A Forum for Global Peace
October 24-31, 2017
Santa Fe New Mexico

A Forum for Global Peace Proposal, last updated 14July2016:

What if global peace was declared and nobody understood what that meant?

"Humanity must spiritually unite to create a Global Culture of Peace."(*)

For the United Nations to fulfill its Charter's mandate of global peace!

A Virtual Forum for Global Peace is now open for business online at:


Organizing the:

2017 Sacred Faith Forum for Global Peace

Santa Fe Convention Center

October 24-31


Currently forwarding from: http://forumforglobalpeace.com


(*) Santa Fe New Mexico Mayor Javier Gonzales, April 8, 2016, Mayoral Proclamation, excerpt:

"...to reaffirm the original purpose of the United Nations Charter and to remind everyone to live in harmony and balance with nature and all living beings...humanity must spiritually unite to create a culture of peace for the survival and prosperity of the future generations..."


This is an interim webpage for notes organizing the United Nations 72nd Anniversary Forum for Global Peace which is being convened at the Santa Fe Convention Center starting on the 72nd anniversary of the ratification of the United Nations Charter on October 24, 1945.

The purpose of this conference is to provide information to help the United Nations to fulfill its Charter's Global Peace Mandate.

This page is brand new and quickly expanding until its developed content moves/copies to a more sophisticated website created by a volunteer yet to be identified.

Currently, an early-bird Online Open Forum for Global Peace is taking place, preparing for the 2017 Forum, for posting ideas about speakers to invite, and for discussions using comments to the messages posted there by the invited speakers, at:



A Forum for Global Peace - Organizing Now - Working Draft Proposal:

Planning Documents as of May 23, 2016:

1) Funding and General Information; 2) Current Plan Daily Schedule; 3) Invited Speakers/Presenters; 4) Turtle Compassion Foundation 501(3) Sponsor

Note: This event is a sequel to the August 20-28, 2016, Spiritual Unity Summit in Arizona



General Information and Funding the 2017 Santa Fe (Sacred Faith) Forum for Global Peace:

October 24-31, 2017, Santa Fe New Mexico Convention Center (reserved)

Capacity 1,800 theater style room, plus two rooms video-linked with total 800 capacity for grand total 2,500 capacity

Alternate Site: (speakers may rotate or come in via live video feed)

University of New Mexico Stadium in Albuquerque, capacity 20,000

If needed both sites could be used, video linked, by adding additional speakers and rotating some of those at Santa Fe venue on alternate days to UNM venue, and/or having three slates of speakers in the three rooms at the Convention Center, all recorded and streamed video interactive as warranted.

Because we are planning to invite very important and popular speakers, there is a concern that the Santa Fe Convention Center may be too small. The plan is to be open to extended hours at that reserved venue where the audience may change from day to day, will be admission by invitation only, with other overflow amelioration plans in mind including broadcasting the event live over the internet and via CNN so folks can comfortably watch the proceedings at home and in coordinated local Forums for Global Peace at numerous locations globally.

This is a request for funding to produce, promote, and convene this eight-day international forum of the most qualified individuals available to address humanity’s heartfelt desire for peace as it is currently expressed, experienced, and applied to daily life as we know it today.

This Forum for Global Peace will seek, define, introduce, and produce methodologies to address the lack of understanding regarding what a state of peace actually is, as compared to our current state of continuous war.

Efforts to date by world peace initiatives have failed without an adequately definitive model that quantifies how global peace itself is defined, attained, implemented, recognized.

Defining a state of peace will have major positive impacts, on the fields of conflict resolution, intercultural understanding, education, religion, ameliorating crime and discontent, for people of all walks of life.

There is a critical need today to produce such a dialogue to overcome the ineffectiveness of the past efforts of so many good people devoting themselves to working for peace, and get these efforts on proper track in the right direction towards our promised future of peace and harmony among all of our human family.

