Global Banking Cartel Finished

“The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY.”
by Karen Hudes.
“Shawn”, from “STG Report",
conducted this powerful interview, with Ms Hudes.
There is some preliminary introduction from commentators until the 6-minute mark; & then the interview with Ms Hudes begins.

At the 8-minute mark:

Ms Hudes begins explaining how computerized “gaming models” are predicting with over 90% efficiency, how future stake-holding “Communities” will spontaneously & organically form.

She says the computer's designer composed a “Power Transition Model”, which predicts how, in the future, power will be shifted between the eastern & the western powers.

In 2011, mathematitions at an organization called the “Federal Institute of Technology”, published a scholarly articleemntitled “the Network of Global Corporate Control”.

9:50: minute mark:
Ms Hudes speaks of a scholarly concept called “State Capture”, where-in powerful private corporate groups, like “this banking cartel”, “they corrupt the government”, who then, rather than serving the people, that government serves the conglomerate.

The people who were auditing the trillion-dollar mis-placement/discrepency in the pentagon's budget were the ones who were murdered with the surgically-precise drone-strike at the pentagon.

Message here is, dont be auditing people who have the power to murder you by remote control.

“Dov Zakheim” is allegedly the “master mind” behind the 9-11 conspiracy.

Near the 14:30 mark:

MsHudes declares, that, as a member of the Attorney's (private trade-union) “American Bar Association”, that she has gotten into arguments aver her proposition that, modernly, our system of government no longer fuinctions under our “Constitution” document, & that it has not done so since 1871, shortly after the “Civil War”.

She says that, at that date, a private corporation, falsely postured as the “United States of America”, & there-after just bamboozled every-one into cow-towing to their demands. She also says thaty the US-Congress has not really been functioning there, not lawfully, but only under a “declartion of emergency”. “Since the Bankruptcy of 1933, & for all practical purposes, the “US-Congress”, has been 'just an appendage'.” Here-under, our Congress has functioned in Secrecy, & to Secretly declare our American people to be “In Emergency”.

At the 32-minute mark;

Ms Hudes makes a powerrfully-insightful remark, to the effect that: “The Gold that is in the Global Debt Facility”, is available for financing the Social-Credit of the USA; & futher, that: when public-servants are confronted about Why the present economic-system of our usa-government is continuing to issue social-credit/currency, which is borrowed from federal-reserve bankers when we could be borrowing our own gold to bring natural intrinsic-value in to support our ucc-based social-credit currency.

Ms Hudes says that: “Rule of Law” is being implemented, apparrently through a centralized socialist-credit/currency scheme from the “World Bank”, where-in she claims to be serving as “Acting General Council”; & that, in support there-of, are being formed & financed, an un-known number of theoretically separate, & sovereign, & responsibly-self-governing “Communities”.

25-minute mark:

26:00 mark:

“It is not the dollar which is 'going down'; it is the 'federal reserve note' that is 'going down'.

“They said that it is the Chineese who hold all of the debt-notes.” But that is not true if you know about the 'Global Debt Facility'. That organization was started by 'ferdinand marcos' of the philipines. ...

“If you know about these bonds, you realize that it is not the chineese who are taking-over, it is us.”

29:30 mark:

Ms Hudes advocates that the global banking cartell justly deserves to be subjected to “chapter 11 bankruptcy” proceedings, in the usa.

31 minute mark;

Recently; Ms Hudes & others have been reporting these crimes to the british parliament. Shortly after this, the future-predicting computer gaming model predicted that soon “Rule of Law” would spontaneously arrise from amongst smaller communities of enlightened people.

“As people learn about what is really going on, the 'Coalitions' will begin to form.”

The involvement of the british “Exchequer” has produced imbarrasing silences from officers there-in. When asked why they are borrowing money from the private banking cartels while they are holding the people's gold in trust for a sound economic system; these Exchequer officials fall embarrasingly silent.

“We are going to replace the 'federal reserve note' with 'gold', in us-dollars.

” 41: mark:

Let me tell you what else is in that monetary-agreement. We are talking about “Local Cuirrencies”. We are talking about “Legal Tender Laws” being “Erased”. Those are laws that tell citizens what they are allowed to use as currency. We are just going to leave that to the market.”

Local people trading using their own local currency generates a lot of employment.

42:35 mark; speaker says:

“Jim Willie has said:

'The 'Treasury-Note', or the Republic 'Dollar'; is what they are going to be rolling out; When the Dollar Collapses.

... It wil be the new 'Dollar', for domestic use in this nation; & it will be subjected to a 30% immediate decrease in its valuation, & a 50% increase in foreign-import costs.' ... That spells an absolute disaster for the people of this country.”

Ms Hudes then responds by declaring:

“This Power-Transtion-Model (a computing-program) is 90 to 95% accurate; we are not going to have 'us-dollars' & 'foreign-dollars'. We are going to have 'Gold Dollars'; issued by the Treasury, with no interest payable to the federal-reserve, that then goes to the city-of-london, and then to the vatican. … That is not happening any more.”

Ms Hudes here seems to emphisise the ultimate villian as the vatican; & that her fellow jewish-aristocrats, who surround both the banking-systems of the city-of-london & the us-federal-reserve, are, in comparison, fairly innocent. (Further parsing of Ms Hudes Words:)

“This Power-Transtion-Model is 90 to 95% accurate; we are Not going to have: us-dollars & foreign-dollars'; we Are going to have: Gold Dollars'; issued by the Treasury (of the USA).”

Ms Hudes seems to object more strongly to the idea from Jim Willie, in essence, that: “Protectionism”, at a rate of 50% increase in im-port-tarrifs, would create a surviving & 'separate american-culture', which could then use iots own internal sense of how best to navigate through this maze of world-wide economic insanity. Ms Hudes seems emotionally-invested in an end-game dollar-colapse result where an economic “world order” is the result. To this author, this seems to necessitate a result where world economic-power centralizes in the city-of-london &/or the vatican. The usa, as a separate-national-entity; would there-under no longer have the social-credit & economic power-base, from which to finance its own independent & sovereign governmental decision-making process.

Ms Hudes seems enthused about these results.

Most of the above commerntary has been composed by charles stewart; of sandy oregon.


Published on Jun 30, 2014

Sorry for the drama, just trying to do right by our listeners. Here's the original interview with a short caveat.

The interview begins at 6:05.

Karen Hudes, the Acting General Counsel of the World Bank joins us to discuss the impending collapse of the international criminal banking cartel, which, Karen says is "imminent".

We discuss the worldw-wide BOND FRAUD, the 9/11 false flag event, and the fact, that, Karen says: China isn't bankrupting the FED, we are. The American people and a U.S. DEBT-FREE currency will rise from the ashes after the FEDERAL RESERVE and the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE collapse - and that day is right around the corner.

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