Related Background Details - Rainbow Uprising Peace March

04-01-2015 ---------------

Opening Prayer Drum Ceremony outside Santa Barbara City Hall at Noon April 1, 2015, Press Release and Update ie, why TV news came, republished on Popular Resistence website with photos.

Local ABC KEYT TV3 News crew showed up about 11:30am, interviewed David Williams for about ten minutes and then recorded about ten minutes footage during drumming prayer ceremony of his chanting Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo and Leh ihl leh heh ihl Allah, but could not air the story because of insufficient number of participants.

03-29-2015 -----------------

Rainbow Uprising for an American Scientific Revolution

The Hopi prophecies relayed by Banyacya orally repeatedly over decades talk about the coming of many new inventions which is what drew me into this theme and meme.

In the 1980's I brought the work of Bruce DePalma to the UCSB physics people who rejected it.

Yet we learned UCSB secretly developed it to power the rail gun in satellite orbit photographed firing by the space shuttle in a 1992 video.

The original test device proving this "over unity homopolar generator" , that he called the n-Machine, does in fact work, is still with the Sunburst Community now in Buellton and may be available for retesting currently under auspices of the proposed Santa Barbara Science Center

My unified field theory equations purport to describe the inviolably sovereign cosmic natural law also depicted by the Dharma of Buddhism and the Torah of Judaism, fulfilling Einstein's vision that was defused by acceptance of Nazi scientist Heisenberg's uncertainty principle by the scientific establishment.

This new Rainbow Uprising Peace March project enables me to reopen this science overture to UCSB.

Will the news media look into it for an historic breakthrough science article that can feature mention of the hundreds of suppressed technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to neutralize radioactive wastes and even to produce water to resolve the drought locally and statewide?

An overview of my background is in this local news article from 1979...

How does this relate to the theme of mutual prophecy fulfillment?

The scriptures of all three Abrahamic faiths are full of killing and slavery and terrible history justified by past interpretations of what "God" said some time ago to their founders. Now we have a wider perspective and these things need to be rethought for the benefit of humanity, upgraded to recognize the family of humankind as one that we stand for and believe in, previously just "us" and "them", that's why the emphasis on looking into the teachings and prophecies of the indigenous spiritual traditions to get the broader perspective. What it amounts to is whether one believes the truth is a relative thing and can be made up and is true if people believe it, or if one believes in the absolute nature of truth, the one truth behind all religious and spiritual beliefs and also science. That was where science went wrong not believing Einstein's take on the absolute nature of truth and an inviolably sovereign natural cosmic law that works 100% of the time in all ways and in all things, that he felt could be described in a simple set of equations he called "unified field theory" equations, but instead science accepted Heisenberg's "Uncertainty Principle" extrapolated to mean that we can never know the truth with 100% certainty about anything, only higher and higher probabilities that any given thing is true. This is what my work in science has been addressing since 1977 but virtually unknown and unaccepted by the mainstream, but has direct application for correcting the mind of science into harmony with nature and unifying seemingly conflicting religious beliefs in the certainty of the one truth, and how that relates to what I call the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light.


What is prophecy fulfillment all about , how is it accomplished, what are the mental and spiritual dynamics involved?

This is the question I asked myself in late May 1976 after meeting Banyacya for the first time and hearing his message about the Hopi Prophecy, after he "zapped me" with the part about the coming of many new inventions.

My own personal answer came in the form of a "fire sign" on June 14, 1976, as described in that part of my crude intro bio write up of 1998 posted at