Return on investment will be maximized with plans including live video streaming of presentations, producing books and recordings from the presentations for later commercial and free distribution, and editing and formatting that content into online courses offered globally using an online training platform powered by the open source Moodle Learning Management System, to train and certify Global Peace Officers whose task it will be to implement the solutions presented at this Forum.

This is what the 2017 Sacred Faith Forum for Global Peace is all about.

This is what A Forum for Peace is all about.

Please join and support these efforts in any way you can think of.

Many Thanks and Much Love!


Draft General Daily Schedule:

2017 Sacred Faith FORUM for GLOBAL PEACE, 24-31Oct

General TOPICS to be Addressed by Presenters:

1) Defining the State of Peace we seek

2) Global Peace Environment Economy

3) Impact of the Law on Global Peace

4) Spiritual Unity


Daily Themes:

First Day – Opening Prayer by Spokesman for Hopi Religious Leaders, reading of Hopi Declaration of Peace, Government Officials' Perspective on Global Peace Solutions.

(Hopi Declaration of Peace: http://global-emergency-alert-response.net/HDP.jpg)

Second Day - Presentations of Solutions to Problems related to the Earth

Third Day - Presentations of Solutions to Problems related to the Water

Fourth Day - Presentations of Solutions to Problems related to the Fire (including energy)

Fifth Day - Presentations of Solutions to Problems related to the Air

Sixth Day - Presentations of Solutions to Problems related to the Community

Seventh Day – Presentations of Solutions to Problems related to understanding Health, Life & Death, and after?

Eight Day – Presentation of the Global Peace Solution of the Ceremonial Way of Life, including prayer ceremonies by global religious and spiritual leaders for the implementation of the solutions presented in previous days. Opening of this session will be with prayers offered by Nipponzan Myohoji, and closed with Tibetan horns prayer.

A team of individuals with experience and contacts to help invite the Pope and the Dalai Lama, a “Holiness Outreach Team” will be utilized to affect these invitations which will be signed by those of appropriate influence as determined by this team.

Suggested candidates for this team currently include Harmon Houghton and Marcia Keegan (accepted), and Santa Fe City Councilor Peter Ives.

Initial Coordination & Planning for this 2017 Forum for Global Peace is now taking place via this Facebook group where interested folks are invited to join and help:


A new website is being created for this project over the coming weeks, meanwhile its URL redirects to a staging page where the latest version of this event planning information will be posted until a proper website can be created:



Invited Speaker/Presenter Information:

Speakers will choose which day(s) they want to present information as related to the Theme of the Day based on indexing solutions in five categories, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Community.

The audience members invited for each session may be invited per recommendations from the speakers confirmed for that session, and other selection methods, for those individuals most interested and active on the solutions presented each session, in order to “bring out” by their focused attention the best messages from the speakers. A limited number of tickets may also be made available for fee admission.

--- Proposed Invited Speakers:

Ibrahim Abu-Al-Hawa, Arabic Bedouin Tribe
Champion of Nonviolence from East Jerusalem, Jerusalem Peacemakers

Mata Amritanandamayi, Amma the “Hugging Saint”

Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli, Aztec Elder (accepted)

Daniel Barrone, Current Mayor of the Town of Taos, New Mexico

Yogi Bhajan's 3HO Organization representative

Dana Beal, Harm Reduction Advocate, Iboga Herbal Addiction Remedy

Asim Buyoksoy, Director of Religious Affairs
Islamic Center of Southern California

Helen Caldicott

Jim Carrey, Actor

Shore Charnoe, Founder at The Circle For Change

Art Cisneros, Chumash Elder (accepted)

Sam Clauder (accepted)

Jason Cole, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Remote-Learner Inc, initiating Authorized Moodle Partner Company offering support services for the free and open source Moodle Learning Management System

Chris Conrad

Christine Cruz, Professor of Law at the University of New Mexico

Robert Cruz, Tohono O'odham

Martin Dougaimas, Creator of the open source Moodle LMS online learning platform for delivering online courseware used by schools and businesses for education and training courses with certificates of completion

