by saving money on their energy bills while at the same time “greening” their homes and vehicles with products that also cut pollutions and carbon dioxide emissions:

Please check out my new website below and also the site above for the new movie coming out, a Canadian documentary being release in US theaters in late October where you can go to your local showings and hand out literature, email folks until then to promote the film, “the best documentary on global warming ever made”, and make a big difference to folks interested in substantially lowering their electricity and gasoline bills by referring them to my new website below for more details.

This is a great opportunity to foment the “Green Power Revolution” to open the minds of the public to how we can take personal actions to solve global warming while saving money on energy bills at the same time. A classic win-win approach which can pay the activists a good income while fomenting this “Energy Revolution” for global climate stabilization, for those with the inclination to develop a part time green energy referral business in their spare time.

Those who want to take advantage of this themselves can buy products from such a customized website as my new one below, to cut their energy costs by more than the cost of the products for homes, businesses and vehicles. Those who want to get involved in this grassroots climate crisis remedy “clean power products” referral distribution network can also sign on to get their own customized website like mine below where folks can purchase these products and also sign on as energy consultants to offer these products through their own analogous customized website for very little cost and the good feeling of making their homes and vehicles “carbon neutral” by using the “green tag” renewable energy certificates that help fund future wind turbines and offset the pollutions from our homes and vehicles.

Experts have figured out that the wind power in the Midwest alone, if harnessed would replace all of the coal and oil and gas fired and nuclear power plants in the country, and also produce enough hydrogen to run all our vehicles nationally by electrolyzing water with the extra wind generated electricity, in fact THREE TIMES OVER!

In my case, after decades of volunteer full time activism in the peace, justice, and environment movement, my situation changed a month ago and I moved back to Tehachapi with the need to get some income happening. I put out this word and a friend with the New Energy Movement organization who knows the people behind the Krystal Planet energy companies referred this group to me just like I am doing to you now. I checked it out and signed on to help them develop this networking program nationally, and in my local area especially in California where it is fairly new, after their few years of operation offering green tags, solar, wind, and hydrogen power systems as well as a host of devices, one guaranteed to cut vehicle fuel consumption by at least 10% with less pollution and more power, another guaranteed to cut home and business electricity usage and bills at least 10%, and most of the time much more on each, towards home and business clean energy self sufficiency.

This film has several national corporate sponsors including our Krystal Planet energy companies and the Swiss Re reinsurance company, as well as a number of nonprofit sponsors and endorsers including Friends of the Earth, Earth Day Network, Union of Concerned Scientists, USCAN Climate Action Network, Climate Institute, Environmental Energy Study Institute, World Affairs Council, the Climate Trust, and also a number of faith based groups such as the National Council of Churches, Earth Ministry, Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Association for Religion and Ecology. Along with the scientists and climate movement leaders interviewed in this film is also an officer of the National Association of Evangelicals.

The film is beautifully shot in eight countries on four continents and its US national debut is coming up in about two months. This is a great focus to share by forwarding this message to your contacts and activists lists to see the suggestions and resources on the movie website, and also on my new site below where folks can join my team nationally to help with this campaign and finally put some green energy behind our dedicated activism on this and related issues.

Thanks for sharing this information with your friends and networks as soon as possible to get the buzz going for success of awakening the American public to the problems and solutions associated with our climate crisis by seeing and studying The Great Warming movie and its website.

Here in Tehachapi our local theater owner booked “The Great Warming” for Saturday October 21 when at his suggestion we will also have a Community Energy Expo in the parking lot behind the theater with booths and exhibits on this theme, as well as a few brief speakers in the theater before and after the movie including a report from the New Energy Movement on their conference next month near Washington DC.

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David Crockett Williams
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Energy Consultant, ECo sponsor

PS I have flat rate long distance service so if you want to discuss this on the phone, call me and leave your phone number or email it to me with general best time of day to call and I will phone you and discuss this Green Energy Campaign. If you join me in this effort I will phone you as needed.

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