Broken Drum of Peace

The below was posted to many places since original send and is offered here as a recent biographical sketch of David Crockett Williams and his activities

Broken Drum of Peace to Sound
California State University Bakersfield
Monday, September 15, 2003 --12:30-:45pm PDT
At The Sculpture of Peace on The Lawn
At Northeast Corner of the Fine Arts Building
Begging for Laughing Horse Blessing of
The Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem

Information for Public Release: 5:00pm PDT September 14, 2003

David Crockett Williams, the self-proclaimed Campaign Wrangler and Science Advisor to California Recall Gubernatorial Candidate David Laughing Horse Robinson who is a master fine artist, CSUB's fine arts technician, and the first "American Indian" to run for statewide political office (Council Chairman of California's Kawaiisu Tribe), will be on campus very briefly tomorrow morning Monday, September 15, 2003, to beat his Broken Drum of Peace after first meeting Laughing Horse there just a few weeks ago to offer information and support for his gubernatorial recall candidacy, which is NOT in favor of the recall of Governor Davis (see Laughing Horse ballot statement info below) on the October 7, 2003, Special California Election.

Williams envisions himself as this campaign's "Spirit Jockey" riding The Spirit of Laughing Horse all the way to success of his 25 year personal mission to implement the direct cause of true peace and harmony among all life with free natural abundance as paradise on Earth, as per his experience as a participating witness in the recent decades' events which some interpret as symbolic mutual fulfillment of various spiritual and religious prophecies from ancient times relating to this theme including Hopi and Buddhist prophecies, as well as scientific predictions of the last century such as Einstein's vision of a simple set of "unified field theory" mathematical equations "describing the physical systems dynamics of all of physical reality, all events in nature no matter where or when, with 100% certainty, ie, a 'probability of one'."

Williams is the holder of a 1969 Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, with honors, from California State University at Northridge. As a fourth concurrent part-time job to work his way through college, in the summer beginning his senior year in 1966 he became a college life insurance salesman. A "quick study," he soon rose as a leading salesman for the San Francisco Life Insurance Company which appointed him Agency Manager and opened a new office in Northridge in the Fall of that year which he operated as a company salesman and sales manager until moving to the San Fernando Valley's Lee Bonnell Agency of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company at the end of 1969 after taking some courses towards a Master of Business Administration degree. He earned his Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) certificate (roughly analogous in the life insurance profession to the CPA certificate of the accounting profession) in 1971, in which year he was also named Mass Mutual's top new salesman as "Career School Champion" and his biography was listed in the 1970 edition of the "junior Who's Who" publication "Outstanding Young Men of America".

Williams' father, the late David Crockett Williams (the 2nd, named after his grandfather), who died on David (III)'s 40th birthday May 17, 1985, was son of a Mississippi sharecropper, mentored by a local pharmacist after his father's death when he was aged 14 until joining the US Navy, was an accountant in the motion picture industry in Los Angeles, first at Walt Disney Studios and then at Universal Studios until his early retirement in 1980 due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease which Williams attributes to Aluminum poisoning due to many years of taking voluminous amount of Aluminum-based anti-acids for chronic stomach uclers. From 1959-63 Williams was a member and 1963 president of the Boy Scouts Explorer Post 25 sponsored by Walt Disney as an apprenticeship program for the sons of studio employees to learn the various aspects of the motion picture industry through hands-on training and experience in film pre-production, production, and post-production. His father spend many years associated with the San Fernando Valley Lodge of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) serving as Lodge Treasurer and one year as Lodge Master. In the late 1960's through his Lodge Associates he learned of the life and message of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and became His lifelong devotee until moments before his death when the last thing he recognized was his Guru's photo and to pronounce "Baba" before near the end the nurses at the VA hospital were baffled by his loud singing of unintelligible sounds reminding them of a native American "death song."

Williams formed his company in 1971 called Tax Liquidity Concepts to offer estate planning services and products after earning additional California State licenses to sell mutual funds, real estate investments, and property casualty insurance. He completed the normally four year CLU program of ten two-hour written examinations in one year while working his business which name was later changed in 1973 to World Financial Independence Company when he was the manager of the Van Nuys airport office of Burreson Investment Company after a year as a General Distributor for the Holiday Magic direct sales "multi-level" marketing company. Since 1982 his company vision objective has been carried on under auspices of General Agency Services to help "clients" achieve their goals in life as their volunteer personal general agent.