Jorge Bergoglio, (the 266th) Pope Francis

Ina-May Gaskin, Midwife Teacher

Antonio Gonzales, Seri/Chicano

Javier Gonzales, Mayor of Santa Fe New Mexico

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of indigenous Tibetan people

Dan Herer

Harmon Houghton (accepted), Native Media Network

Peter Ives, Santa Fe City Councilor

Marshall Jack, Paiute Elder (accepted)

Emmanuel Jal, Founder of We Want Peace

Hymon Johnson, Sathya Sai Baba Education in Human Values Program

Gyoway Kato, Nipponzan Myohoji New England Temple and Peace Pagoda

Marcia Keegan, photographer, author of related books including “From the Roof of the World to the Land of Enchantment” to be released September 2016

David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation president

Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary-General

Dennis Kucinich, former US Congressman, two-time US Presidential Candidate

Phil Lane (accepted), Dakota

Charles Laster, Man'toughquemend Nation Sachem

Michael Lerner, Rabbi

Arvol Looking-Horse, Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation

David Lynch

Oren Lyons, Haudenosaunee Faithkeeper

Nicole Maillis, Taos Midwife

Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor

Eliyahu McClean, Jerusalem Peacemakers, Abrahamic Reunion

Todd McCormick

Marc McGinnes, environmental lawyer and teacher

Pearl Means

Peymon Mottahedeh, Freedom Law School president (accepted)

Jose Munoz, Mayan Calendar Day Keeper (accepted)

Panjak Naram, Buddha’s lineage physician

Claes Nobel, Senior Member of Nobel Peace Prize family

Mikki Norris

Takashi Okanuma, organizer of Kyoto Hemp Forum including uses for nuclear remediation, July 2, 2016

Pal Pauer, Primary Water Institute, unlocking and tapping underground (“adiabatic”) Primary Water sources that are separate and distinct from the water table, exploitable by wells with careful site selection based on scientifically guided intuition

Patricia Paulsen, Sunburst Kriya Yoga Community founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda disciple Norman Paulsen

Leonard Peltier, Keynote Speaker, falsely imprisoned global indigenous spiritual leader, pending executive clemency to secure his release.

Frederick Peralta, former Mayor of the Town of Taos New Mexico
First Mayor to proclaim his city as a Global Peace Zone

Letitia Pepper, California Attorney

John Perkins, Liaison for Amazon Elders
“Confession of an Economic Hitman”, World Banking Explained in under 2 minutes
Perkins explaining Condor/Eagle Prophecy in 2 minutes:

President of the United Nations General Assembly as of October 2017

President of the United States as of October 2017

John Raatz

Zachary Rice, Multipure Corporation president

Bill Richardson, former New Mexico Governor

Sogyal Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Tai-Situ Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Clint Rogers, Peace Ambassador

Sathya Sai International Organization Representative(s)

Bernie Sanders, United States Senator, 2016 US Presidential Candidate

Gyosen Sawada, Nipponzan Myohoji Temple Los Angeles

Feather Sherman, Rainbow Family of Living Light
Peace Through the Practice of Unconditional Love

SunBow, Métis, Rainbow Family of Living Light
Peace Through the Practice of Unconditional Love
Started the popular Facebook group: One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace.
During the past three decades of serious spiritual practice with various indigenous elders of North and South America following his adoption into the Hopi Coyote Clan in 1987, authored articles and books, and his Ironwood Log Project since 2008 has documented indigenous wisdom keepers on videos with the blessings of appropriate elders, as indexed at:

Ellen Thomas, Proposition One for Global Nuclear Disarmament

True Torah-Jews, representative Rabbi

Punya Upadhyaya
Taos Hanuman Temple, Neem Karoly Baba Ashram

Ronald Wadsworth, spokesman for the traditional Hopi Religious Leaders of Shungopavi Village

