Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk

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Inspired by the December 25, 2001, 2000th Christmas anniversary observance of the birth of Jesus, this is a proposal for an ongoing spiritual walk, as a prayer for global peace, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, for the purpose of demonstrating the common heritage and understanding of the Three Faiths of Jerusalem, i.e., Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

This idea of an ongoing "anytime" person by person pilgrimage from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, and its purpose, will be especially empowered if arrangements can be made in the second half of 2001 for a formal Peace Pilgrimage along this route to occur with significant public participation on December 25, 2001, as an observance of Jesus' 2000th Birthday Anniversary and as a "birthday present" whose intent is to unite the Three Faiths of Jerusalem in peace.

Below is the latest release describing this proposal:

"2000th Christmas" Peace Walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem 2001

Proposal of June 23, 2001, by David Crockett Williams

The threats to global peace are roiling into increasingly violent conflicts worldwide, in countries and cities all around the globe, including the recent hostilities in the Israel/Palestine area which by now have both Bethlehem and Jerusalem virtually under siege.

Fears and threats of these hostilities between Moslems and Jews -- Palestinians and Israelis -- canceled last year's planning for a major Bethlehem 2000 Christmas Observance in this traditionally recognized birthplace of Jesus Christ that was essentially closed down because of these complications.

What‘s going to happen this year on December 25, 2001, the actual observed 2000th birthday anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ whose birthday is traditionally marked as December 25, 0001?

Will Bethlehem, on this Christmas, lie in the ruins of bombs, tanks, rockets, and artillery fire?

Will there instead be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Moslems and the Jews?

Can we do anything to help between now and then?

Should we try?

Please support this project as a gift for Jesus’ 2000th birthday – as a sincere and ardent prayer for peace and harmony among all life with free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

We are planning to conduct a peace prayer walk, inviting the public or walking alone if necessary, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem this Christmas. To do this we need your help to make networking arrangements with organizations, governments, participants, logistics, events, scheduling, fundraising, publicity, etc.

Below is an outline of the initial events schedule draft for the "2000th Christmas" Peace Walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem 2001. Let me know if, and how, you are interested to participate and/or to help organize/coordinate outreach for widespread consideration and support of this project -- a spiritual walk as a prayer for peace.

Tangible and significant progress can be made towards resolving the conflicts in the Holy Land by publicizing and promoting this proposal and the related messages and links in the websites referenced below.

Proposed 2000th Christmas Schedule of Events:

Sunrise, December 25, 2001, ceremony in Bethlehem, followed by morning peace council; 12-noon walk departs Bethlehem for Jerusalem and arrives for afternoon ceremony followed by peace council and sunset Global Peace Now Ceremony in Jerusalem.

Partial list of participants to invite and sponsor:

Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Iroquois (Six Nations) Confederacy to offer the Tree of Peace Planting Ceremony

Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th generation keeper of the original Sacred Pipe of Peace, to offer Pipe Ceremony

Rev. Yusen Yamato, initiator of the Global Peace Walk project, Buddhist Monk and Zen Shiatzu Meditation Practitioner, to offer Peace Pole Ceremony

Representatives of other spiritual and religious traditions and cultures -- offering their prayers, ceremony, and messages for Global Peace Now!

Please pass the word and help in any way you can: spiritually, psychically, physically, financially.

Ongoing Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk Project, and the
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