Williams was baptised as an infant in Trinity Episcopal Church in Newport, Rhode Island, where he was born to Amy K. Williams (formerly Amy Katherine Matter) whose father was of Swiss German heritage, a master baker, shopkeeper, self-taught licensed electrician, inventor, and theoretician who corresponded with researchers of his day on theories of how matter and energy dynamics are related to the operation of the human mind. His label for his "what's behind it all" theory was "Thermal Force," some writings about which still survive in English. Williams attended with his family the Unity and Unitarian Churches as a child in California, the Christian Science Church during High School, and late in college the Bel Air Presbyterian Church where he was married August 12, 1967, to Elizabeth Rae Beck to whom their son was born on October 18, 1968, Troy David Williams, now a pilot with United Airlines known as Troy Scott Keeler due his mother's remarriage.

During college, Williams was regarded as the class DAR (Damned Average Raiser) because of his high scores on examinations when instructors graded "on the curve" and his academic record shows the first A grade ever given at CSUN in chemical quantitative analysis and the first and consistent 100% test scores in physics of mechanics and organic chemistry classes. His organic chemistry teacher who went on to become Dean of that College division gave him a letter of reference, in 1974 on occasion of Williams' application at University of California Santa Barbara for the interdisciplinary Chemical Physics PhD program, calling him "one of the better chemistry students to have attended CSUN". Williams offered on that occasion with his application the preliminary equations of his Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory and his application was denied, "without prejudice." His inspiration for pursuing this course of study was a "burning desire" to determine and share with the world "how to correct what is wrong with the way humanity understands and applies the nature of faith and belief," an inspiration born of his dispair over business and marriage failures due, he felt, to his experiencing this problem personally. He also realized at that time that the scope of the application of this "tetron thesis" understanding is far beyond just chemical physics and encompasses the disciplines of religious studies, psychology, political science, and sociology. His work since that time may be best seen as ongoing efforts to adequately formulate this thesis in terms acceptable for such interdisciplinary PhD degree.

The direction of his research began in late June 1973 when Williams went on a "vision quest" towards northern California and within 24hours received a "clairaudient sound" which has directed the course of his life since then, phonetically, the sound of "Torahk" which he came to understand as a "mental guidebeam signal from the future" to guide humanity's course off of its present pathway towards total destruction of life on Earth and onto the pathway towards the existing future of "true peace and harmony among all life with free natural abundance as pardise on Earth." After about 20days on his vision quest Williams received the "vision" ("seeing something with eyes open that you know is not 'really' there" per definition of Lakota Medicine Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer) of the equation E=mC^2 as the direction to seek the answer of "how to correct what is wrong with humanity's understanding of the nature of faith and belief." His "tetron theory" equations depict in the language of mathematics: "The human mind's consciousness orientation function of light" which he calls Tetron because of its "tetrahedrally geometric 'mind matrix' form"; "The quantifiable relative identity of the observer"; and "The absolute identity of observer and observed"; three principles understandable consequent to what he calls "an overlooked property of the nature of light, the C in E=mC^2" that corrects what he recognized when taught in his college physics class on light, heat, and sound (in which he earned an A grade) as "science's compromise about the nature of light and the nature of truth itself." He feels this compromise may be corrected by advanced math beyond his level of education, math which goes beyond the "mathematical convention" that the "value of the direction component of the square of a vector quantity is 'defined identically equal to one'." This conclusion follows logically from the fact that C^2 as the proportionality constant between energy and mass is "non-additive" and therefore the only physical measurement parameter not "pegged" to the notion of the exclusively objective nature of reality but instead is "pegged" to the mathematically quantifiable "relative identity of the observer", ie, mathematically describing the principle of the "ego-centric nature of reality" consequent to the true nature of light and the absolute nature of truth itself.

Williams maintains that these equations describe in the language of math and science the same principle describe in various different religious teachings such as the Dharma of Buddhism and the Torah of Judaism, ie, the "inviolably sovereign natural cosmic law."

In the course of pursuit of this understanding to complete his "tetron theory equations", Williams followed an "intuitive path" which led him to the study and practice of various religious teachings including the practice of the "Tenku drumming" taught by the late most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, the drumming and chanting of the "universal medicine word to bring the mind of humanity into accord with the genuine law" the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra.