Joel Wallach, leading health and longevity scientist, supplements to eliminate disease

David Whitaker, Rainbow Family of Living Light
Peace Through the Practice of Unconditional Love

Bryan Williams, Founder of Remote-Learner.net, initiator of the open source authorized Moodle Partner business plan

David Williams (accepted), Rainbow Family of Living Light
Peace Through the Practice of Unconditional Love
Chemical Physics of Consciousness Researcher
1977 author of the tetron natural unified field theory equations defining the human mind’s consciousness orientation function of light as an overlooked property of the C in E=mC^2. Received early training in film production at Walt Disney Studios 1959-63, ending at age 18 as president of a production company of interns producing two films under auspices of Explorer Post 25 of the Boy Scouts of America. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with honors from California State University at Northridge in 1969. Career in sales and sales management from 1966 until retirement in 2013 from Remote-Learner after seven years experience as an account manager providing Moodle LMS support services to schools and companies with clients including Google Legal Department, Bank of America, and the US Department of Education. Researcher of spiritual traditions and prophecies since 1976, produced seven consecutive days of events in Santa Barbara California, analogous to the Forum for Global Peace, to initiate the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign in 1990 recording 20hrs video edited to 2hrs on YouTube(*), followed by producing three one-day Global Crisis Solutions Conferences, at UC Santa Barbara in 1997, at UC Berkeley in 1999, and at CSUN on September 10, 2001. Main organizer for the UN50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk from the United Nations in NYC to the site in San Francisco where the United Nations Charter was signed on June 26, 1945, before being ratified in New York on October 24, 1945. Initiated in 1980 the campaign to install a Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole symbol of the message of peace in the lawn of the White House, and in 1994 the campaign to install one in Jerusalem. Initiated in 1998 the Global Emergency Alert Response initiative.
(*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVJKdjgHx3g

Carol Wolman, psychiatrist, anti-nuclear activist

Yusen Yamato (accepted), Soto Zen Buddhist Monk
Peace Through the Practice of Unconditional Love
Initiator of the Global Peace Walk and this Forum for Global Peace project
From Tenkawa (Milky Way) Shrine, Saraswati (Ben Zai Ten) Altar, Yoshino, Nara, Japan

Gyoten Yoshida, Buddhist Monk head of Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order

David Yurth, (accepted), Senior Scientist, author, innovator and facilitator of leading edge technologies which address the most pressing issues of our time. His contributions to scientific consciousness include (a) an independently-validated system for remediating radioactive emissions produced by spent nuclear fuel, (b) a highly sensitive method for detecting radioactive contamination in food and the environment, (c) a plasma-based system for dissociating (eliminating) carbon dioxide and all other exhaust gases generated by cars, trucks, coal & gas-fired electrical power generation, pyrolysis manufacturing techniques, bio-incinerators, refinery vent flares, and aircraft engines; (d) a new technology for storing frack-water brine in thermal ponds that absorb and retain solar radiant heat, (e) a suite of new technologies that convert low temperature radiant heat to electrical power, (f) electro-magnetic water treatment systems that eliminate coliform bacteria and other biocidic contaminants from polluted water, (g) transportable, self-powered system that captures humidity from the air to supply potable water at the rate of 100 gallons per day, and (h) energy generation and storage technologies to eliminate the need for fossil fuel combustion in most known applications. He has written 15 books, a dozen screen plays, 4 documentaries, and published a new model of fine scale physical interactions to explain how Nature works, from the inside out. He is a peer reviewer for 5 scientific journals and has facilitated intensive experiential processes for more than 25 years. Examples of the work he has supported can be found at
and in the archives of Dandelion Books found at

More invitee names will be added, and updated as to status of acceptance of their invitation to speak


Structuring a subsidiary dba for the 501c(3) sponsor, Turtle Compassion Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, as the

Forum for Global Peace Foundation

Top of organizational chart is chairman of the board of directors who oversees the board and coordinates their input into consensus providing direction to the president who is assisted by (1) the vice president, (2) the secretary of the organization, and (3) by a contract employee with the title and overall responsibility for the event and its video production of executive producer, who takes direction from the president and oversees a team of experienced event producers each of whom manages a group of coordinators who in turn each manage their teams of volunteers.

