Truth vs. Cynical Drug War

The Drug War is Cynical but Truth can Solve the Problem

The Mirriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary (10th Collegiate Edition, 1998) defines cynical as "contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives"

This describes a fundamental problem at the root of the Drug War. This attitude means that there is no room for drug laws based on fact and reason while there is the cynical attitude that drugs make people behave in criminal ways.

People do not take drugs because they want to get into violent or dishonest states of mind. They take them "to feel good". The government policies that make them criminals for doing so are based on the cynical belief that these substances produce negative behavior. But the negative behavior is really due to the enforcement of bad legal policies that make criminals out of folks who are doing something to their own bodies that they think makes them "feel good", doing something which they are not going to stop doing until they find something that works better for them.

The health problems associated with illegal drugs, the addictions and the crimes are all results of the stigma and attitude of secrecy that results from these bad policies and laws, and the enormous economic costs that this illegality produces. This high cost factor is at the root of the real criminal activities associated with illegal drugs and it is what makes illegal drugs the funding source that it is for the covert weaponization of populations both foreign and domestic.

The present drug policy laws are very close to laws that simply outlaw a person's freedom to choose what makes them "feel good". If they are not reformed then crime will continue to increase.

But the real crime is being committed by the lawmakers and enforcers of these laws themselves which cause the suffering of innocent people due to the "outcast stigma" in daily life, the arrests, property seizures, imprisonment, deaths from hard drug overdoses, health problems, the oppression of the poor people who grow the plants from which the illegal drugs come and their domination by drug lords, and by the worldwide military actions largely supported by the CIA as evidenced by copious documentation including its own admissions regarding the Iran-Contra drugs for gun smuggling detailed in the Inspector General's Report volume 2 but still not widely known to the public. (see )

Yes, The Drug War is a cynical war on innocent people and it has reached the proportions in these times of warranting its understanding as a "low intensity" Third World War. With these mechanations behind the scenes, the latest front of this hidden battle may grow into a full-fledged WWIII from the current Balkan War where the US is supporting the KLA drug dealing allies of the CIA in its ongoing orchestrated program of destabilizations to take over the land everywhere possible from its indigenous inhabitants for transnational corporate exploitation of energy, human, and mineral resources.

If ignorance was classified as a drug, the American people and their leaders might be called its greatest addicts.

Yes, I definitely think the Drug War can be accurately described as cynical.

By definition, the only antidote to the cynicism of the drug war is to be understanding and trustful of human nature and motives. Since most people are poisoned by and addicted to distrust, this antidote is not so easy to find or to swallow. This is where it becomes a spiritual issue and to get the antidote one must learn to trust in truth itself as each person's path leads one to it.

Truth itself is the antidote and weapon to end the drug war and all wars. When truth itself makes everyone feel good, only then will all the drug, war, and violence problems be solvable. Only then may peace, prosperity, and mutual respect prevail on Earth.

Truth itself is the best "drug" and it is the only known antidote for addiction to ignorance.

Take it all the time and you will really feel good.

David Crockett Williams 13May99
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