In 1963, under the tutelage of his dear friend James Leland Waldron, Williams was taught in English the fundamentals of the Islamic faith held by Waldron who later became a teacher of Koran at CSUN and was a technical translator between English, Russian, and Arabic until his death in 1985 from AIDS. He was widely regarded as a excellent tutor of languages and the songs, musical instruments, and dances of the Arabic and Islamic culture. Under his tutelage Williams embraced Islam in 1963 and still holds to its teaching of determined religious faith in the inviolable sovereignty as expressed above, as in the Islamic vocabulary of the "inviolable sovereignty of The Will of The One God". The epiphany which enabled Williams to understand the principle of "absolute identity" ("the oneness of all") which is depicted in the forth and concluding equation of his "tetron theory" came one day in April of 1977 during his early months of Tenku practice since December 1976 on his first solo long walk of 12 miles from Montecito to UCSB in Santa Barbara after marvelling at the coincidence of the number of seven syllables and the cadence of the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo prayer of Buddhism and what he sees as the equivalent type prayer admonition of the Islamic Faith of (phonetically from Arabic) Leh ihl leh heh ihl AL-LAH. The later is usually transliterated into English as "There is no god but The One God" and Williams offers the transliteration of the former as per his "tetron theory" understanding as "There is no law but The One Law."

For many years Williams has maintained that this message when publicly understood will lead to the "reconciliation in The One Truth" of all previously seemingly conflicting religious, political, and spiritual ideologies. He has told his close friends for some time now that he "would send his testicles in a coffee cup to Larry King if it took that to get on his program to explain this to help create global peace now."

Williams has for years been the unheard person advising those of the Islamic faith of the deeper meaning of the episode in Islamic history when the Prophet Muhammed gathered his followers outside Mecca overnight beating drums and chanting the above Arabic prayer "mantra" before riding into the town the next day shouting this prayer with swords brandished to establish the faith of Islam in Mecca under choice by its inhabitants of embracing correct faith in the absolute nature of truth, or death by sword. Since then the believers of Islam with less than fully determined religious faith have placed too much emphasis on interpreting this precedent as propagating true faith in the absolute nature of truth by fear of the sword rather than properly understanding it as Islam's premier example of the power of determined religious faith in the absolute nature of truth applied successfully through prayer.

This is why the Drums of Peace Campaign has been initiated, to admonish all of humanity to put down the swords of war and take up the drums of peace to empower determined religious faith in the absolute nature of truth through the power of determined prayer and let us all together in our own ways pray vigorously, together, now, as fellow human beings, our respective prayers for "Global Peace Now!"

Let us silence the drums of war and beat the drums of peace!

Williams will offer the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem to the CSUB Fine Arts Department under Laughing Horse supervision this week for its preparation for the ceremony this Saturday, September 20, at Tehachapi's Global Peace Zone Ceremonial Area in Capital Hills, in support of the United Nations call for a global cease-fire agreement among all nations starting on September 21, 2003, the UN's annual International Day of Peace.

From: David Crockett Williams
Subject: Laughing Horse entry in Official Voter Information Guide, just came in my mail yesterday
Date: Friday, September 12, 2003 7:05 AM

California Statewide Special Election

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Official Voter Information Guide

[booklet accompanying Sample Ballot]
[excerpt below, typed from hardcopy received in mail from State yesterday]

Page 25 bottom

David Laughing Horse Robinson

Democratic Party

I, David Laughing Horse Robinson, will be a Governor that treats hard working people like first class citizens. My political background and experience involves protecting traditional family values, education, jobs and thriving communities. I have don this at the University where I work and within my California Native American tribe. I believe you start with the children, support expenditures that keep them safe and well educated while emphasizing self-confidence and learning the skills necessary to live their dreams. The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in our youth. They will create our businesses of the future. Education is the last place to cut. It improves quality of life for everyone in our communities. My first policies will address taking control of our state economy. We need to see the benefit of our vast resources here, not in Texas or some other state or country. Too much revenue is lost when corporations move their main offices elsewhere after securing lucrative rights to extract our resources. This results in a loss of corporate taxes and often puts us in the position of purchasing our own resources back at a higher price, reducing personal income and weakening our workforce and small businesses. I believe financial decisions at the state level should includie both common sense and integrity, putting our communities first. I am the first California Native American to run for state office, descended from serveral generations elected to oversee the welfare of our tribe. I do not support the recall of Governor Davis.


Official Voter Information Guide

Statewide Special Election
English: 1-800-345-VOTE (8683)
Spanish: 1-800-232-VOTA (8682)
Japanese: 1-800-339-2865
Vietnamese: 1-800-339-8163
Tagalog: 1-800-339-2957
Chinese: 1-800-339-2857
Korean: 1-866-575-1558

My Vote Counts

Voter Protection Hotline
1-800-345-VOTE (8683)

----------end voter info booklet excerpts

David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309
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BS Chemistry

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