Forum for Global Peace Consultants will provide experienced advice and information to help guide the production process.

As the individuals named herein accept This Invitation to Participate, next to their names will be added (accepted).

When the Board of Directors is ready, the invited speakers who have accepted this invitation will be submitted for vetting, approval, and scheduling of time(s), date(s), and venue(s). This is only a formality to make sure speakers are clear of any cultural misappropriation concerns.

Suggestions/Nominations of Candidates for the named Forum for Global Peace Foundation positions:

Proposed as Board Chairman, Robert Cruz

Proposed as Directors: Anthony Gonzales, Christine Cruz, Ronald Wadsworth, Jose Munoz, and Harmon Houghton with Native Media Network (http://nativemedianetwork.com) who has accepted one the Director positions and has offered the following support for the event:

A) Create a Platform for the Forum for Global Peace within Affinity Media Network that will include Broadcasting, Social Media Interaction and an E-commerce site to monetize promotional material, sales of content, books and merchandise by all of the Forum presenters and Participants (before, during and after) the event.

B) Provide the technology and coordination required to support a Multi-Site Forum format as well as participant discussions via the internet as well as provide a real time Q&A for forum participants as a follow up to the Forum discussions.

C) Assist in coordinating the Forum activity in Santa Fe and provide an administrative base for the event functions.

D) Assist in scheduling the Dalai Lama’s participation via the internet if his presence in person becomes unworkable.

E) Assist in networking the Forum for Global Peace organizers into the Forum

F) Provide the technology require for a virtual reality broadcast for the meeting with HH Pope Francis and HH Dalai Lama utilizing Virtual Reality glasses similar to the Samsung technology.

G) Maintain an ongoing site and archives for the Forum for future events as well as a real time on-going forum.


Due to expected unacceptable delays in the IRS process for establishing a new tax exempt organization, the Forum for Global Peace Foundation will be set up as a separate project dba of the recently updated existing registered tax exempt foundation in good standing established ten years ago for the purpose of building a Peace Pagoda in the Taos New Mexico area, the Turtle Compassion Foundation.

President: Reverend Yusen Yamato

Vice President: David Crockett Williams

Treasurer: Jeffrey Dillon

Executive Producer, a Contract Employee: David Williams

Proposed Producers:

Bill McCarthy (lead producer) in charge of overall event with responsibility of quality of video uplink, CEO Unity Foundation

Lisa Clapier (accepted), (second lead), overall event success management with responsibility of quality of video downlinks globally, CEO & Founder at Beautiful Exchange, Host/Producer at Zen Lounge Live, Executive Producer of the World Peace Festival 2017, Consulate of United Nations Economic & Civil Society’s Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project

Chaitanya Estrella, overall responsibility for talent management, Producer of Tribal Vision Festival, Music Promotion at Tribal Vision Productions

Melissa Balin, producer of Kyoto Hemp Forum, includes uses for nuclear remediation, July 2, 2016
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0050247 (Internet Movie Database listing)

Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca, speaker/presenter liaison

Other experienced large event producers may be invited to cover areas of: overall video supervisor, event hospitality, etc.

Invited Consultants:

Sogyal Rinpoche


Initiating Facebook Organizing Group Description:


"Convening the United Nations 72nd Anniversary Forum for Global Peace, October 24-31, 2017, Santa Fe New Mexico, a Sacred Faith Conference to Spiritually Unite The Nations Again."

This group is for planning and outreach to manifest a sequel to the several prior United Nations sponsored Global Forums, once about environment issues and another in 1990 as a Global Forum of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, which included the participation of Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Chief Oren Lyons, and His Holiness Dalai Lama, as can be seen in the satellite video broadcast from January 1990 that was captured on video tape in Santa Barbara, digitized and uploaded to YouTube in a segment of the video called "The Rainbow Uprising Campaign – “Keepers of The Flame", which also includes the music video premier performance by indigenous musician Robbie Romero of his song called "Is It Too Late?" with lyrics sung in various languages.

This 2 hour video is at the following link, edited from 20 hours of video of the Santa Barbara week of events initiating the Rainbow Uprising Campaign, as a self-purification spiritual practice to uprise human consciousness, including the message of The Great Law of Peace and the Tree of Peace, and the official Hopi Prophecy message as of that time preparing to "open the door to the House of Mica", and including actor Jon Voight's personal experiences discussion of that Hopi Prophecy and about his experience with the Six Nations and Chumash peoples and their spiritual teachings.


This Forum for Global Peace sequel is being convened by Soto Zen Buddhist Monk Reverend Yusen Yamato, initiator of the Global Peace Walk project, with spiritual support from his network of spiritual collaborators including indigenous leaders such as Chief Arvol Looking Horse and His Holiness Dalai Lama.


Background information edited from the First Announcement, of April 4, 2016, about plans for this Forum for Global Peace, previously called the Global Peace Forum:

My close friend Yamato since 1978 was my liaison between Thomas Banyacya and His Holiness Dalai Lama that resulted in several meetings between them including some major ceremonial events such as the Kalachakra ceremony in NYC in October 1991, after which Yamato escorted Thomas to the UN when he gave the eagle prayer feather, Paho, that was given to him by his elders in 1948 for that purpose, to the United Nations Secretary General’s secretary John Washburn in the formal fulfillment of what he felt was his life mission since 1948 to “open the door to the House of Mica” as part of the unfolding of the Hopi Life Plan sometimes called Hopi Prophecy. This resulted on December 12, 1992, in the first time indigenous leaders (82 of them from around the world), addressed the UN general assembly. The occasion was because of the designation of the 1993 UN International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, which in part was created to provide a venue for Banyacya to speak to the UN since normally only member nation representatives can do that. This is according to my conversation with Washburn in October 1990 at the end of the Global Walk for a Livable World after it arrived at the UN walking from California carrying the Hiroshima Peace Flame in a lantern after installing it on the UCSB eternal flame monument at the culmination of our week of events initiating the Rainbow Uprising Campaign in January 1990. Thomas offered his blessing prayer for the walkers before they started at their camp, and again at the end of that walk outside the UN building where Banyacya spoke to the walkers along with the President of the UN General Assembly.

Because Pope Francis has a special relationship with the City of Santa Fe and its churches, the first center of the colonial oppression of the native peoples in the west, the City named as the City of The Sacred Faith (Santa Fe) of Saint Francis, as well as there being a large Tibetan community in Santa Fe which supports visits by the Dalai Lama, this is the best place to bring these two religious leaders together.

There will be this year a kind of prequel to the 2017 Forum for Global Peace, in Arizona Aug20-28:


The goal is to bring out the original intent of the United Nations Charter: to eliminate the scourge of war from the future generations, the global peace mandate of the UN Charter. The UN has not been able to fulfill this original charter mandate and instead has become another of the world’s armies trying to enforce government-made rules as law by force and violence instead of respecting the inviolably sovereign natural cosmic law at the root of all indigenous cultures and at the core of all true religious and spiritual teachings in various guises.


Many Thanks and Much Love!

Faithfully Yours,


David Crockett Williams (805) 708-0252
Rainbow Uprising Campaign Initiator (1990)
Santa Barbara Science Center Information Network
Advanced Technologies and Research
133 East De La Guerra #258, Santa Barbara CA 93101

A project of:

Global Emergency Alert Response Network

Health and Longevity Assured By:

Sintered Carbon Block Filters for Pure Water

Email: gear2000@lightspeed.net